Legality of VPNs at UK Igaming Sites

Online casinos are operating all over the world and millions of gamblers access websites to engage in real money play. In the UK, online casinos and mobile apps for real money gambling are licensed and regulated by the UKGC and follow strict rules and regulations. In order for players to access any website licensed in the UK, they must be physically located in the UK. This is confirmed by the use of geolocation software that tells operators where players are located.

The casinos in the UK are among the best in the world, which is why many want to access these sites to play top games. By using a VPN to mask the IP address, it is possible to access these websites even if one is outside of the UK. VPNs also allow players in the country to engage in play at sites that are operating in other countries.

The gambling restrictions in the UK are becoming stricter and there are some players that want to access unlicensed websites to avoid regulations. To prevent this, the UK authorities have blocked access to a list of casinos, which is why players are using a VPN to continue to access these sites. Currently, there are no laws that prevent gamblers from doing this. However, there are many websites that are now using the latest technology to detect the use of any VPN for gambling, which can restrict options.

When choosing a VPN for online gambling, one should make sure it has the strongest security measures in place, offers privacy protection, has the ability to unblock websites, and has fast tunnelling protocols. Some of the best options for UK gamblers include NordVPN, Surf Shark, IPVanish, ExpressVPN, and CyberGhost.

Do You Need a VPN?

As a gambler from the UK, one may want to have access to specific games or certain websites that are not regulated by the UK. In these cases, a trusted VPN will be required. There are some nations, including the United Kingdom, that have banned games due to content. Any game that has high levels of violence or explicit content is banned in the UK. Obviously, this is seldom an issue when playing casino games, but for video gamers, it can be a problem.

A VPN will allow for the connection to a server in a selected country to make it appear as though one is physically located there. This provides access to restricted content, such as casino websites that are not licensed by the UKGC.

As stated, there are no legal consequences to using these to mask or change an IP address. However, it is important to note that some online casinos have strict rules regarding VPN use. These sites clearly state that anyone using a VPN will not have access to content and an account will be terminated. Even though there will be no legal issues, gamblers have to take this into consideration. Any violation of the terms and conditions of a casino website will result in account termination and the loss of funds that remain in the account.

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