Top 6 Best Linktree Alternatives For 2024

Best Linktree Alternatives will be discussed in this article. One of the first and most well-known methods to address the “one link in the Instagram bio” issue was Linktree.

No tool, however, is faultless and it has its limitations. For instance, some users complain that Linktree does not offer a custom domain option. All Linktree profiles, whether they are paid or free, have the URL string “” in it.

Top 6 Best Linktree Alternatives For 2024

In this article, you can know about Top 6 Best Linktree Alternatives For 2024 here are the details below;

You can move all of your links to any of the Linktree alternatives listed below if you’re one of those folks who wants COMPLETE CONTROL over your brand.

The best Linktree alternatives – summary

Shorby is a tool for creating links in your Instagram bio that highlight your content.

Pallyy is a strong but reasonably priced social media platform. features a tool for linking your bio, post scheduling, social inbox, analytics, and more. good value for the money.

Tap.Simple page builder for interacting with your Instagram followers.

Lnk.Bio: A free alternative to Linktree for building links-rich pages.

Instagram social contests can be created using the ShortStack platform.

Strong digital content and landing page builder for numerous platforms: Leadpages.

Milkshake is a free website builder that also creates Instagram landing pages.

You can tag links in your posts with the embeddable Instagram feed by Later.

Campsite: A free, fully-customizable landing page for Instagram that supports countless links.

1.  Shorby


Of all the options offered, Shorby might be the one that is most similar to Linktree.

To start, you can make a page where all of your content from various platforms will be housed. You can insert a link to your most recent blog post or video here if you want to share it with your audience.

Additionally, by including your Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok profiles on the page, you may interact with your followers on all of the major social media networks.

Finally, you can publish links to your Patreon, YouTube, Twitch, and most recent Snapchat Stories.

A link to your preferred messenger (such as WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) may also be enabled and placed anywhere you choose in addition to building micro pages, making it simple for people to communicate you.

Additionally, you receive useful reporting so you can monitor the effectiveness of your messenger links and smart sites.


Shorby provides three programs with monthly prices beginning at $15 ($12 yearly). You must upgrade to a better expensive plan if you want to construct more Smart Pages and use custom domains for each project.

2. Pallyy


Since Pallyy is much more than just a link in bio tool, it stands out among Linktree alternatives.

Yes, you receive the essential core feature that enables you to designate links to your website, goods, blog entries, and other social media networks while creating a social media landing page.

Additionally, you can alter the layout of your page, use analytics to track website clicks, etc.

However, Pallyy provides so much more than just give you the option to increase your bio link.

This features thorough statistics & analysis, comment management, and direct scheduling to Instagram (and other social networks).

Check out Pallyy if you like to use a single tool to handle your entire Instagram account as well as other social media accounts.


Starts at $15 per month and includes all features.

3. Tap.Bio


In order to view the remaining content on a single page, the majority of links in profile tools require you to scroll down. To view the many areas on Tap.Bio, swipe left or right. This makes the presentation of your information and links more dynamic.

For particular areas of your link in bio, you can make CTA buttons. For instance, you can create sizable, eye-catching buttons from links to your other social network profiles or content.

Alternatively, you can provide supporting language to give background information about the content if you only want one CTA directing to an article about your company.

In order to expand your channel, you can also choose to include a YouTube subscribe button with a featured video.


You can use Lnk.Bio’s service for two cards and one Instagram account for free. You can create more cards and get statistics about the performance of your profile with paid plans starting at $5/month ($36/year).

4. Lnk.Bio


The more (links), the merrier, as the saying goes! By enabling you to jam as many links as you can into your Instagram landing page, Lnk.Bio adheres to this maxim.

You can link to your various online profiles using one of more than 40 social media icons. If you want to segregate your CTA buttons that link to your Spotify store, YouTube channel, Soundcloud account, and other places, this is a wonderful solution.

Additionally, the tool’s pages are all intuitive, making it simple for users to browse them.


You can place an infinite number of links on a page with Lnk.Bio’s free plan.

You can schedule the publishing of links in paid plans starting at $0.99 per month per account, which is helpful if you are running time-sensitive promotions for your products. Additionally, you may monitor the effectiveness of your links to determine which ones are receiving the most clicks.

5. ShortStack


Nothing is more engaging than a social contest if you’re looking for a link for your Instagram bio. Additionally, ShortStack, one of the Linktree substitutes on the list, focuses on assisting users in developing campaigns, such as freebies and user-generated competitions.

Depending on the type of contests you want to run, you can employ different features. For Instant Win competitions, for instance, ShortStack allows you to use its random entry selection.

You must specify which hashtag and other details are being used if you are hosting a hashtag contest. Once the tweets and posts have been collected, you can choose your winner from the group using the program.

To maximize visibility and increase entries, in addition to posting the link in your Instagram profile, you can embed the contest landing page on your website.


Run Refer-a-Friend and Instant Win competitions with ShortStack’s Business plan ($99/month). To assist you raise exposure of your business, the Agency plan ($199/month) offers both as well as hashtag and retweet competitions.

6. Leadpages


Leadpages Landing Pages Homepage One of the top landing page builders on the market is Leadpages. But the fact that it also features a specific Instagram landing page creator shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The unsettling aspect of this tool is that you can employ capabilities often reserved for creating highly effective landing pages for your Instagram bio link page.

For instance, Leadpages has conversion coaching that makes recommendations on how to enhance your page and boost user engagement.

Then, drag and drop the items onto the landing page that you wish to use. You may also incorporate a sign-up form for generating leads, a Calendly schedule, an OpenTable reservation widget, and more, so you’re not simply limited to text and links.

To determine which version of your Instagram page has the highest conversion rate, you can do an A/B test.


Leadpages lets you construct landing pages (including Instagram pages), pop-ups, and notifications for a single site for $37/month ($27/month when paid annually). To develop pages and forms for many sites, upgrade to a higher version.

What’s the best alternative to Linktree?

You should start by asking yourself, “Why don’t you want to use Linktree?”

If you’re looking for a free Linktree substitute, Lnk.Bio, Milkshake, and Campsite all provide substantial free plans to get your Instagram bio off the ground.

Shorby, though, is our preferred alternative to Linktree. It has numerous tools in one and is easy to use. You can utilize it for lead generating in addition to your “link in bio” page.

If you want to leverage social contests to increase your Instagram in addition to adding a link to your bio, ShortStack is another unusual choice.

The finest Linktree substitute for those who want to increase conversions for their company is undoubtedly Leadpages. You may develop opt-in forms, pages, and alert bars in addition to Instagram pages, all of which have a high conversion rate. entire webpages even!

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