Top 11 Best Kajabi Alternatives To Sell Online Course In 2023

Best Kajabi Alternatives To Sell Online Course  will be discussed in this article. The online education market has seen tremendous growth since the epidemic hit. Furthermore, you must have been instructing your students through your online classes, I’m sure. You might be shocked to learn that the online education market is anticipated to grow to a total demand size of $319.167 billion by 2025. Thus, the ideal alternative for you and other teachers is to develop online courses and sell them using online learning management systems. Platforms like Kajabi enable you to design, manage, and sell online courses and lessons in this situation.

However, if you have used or are currently using Kajabi, you might think that it is a little pricey. Not to mention, there are other further limitations. I will thus identify and investigate all of the top Kajabi alternatives in order to assist you in finding some less expensive but better solutions. Please allow me to briefly discuss Kajabi and the reasons you should look for its alternatives before we examine each of them in more detail.

What Is Kajabi?

With the aid of different built-in marketing tools, Kajabi is an online platform that enables you to sell your digital products to your clients.

Anything can be a digital product, including software, graphics packages, etc. Aside from all of this, Kajabi is well known for selling online courses, classes, talents, and other types of expertise.

Because of its competence, Kajabi currently serves more than 40,000 online instructors and coaches. Additionally, these teachers are imparting their skills to more than 60 million pupils worldwide.

  • Clearly, Kajabi is a leader among online learning systems. It provides –
  • There are no transaction costs when your courses are sold.
  • The capacity to design sales pipelines or funnels for your course
  • Having the ability to email your students
  • Events and webinars
  • Surveys and quizzes
  • The list keeps on.

However, as we are all aware, premium features and tools are not cheap, and Kajabi is no exception. This raises a question…

How Much Does Kajabi cost?

To begin with, there is a 14-day free trial period available for users to try out the site. But as everyone is aware, Kajabi is infamous for its exorbitant pricing structures.

It offers price schemes with possibilities for yearly and monthly subscriptions. Here is a quick summary:

  • Basic – $149 per month for the sale of three goods or courses.
  • Growth: $199 per month for 15 courses or goods sold.
  • Pro – $399 per month for 100 courses or goods.

Additionally, you can only add a certain number of contacts with each of these plans. But they all provide you the option to make as many landing pages and emails as you want. If you were to do a thorough analysis, you would discover that rookie coaches would find it challenging to start using Kajabi since they could not afford the expensive monthly rates.Next, even if you are an experienced coach on Kajabi, you must have built up a sizable student following. This adds to the increase in the overall fees you would be required to pay Kajabi.

Why You Should Look For Alternatives? (Cons of Kajabi)

As previously said, Kajabi is a one-stop shop for selling your digital goods and expertise. Due to its versatility, it comes with several built-in tools, which drive up its pricing. In addition to this, I have discovered a number of other factors that compel us to search for a superior Kajabi substitute.

  • Kajabi is unquestionably pricey for online trainers just starting out. And as you make more and more contacts, it gradually gets more expensive.
  • In connection with this, there is no free plan available. Nearly every other Kajabi substitute offers a large free plan for all new coaches.
  • You will not be able to create course completion certificates for your students as a tutor. You would need to rely on third-party software for this.
  • If you have used or are using WordPress, you may feel that Kajabi is somewhat limited in terms of design adjustments. Additionally, you might occasionally have to deal with custom coding.
  • Many users have conveyed that the initial setup was challenging. To counter this, the Kajabi team typically provides onboarding.
  • Several Kajabi rivals provide a wider range of payment gateway integration options, whereas Kajabi only permits integration with PayPal and Stripe for the processing of payments.

You have probably already decided that looking for a reputable alternative solution is a smart move at this point in the article. However, you can’t just pick any software at random and expect it to work wonders for you.To do this, you would need to determine whether the software delivers necessary functionalities.

What Characteristics should the best Kajabi alternative possess?

The following is a list of the top qualities or attributes you should search for in any potential substitute solution: All-In-One Nature – The solution must enable you to sell various types of digital goods, including software, plugins, digital assets, services, etc. in addition to online courses. Sell online courses or memberships – It’s crucial that the program enables you to design and market your online courses on its marketplace. It would be really useful if it also allowed you to create memberships on the same platform.

Secured Payment Processing – The system you choose must have payment gateway integration so you can give your students a secure environment in which to buy the course. Marketing Features – You should go above and beyond to confirm that the program includes all necessary marketing tools. The software should, for instance, enable you to send emails to your students, build landing pages or websites to expand your contact list (students), design sales funnels to increase sales, and use an affiliate management system to pay other marketers to promote your courses.

Analytics to Gauge Performance – At the end of the day, you should be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your courses. For this, an analytics platform is a requirement of all Kajabi alternatives. Easy To Use – While you should search for all the aforementioned characteristics in any Kajabi alternatives, it’s also critical that the program maintains ease of use despite having a lot of functionality. To aid you in getting started quickly, it should also include documentation, instructional videos, and onboarding.

Prompt customer Support – Another important factor to consider is how soon the software’s customer support team replies to your inquiries. In the event that your questions or concerns are resolved within a few days, the program would be useless.

Affordable Pricing structure – Finally, the alternative solution should have a reasonable pricing structure. Check to see if the program has a free plan that lasts indefinitely. If so, it would be fantastic if you could start offering online classes right away without having to worry about monthly fees. Having said that, this is the ideal opportunity to thoroughly investigate all of the Kajabi options.

1. Teachable


One such platform is Teachable, which enables all online teachers, coaches, and tutors to offer their courses and coaching services to students. It has developed over time into one of the greatest Kajabi alternatives for instructors to market their expertise and courses in order to gain a devoted student following.

A brief history of it reveals that Ankur Nagpal started it back in 2013. It was initially released under the name Fedora, however as time went on, in 2014, Fedora was changed to Teachable. And more than 100,000 coaches have used Teachable as their “go-to” platform ever since.

Its popularity and high usage rates are due to its simplicity of use and reasonable pricing options. In addition, it includes a wide multiplicity of functions that are both effective and simple to use. For instance, in addition to selling courses or talents, it also enables you to offer course memberships. Not to mention, there are a number of built-in marketing capabilities.

1.1 Key Features That Make Teachable The Best Kajabi alternative

1.1.1 Unlimited Resources & Tools

One such platform is Teachable, which lets you to make an infinite number of courses, host an unlimited number of videos, and coach an unlimited number of students. On the other side, Kajabi limits you in terms of these things.

1.1.2 One-On-One Sessions

You can also have one-on-one meetings with your pupils using the platform. Teachable enables the scheduling and hosting of calls for this. Teachable, like Kajabi, has the ability to provide your students with course completion certificates.

1.1.3 Website & page Builder

Teachable enables you to connect your existing website with Teachable using a custom domain if you already have one. In addition, Teachable allows you to build a brand-new website or landing page. By enabling you to make multimedia lectures and movies, it also broadens the functions it offers.

1.1.4 Collect One-Time or Recurring Payments

With Teachable, you can accept payments in over 130 different currencies. It provides the best payment gateways, namely. Stripe and PayPal. With the help of these gateways, you can receive one-time or ongoing payments for your online classes, memberships, subscriptions, and other services. Additionally, you are free to provide your pupils with special offers and promo coupons.

1.1.5 Affiliate marketing Module

Teachable lets you manage affiliate programs for your courses from the dashboard in order to expand your audience. This will enable you to enlist students, marketers, or influencers to promote your courses. Teachable will automatically pay them according to the terms of your affiliate program if they refer new students to you.

1.1.6 Team Members

You would need team members’ assistance if you wanted to run a profitable online teaching business. Teachable enables the addition of team members. You may also alter the permissions and roles that your team members have on the platform.

1.2 Teachable Pricing

Teachable is unquestionably a less expensive Kajabi substitute. Nearly all of the necessary features are included in the reasonably priced plans. The Basic and Business plans are not eligible for a free trial, despite the fact that Teachable only offers a 14-day free trial on the Pro plan. In spite of this, the free trial would be sufficient for you to evaluate the website. You can upgrade to any of its three pricing levels if you are happy.

It now provides three subscription options, both monthly and yearly. However, the fact that you can add an infinite number of students, produce and sell an unlimited number of courses, host an unlimited number of videos, and use all the other capabilities sets it apart from Kajabi.

In addition, each plan offers a unique selection of services, including

Basic – For a monthly fee of $39, you will be billed 5% of each course sale’s transaction fee. Additionally, you get features like integrated email marketing, the capacity to add two admin-level users, promotional coupons, drip course content, and more.

Pro – In a similar vein, by making a monthly payment of $119, you will be immune from paying any per-transaction costs. Additionally, you would have access to additional features including graded quizzes, bespoke website branding, a certificate of completion for the course, an affiliate marketing module, and 5 admin-level users.

Business – Lastly, you can add 20 admin-level users for $299 per month. You also have access to tools like mass student enrollment, manual student import, advanced theme modification, etc.

2. DomainRacer (LMS Hosting + Software)


When you look at DomainRacer, your initial thought might be, “Why is a hosting provider mentioned in this article?” Sincerely, up until the time when I learned that it provides a self-hosted LMS solution from its support staff, I also thought of it as merely a hosting service. As a result, this quality elevates it to the top of the list of Kajabi alternatives.

Since it first entered the market, DomainRacer has been providing excellent hosting services. The team behind this software/service has observed a significant need for a dependable hosting service for LMS platforms and software throughout the years. This sparked the notion of providing both hosting and the LMS software as a bundle.

Additionally, if you choose this LMS solution for your online classes, LiteSpeed technology will be used to host your course platform or website. This guarantees the speed of the online teaching and learning process. Of course, you also receive all the other LMS features.

2.1 Key Features That Make DomainRacer The Best Kajabi Alternative

2.1.1 A Complete LMS Package

One of the uncommon alternatives is DomainRacer, which combines an LMS platform and hosting in a single bundle. Not to mention, it has all the features you need to make your website for online coaching successful.

2.1.2 Complete Control Over Course Building

With the help of this service, you may create your courses from beginning without encountering any technological issues. You can select text-based and visual lectures for your course’s prospective pupils.

2.1.3 Take Quizzes & Assignments

You will be able to design quizzes for your students if you teach online. You will also have the ability to get tasks from your students. You can use these options to analyze your students’ performance.

2.1.4 Whitelabel Video Hosting

Similar to a few other Kajabi substitutes, DomainRacer provides a service for hosting videos. You can use this feature to immediately upload and host your online course videos on the provider’s server. The fact that it has a video player with several customization possibilities is its strongest feature. You also won’t have to bother about ineffective video recommendations or advertisements, unlike YouTube.

2.1.5 Award Course Completion Certificate

Unlike Kajabi, DomainRacer offers all qualified students the opportunity to generate and get course completion certificates.

2.1.6 Sell Courses & Memberships Easily

It enables you to offer courses and memberships with various pricing structures, much like a traditional LMS solution. For instance, you may begin by giving your new students a trial. Then you can collect recurring payments for your subscribers on a monthly or annual basis. DomainRacer effortlessly interacts with all of the main payment methods to make this possible.

2.2 DomainRacer Pricing

It is clear that DomainRacer provides all the essential components needed to start an online learning platform. The time has come to find out how much it will cost. DomainRacer, in contrast to other Kajabi substitutes, regrettably lacks a free trial period or tier.

However, it makes up for that by giving you the most affordable plans in the LMS market. It offers a few options with features like unlimited storehouse, Whitelabel tape hosting, LMS software, free SSL, & LiteSpeed technology that let you design and host an endless number of courses.

Here is a breakdown of the costs for both of these plans:

  • Single Website – DomainRacer will charge you $6.99 per month to build and host a single online tutoring website.
  • Up to 5 Websites – At the same time, it costs $11.99/month to develop and host up to 5 websites for online coaching.

3. Podia


As the name implies, Podia gives any online instructors, coaches, or tutors a platform to design, market, and charge for their courses, lessons, or live sessions regarding their specialties. Podia enables you to charge your students for live webinars or one-on-one live sessions, just as Kajabi and other platforms.

Podia is among the top Kajabi alternatives because to this characteristic plus a host of additional features. That’s not all, though. With Podia, you can advertise and market digital goods and memberships in addition to webinars and online courses. It is the greatest all-inclusive tool for coaches of all stripes.

However, Podia’s capacity to assist you in creating an endless number of courses, webinars, landing pages, and more provides it an advantage over Kajabi. Additionally, as a teacher, you will have the freedom to enroll an infinite number of students in your course. Because of this, Podia is a popular destination for more than 50,000 tutors from around the globe.

3.1 key Features That Make Podia the Best Kajabi alternatives

3.1.1 All-In-One

Podia lets you make and sell an endless number of online courses, subscriptions, digital goods, and webinars, just like Kajabi does. Additionally, Podia gives you the option to start upsell and pre-sell campaigns for your courses to aid in maximizing your sales effectiveness.

3.1.2 Course Customizations &Flexibility

You have a lot of options with Podia on how to present your course to your students. It may be provided as a full package or as a drip course. Additionally, you have the choice to add tests at the conclusion of each lesson in your course.

3.1.3 Webinar Replays & Memberships

You can record and save webinars with this Kajabi substitute in order to sell them to your students. In addition, the platform has the ability to create memberships.

3.1.4 Email Marketing

With the aid of an integrated email marketing suite, Podia is also capable of sending broadcasts or personalized email campaigns to your students. You can also divide up your pupils according to the courses they have bought. Additionally, the reporting section provides you with sales data for each email campaign.

3.1.5 Custom Website Builder

Podia enables you to build a website without worrying about bespoke code so that you may make a lasting first impression on your potential pupils. Similar to Kajabi, you may construct an endless number of pages, but Podia enables you to incorporate a live chat widget in your website or landing pages.

3.1.6 Secured & Flexible Payments

Podia gives you the ability to accept money from anywhere in the world, empowering your online teaching business. It provides connectivity with top payment gateways for this. Additionally, you have the freedom to decide whether you want to charge a one-time fee or charge membership fees for it. The best part is that Podia will not charge you a transaction fee.

3.1.7 Affiliate Marketing

You may build and run affiliate marketing campaigns for your courses or other items using Podia, much like Kajabi does. You can accept or reject prospective affiliates using the affiliate management tool, establish commission guidelines, and specify payouts.

3.2.1 Podia Pricing

Price-wise, Podia is unquestionably less expensive than Kajabi. Podia also provides a 14-day free trial period for all of the programs to get things started. Additionally, it provides limitless access to resources and features including courses, webinars, subscriptions, students, etc. Additionally, Podia will waive any transaction fees for you, irrespective of the plans you select. In addition to this, Podia will assist you in moving your Kajabi account over (if you select the annual billing option). Its three subscription tiers include access to each of these capabilities as well as some additional exclusive features.

Price Podia

  • Mover – This plan is offered for $39 per month. Except for the option to sell memberships, you receive all the essential features. Additionally, you won’t have access to affiliate marketing, and you’re only allowed 5,000 email subscribers.
  • Shaker – After that, you can access all the essential features by paying $79 each month. It implies that you can market webinars, subscriptions, digital products, and online courses. The email subscriber cap is increased to 15,000 with this plan, and the affiliate marketing module is also included.
  • Earthquaker – If you have a crew to run your course and marketing and you are a very productive teacher, this plan is perfect for you. You would pay $179 a month and receive all the features with a cap of 50,000 email subscribers. Additionally, this package includes a personalized onboarding call and a dedicated account manager.

4. LearnDash


LearnDash may be the greatest Kajabi alternative for WordPress that you have been seeking for. Your WordPress website is converted into a fully functional online coaching platform through an online learning management system, or LMS.

Additionally, it works with all WordPress themes and page builders, including Elementor, BeaverBuilder, Divi, etc. Additionally, you can easily develop sales funnels for your online education website thanks to the integration of WooCommerce and CartFlows. LearnDash automatically ranks as one of the top Kajabi alternatives because to these distinctive qualities and the availability of all crucial elements. Not to mention, it has won prestigious prizes on Capterra and G2 Crowd.

4.1 Key Features That Make LearnDash The Best Kajabi alternatives

4.1.1 Easy to Use 7 compatible

Since LearnDash is in fact a WordPress plugin, your website can get it up and running in a flash. You don’t need to be concerned about LearnDash working with your WordPress theme or page builders.

4.1.2 Drag & Drop Course

You may create your course using LearnDash’s slick drag-and-drop editor, which is similar to Kajabi’s. You can use this builder to provide your course the functionality of drip feeds and dynamic content distribution. It also provides superior quizzing than Kajabi because you may design 8 different quiz styles for your course.

4.1.3 Engage with Students

Similar to other Kajabi-compatible platforms, LearnDash also automatically contacts students depending on their most recent activity. You may also develop discussion boards on your website using LearnDash to give students a stimulating environment.

4.1.4 Badges & Certificates

You can award badges or certificates based on quiz results in addition to issuing a certificate of course completion. Kajabi requires you to use a third-party program, but LearnDash provides a native alternative.

4.1.5 Support All Payment Structures

Create and sell your courses using LearnDash’s wide range of payment options. Your course can be purchased once, through subscriptions, packages, or memberships.

4.1.6 Extensive Integrations

LearnDash offers a wide variety of integration possibilities. For instance, in contrast to Kajabi, it also enables you to incorporate several payment channels in addition to PayPal. Additionally, you may combine it with membership websites, funnel builders, email marketing providers, etc.

4.2 LearnDash Pricing

Aside from its feature set, LearnDash’s straightforward price is what makes it one of the best Kajabi alternatives for WordPress. No matter the plan you select, you will undoubtedly have unlimited access to all the services (courses, users, etc.). Additionally, it provides a demo site template so you can get going right away.

However, because LearnDash is a plugin for WordPress, its pricing models are based on site licensing. Additionally, neither a free trial nor a free plan are offered. However, their 30-day money-back guarantee safeguards your payment.

  • Basic: $159 annually for a single site license.
  • Additionally, 10 site licenses cost $189 annually.
  • Pro – Last but not least, $329 annually for up to 25 site licenses.

5. FreshLearn


FreshLearn, a relatively recent addition to the list of Kajabi substitutes, provides everything a creator could possibly want from an all-in-one platform. FreshLearn is a far more affordable option than Kajabi for creating and selling a variety of digital products, including courses, cohorts, digital downloads, and live masterclasses. The fact that FreshLearn has no restrictions on the creation of digital products makes it one of the greatest alternatives to Kajabi. As a result, you have the option to create an unlimited number of on-demand and cohort-based courses as well as other digital products. On all plans, including the free one, you can enroll an unlimited number of students at once. Additionally, FreshLearn enables you to provide your course participants with a variety of amenities like a choice of payment methods, discounts, and coupons.

5.1 Key Features That Make FreshLearn The Best Kajabi alternative

5.1.1 An All-In-One Platform

The main attribute that distinguishes FreshLearn from Kajabi as a better platform for creating online courses is the range of monetization opportunities it provides. In addition to digital downloads and master classes, you may design cohort-based and on-demand courses. The FreshLearn platform additionally enables you to host course videos straight without utilizing any other platforms.

5.1.2 Gamification

One of the few Kajabi alternatives, FreshLearn, allows you to use the Gamification feature to enhance your own content curation. This function is revolutionary. You may use this to design tests and tasks for your students to complete, and based on their accomplishments, give them reward points and badges. From the leaderboard tool, your students can also see where they stand in relation to other students.

5.1.3 Custom Sales Page Builder

With no prior coding experience, you can customize the design and feel of your website with FreshLearn’s built-in sales page builder. To construct your individual sales page, you may easily select from pre-built themes and layouts. You can add or remove content chunks more easily with the drag-and-drop capability by doing so all at once. Additionally, each component of these pre-assembled construction blocks is very responsive and self-adjusts to any screen size.

5.1.4 Affiliate marketing

Similar to Kajabi, FreshLearn enables you to create and implement affiliate marketing strategies that will increase the quantity and quality of leads for your digital product sales. You can set controls for promoter limitations, commission rates, product specs, and other information using the application.

5.1.5 Course Completion certificate

Creating certifications is one of the key features that separate FreshLearn from Kajabi. FreshLearn, in contrast to other Kajabi alternatives, enables you to design and customize certificates for passing particular courses to aid your students in tracking their progress. To create a document that looks professional, you may include your own text, logo, and signatures from up to two people. You can also choose the style.

5.1.6 Customizable Coupons and Discounts

You can create and edit course-specific or generic discounts and coupon codes on FreshLearn to distribute to your subscribers. This will only assist you draw in additional clients while luring back your current ones with tempting deals.

5.1.7 Custom Email Builder

With customisable themes and a drag-and-drop editor, FreshLearn makes it simple to create emails that are both mobile responsive and engaging. Your emails will be prepared once you add your own content, graphics, and logo.

5.1.8 Flexible Payment Options

While FreshLearn also allows you to link your Razorpay account, Kajabi only allows you to integrate Paypal and Stripe payments. To simplify the entire payment procedure for both you and your students, you can also set up one-time or recurring costs based on the subscription type.

5.2 FreshLearn Pricing

Freshlearn may surely provide you with excellent value when compared to Kajabi. The nicest part about FreshLearn is that you can use its Free Plan, which has a good amount of features, before deciding to subscribe to one of its paid editions.  The platform’s feature-rich product bundle is available for the most affordable costs, starting at $25, when compared to Kajabi and other Kajabi alternatives, if you are persuaded of the platform’s effectiveness.

Here is a list of the plans that FreshLearn offers, along with a description of each one:

FreshLearn Costs

Free – You can test out our platform for the first month for nothing and just start paying when you start making money. Every sale made under this plan is subject to a 9% transaction fee from FreshLearn. On this plan, you can also take advantage of some important features like the sales page builder, video hosting, and custom branding, as well as limitless product development, customer support via chat and email, and account migration.

Pro: Once you sign up for this plan and pay $25 per month, you won’t have to pay any transaction fees. You will also get access to premium services like white-labeling, Drip Content, coupons, and personalized certificates. No Brainer – For $41 per month, this all-inclusive subscription offers you access to privileged services. These consist of the gamification, affiliate marketing, question bank, and sophisticated integrations.

6. Kartra


One such platform that provides all business solutions in one place is Kartra. Simply put, it will enable you to monetize your online courses by selling them through membership sites. Additionally, it enables you to build sales funnels, landing runners, sell through checkout pages, send emails, and perform other tasks.

The single unified dashboard contains all of the features and functions. This definitely dissuades you from relying on third-party programs or merging a number of them to carry out a single operation in unison. As a result, I can unequivocally claim that Kartra is one of the best “all-in-one” Kajabi substitutes. Not only do I agree with this, but thousands of other Kartra users do as well. It also has excellent reviews across all the top review websites.

6.1 Key Features That Make Karta The Best Kajabi Alternative

6.1.1 Complete Solution

Kartra offers all business management and marketing tools in a single dashboard, as was previously mentioned. It not only takes the place of Kajabi but also any other substitute.

6.1.2 Drag and drop interface

Kartra gives you the ability to design your membership websites using a drag and drop interface. Additionally, it provides you with a wide selection of pre-made membership site themes. The drag-and-drop editor can also be used to organize your courses.

6.1.3 Provides Unlimited Resources

We are impressed by this Kajabi substitute because it enables us to develop an infinite number of membership sites, courses, landing pages, host videos, or send an infinite number of emails. For a better experience, it also provides limitless bandwidth.

6.1.4 Automated & Dynamic course content

You can also build automated drip feeds for your course using the platform. You can deliver course material on schedule with the aid of this. Additionally, Kartra automatically notifies students through email when new content has been unlocked.

6.1.5 Moderate & Interact

Your students can leave comments on your courses in Kartra, and you can engage with them in the comment box. Additionally, you may fully moderate the comments section thanks to the program.

6.1.6 Students or Members Management

Kartra, as opposed to Kajabi, enables you to fully manage your pupils. From the dashboard, you may grant or remove access to your students. Additionally, you may monitor your students’ advancement.

6.1.7 Highly Flexible Payment

The software’s pricing options are incredibly versatile. You may use these pages to create checkout pages that are designed to increase conversions and take payments from customers using PayPal or credit cards. Not to mention, you can set up free trials along with subscriptions, one-time payments, installments, etc.

6.1.8 Insightfull Analytical

Kartra gives you a bird’s-eye perspective of how well your subscriptions and courses are performing. Key statistics like subscription and unsubscription rates, average retention, the average time to finish a course, etc. are simple to keep track of.

6.1.9 Affiliate Management

Kartra enables you to start affiliate programs for your courses and memberships to open up new revenue streams. Rest assured that you can fully customize the affiliate terms and conditions.

6.2 Kartra Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Kajabi has a very distinctive approach. It offers a 14-day trial period with a one-time $1 charge, unlike other Kajabi competitors. To effectively test the platform, you would have full access to the software. Also check Hotjar Alternatives

You would need to sign up for its premium plans after trying out the application or after the trial period. There are four plans, each with a monthly and annual billing option (25% off with an annual subscription). Despite the fact that, other from the initial plan (Starter), all the other plans give full features, unrestricted access, and resources, you should be aware of this. The quantity of leads/students acquired and custom domains are the only distinguishing characteristics.

Pricing for Kartra

Starter: $99 per month for 2,500 leads, a custom domain, 15,000 emails per month, 100 pages, 50 tapes, 20 products/courses & 1 membership site.

Silver – For $199 a month, you receive unlimited access to everything. Only 12,500 leads/students and 3 custom domains are restricted.

Gold – You also receive a 25,000 student cap, 5 custom domains, and limitless everything by paying $299/month.

Platinum – The final option will raise the cap to 50,000 leads or students & 10 custom domains for a monthly subscription fee of $499. You always get a limitless supply of everything.

7. Uscreen


Big and small creators, as well as businesses, use the all-in-one video monetization and streaming platform known as Uscreen. From eLearning, arts and crafts, faith and spirituality, kids, and entertainment to yoga, health, and fitness. More than 11,000 brands and creators who monetize their films online call Uscreen home.

You can create a branded, customized video streaming website, advertise and market your online course, and release branded apps for mobile and TV devices all on the same platform with Uscreen. Uscreen was created to allow you unlimited time to concentrate on expanding your business rather than on technical concerns. And it’s ideal for both experts and novices alike. This is what distinguishes Uscreen as one of the top Kajabi alternatives available today.

7.1 Key Features That Make Uscreen The Best Kajabi alternative

7.1.1 Turn-Key Solution

On a single platform, Uscreen provides all the resources you need to introduce, promote, and sell your course. Use marketing tools like a landing page builder, coupons, promo codes, gift cards, upsells, and “Try Again For Free” to attract and keep students. A complete solution for hosting and selling your courses online is provided by Uscreen.

7.1.2 Content Delivery & catalog

Uscreen features a built-in catalog with collections and filters instead of the conventional A-Z structure for courses, enabling you to create a sizable library of courses and information. By providing a variety of courses and developing an online school around your niche, this enables you to scale your business. You may provide a more user-friendly experience for learners by using the filtering tools that are included in the Uscreen video catalog.

7.1.3 Branded Apps

Launching customized video streaming apps on mobile and TV devices is another benefit of Uscreen. By doing so, you can reach your users wherever they are and give them a more branded experience.

7.1.4 More Monetization Options

You can choose to use pay-per-view, subscription, multi-tiered subscription, or transactional revenue models to monetize your content using Uscreen. For instance, you may package your courses for sale, allowing customers to pay a certain amount to access each one individually. Additionally, you may provide a subscription plan that allows students to pay a monthly price to access your whole catalog. This will increase your revenue and the percentage of audience members who become paying customers. Additionally, Uscreen provides additional payment choices, such as the Uscreen payment gateway, Stripe, PayPal, and

7.1.5 Live streaming and monetization

Another fantastic built-in function provided by Uscreen is live streaming. You can interact with your audience through live streaming without the use of embed codes or integrations. You can engage in real-time live chat with your audience to increase engagement.

7.1.6 Website customization

You may completely modify every aspect of your service with Uscreen’s website builder and customization options, which are significantly more extensive. This mostly consists of a drag-and-drop page builder with user-friendly templates that will enable you to create the expert website you need to sell your course, as well as a landing page builder that can be customized and the choice to utilize your own domain. Uscreen provides companies and content producers of all sizes with an all-inclusive way to distribute, monetize, and expand their businesses online.

7.2 Uscreen Pricing

Like other Kajabi substitutes, Uscreen provides flexible, scalable, and cost-effective pricing packages. With monthly and yearly membership options, there are three tiers. Uscreen offers a 14-day free trial so you can try the program before signing up for one of the paid subscriptions. The free trial includes access to all necessary features. You can then sign up for any of its premium programs following that.

Pricing for Uscreen

Basic – The $99/month Basic package includes everything you need to launch immediately. You may use it to create and publish your website, submit your course materials, and promote and make money from your videos.

Growth – The $199/month Growth plan gives you access to extra marketing resources, video storage, and assistance to help you grow your company.

Uscreen Plus – Lastly, the Uscreen Plus plan enables you to increase your audience and income by providing branded TV and mobile apps as well as live streaming. Access to APIs and white-glove client service are also included. If you want a bespoke price and want to choose this plan, you must ask for one. With everything said above, Uscreen is a strong Kajabi substitute and a platform that can sustain your expanding company over the long term.

8. Exly


Exly is a one-stop shop for expanding and streamlining your company. It is a platform that has been specifically created and deliberately developed for creators who want to sell their goods and services online. It handles all the required tasks, including documenting classes and selling them. It is more suited to selling, maintaining, and organizing content.

Exly is a Kajabi substitute that uses no codes and has a few extra features of its own. Exly provides the newest, most practical marketing integration tools for tracking sales and promoting brands. You can use analytics and automated workflows to capture and convert leads. You may organize live sessions, webinars, or even one-on-one consultations, record your lessons, and completely control your content and communications.

8.1 Key features that make Exly the best Kajabi Alternative

8.1.1. A Gamut of Services

Exly provides a variety of services to meet the demands of your online tutoring business. You may schedule live classes, webinars, and recorded courses, and send links to participants using WhatsApp. On the website that you can once more construct using Exly, you can record, maintain, and list your courses. Even the possibility of setting up private sessions to provide individualized services is available. To advertise your company, you may even host workshops and collaborate with other creators to plan a mash-up of classes. Some of Exly’s services are:

  • Consultations with a single person, live and recorded courses, webinars, and seminars
  • Automated email reminders and drip campaigns
  • Customized payment links and a seamless payment gateway
  • Early bird specials, brand/affiliate relationships, and discount codes

8.1.2. Growth Marketing Suite

Your internet business may be taken to the next level with Exly’s growth marketing package. To advertise your courses and workshops and significantly increase your sales, you can design unique offers like time-limited deals and coupon codes.

Exly provides the following features for growth marketing:

  • Time-limited promotions
  • Coupon codes
  • Affiliate Relations
  • Advanced Analytics

8.1.3. Hassle-free communications

Exly offers a lot of resources to assist you in keeping your clientele. They have a number of options you can utilize to boost the importance and realism of your coaching business in the eyes of online users. You can send class links or reminder messages using WhatsApp. You can also send follow-up emails or monthly receipts. It is possible to communicate with consumers and other members of your business via automated emails and texts.

Exly allows you to organize –

  • Communicating Automatically
  • Drip marketing
  • Reminders through WhatsApp
  • Emailing flyers

8.1.4. Advanced lead Capturing Funnel

You can produce potential leads for your company using Exly’s unique tools for automated lead generating. You can now gather potential leads and convert them into clients. Exly enables you to target the traffic and only generate leads. It even aids in eliminating the plausible suggestions.

8.1.5. Domestic and International Payment

You can manage all of your income and expenses with Exly in one location. You may effortlessly collect both domestic and foreign payments using Exly’s integrated payment options without encountering any difficulties. Exly distinguishes itself from competitors with integrated money collecting methods that work with practically all of the options offered, including features for emailing receipts and payment reminders. All of your payments can be collected, reconciled, and sent together with payment reminders, receipts, and confirmations from a single dashboard.

The payment options include the following.

  • All domestic payment alternatives with instant KYC
  • Collection of international payments

Additionally, you have the opportunity to charge different prices to different customers for the same item and to charge in both Indian rupees and US dollars by creating your own custom payment links.

8.1.6. Customer service is one call away!

Exly’s team is available around-the-clock to assist you in handling any problems that may occur as a result of any tasks you may be performing at any given time of day. Their round-the-clock assistance takes care of your company’s needs and even makes the important recommendations you may use to win over new clients.

8.1.7. Analytics with special insights

Although organizing as a term seems simple, it is a time- and skill-consuming activity. Utilize Exly’s analytical dashboard to centralize all of your efforts. For a much more successful outreach plan, it also enables you to segment your leads and track drop and conversion rates. The administration of the coaching industry revolves around this dashboard. You can manage everything from content creation to product sales, payment processing to webinar scheduling, all from one location.

8.2 Exly Pricing

On Exly, setting up a website, purchasing a domain, and maintaining it are all free. To cover the costs of the server and payment gateway, they simply charge a 5% fee on the bookings. Exly also offers studios and large corporations custom pricing options. With Exly, you receive a revenue share of more than 95%! This indicates that you only pay once you generate your own profit!

9. Thinkific


Another program like Kajabi that enables online instructors, trainers, and knowledgeable individuals to market their courses and lessons is Thinkific. When its co-founder and CEO Greg Smith was attempting to market and sell his LSAT course to students back in 2012, the software was first released. Since its debut, Thinkific has become the home of 300 dedicated staff members and more than 50,000 course designers.

Speaking more generally, you’d be interested to learn that Kajabi and Thinkific are fairly comparable in terms of usability. However, unlike Kajabi, it enables you to provide your students with an unlimited number of courses and course completion certificates. Thinkific is one of the few free alternatives to Kajabi because it also provides a forever-free plan.

9.1 Key Features That Make Thinkific The Best Kajabi Alternative

9.1.1 Quickly set Course Curriculum

You can upload your content to Thinkific and drag it around the interface to change the course content. You can add music, video, PDFs, and other file types to your account.

9.1.2 Multimedia Rich Course content

Thinkific gives you the option to add multimedia content to your courses to make them more captivating and intriguing. In addition to videos and PDFs, quizzes can be a part of your course. You can also poll your pupils and have dialogues with them.

9.1.3 Flexible Course Visibility

Thinkfic is capable of providing courses in the drip model and as subscriptions, just as other Kajabi alternatives. Not only that, but it may also assist you in creating a course that is timeless or has an expiration date.

9.1.4 Easy Website Creation

Thinkific goes above and above to help you astonish prospective students. For this, it enables you to use a drag and drop website builder to construct a gorgeous website. You have the choice of beginning from scratch or using one of its pre-made, mobile-responsive templates.

9.1.5 Flexible Pricing Options

The software is also effective enough to let you give your students several options for paying for your course. All credit cards and more than 100 different currencies are accepted. Additionally, as the author of the course, you can provide subscription or one-time payment choices with discounts, promotions, and free trials.

9.1.6 Multiple Integrations

Although Thinkific doesn’t come with a built-in email marketing module, you may still integrate any email provider you choose. It also provides a number of other integration possibilities that can be used to manage your online teaching business more effectively.

9.1.7 Affiliate Management System

In order to market and sell your online courses, you as the teacher can enlist affiliates. The affiliate management module embedded into Thinkific makes this feasible. You can also create specific guidelines for your affiliate partners using this tool.

9.2 Thinkific Pricing

One of the only free Kajabi alternatives discussed in this post is Thinific, as was previously stated. It provides a permanently free plan to all newly established online coaches. The nice thing about Thinkific is that any plan you choose, it will provide you with all the essential features, like course creation, limitless enrollment, website creation, quizzes, surveys, content hosting, and fast fund access. In addition, three subscription plans (monthly and yearly) are available that provide certain unique benefits.

Pricing for Thinkific

Free – The unlimited free plan with all the essential features, but with limited capacity for course creation.

Basic: Unlimited courses and students for $49 a month. Additional features like coupons, affiliate management, drip content, email integration, etc. will also become available.

Pro: For this plan, which costs $99 a month, you can access features like unlimited courses and students, private or hidden course content, memberships and bundles, course completion certificates, assignments, etc.

The final option is Premier, which costs $499/month and gives you access to all the additional sophisticated capabilities, like single sign-on (SSO), site admin accounts, course admins, etc.

10. LearnWorlds


LearnWorlds is a star-studded or well regarded online education platform that you will undoubtedly like using. For all the online coaches and tutors, it is undoubtedly one of the most evaluated and best-rated Kajabi alternatives. Like a few of its rivals, LearnWorlds was established in 2014. After that, it underwent constant development to the point that it is currently regarded as one of the top platforms for offering online courses. LearnWorlds proudly showcases some of its most recent honors from websites like G2 Crowd, eLearning Industry, etc. to support its claim to be the finest.

LearnWorlds continues to provide all the best features to market your course. It not only enables you to build a branded website with an unlimited number of courses, but it also provides numerous marketing options to assist you in reaching a bigger audience. Additionally, LearnWorlds connects to 5 different payment channels that enable secure payment collecting, unlike Kajabi.

10.1 Key Features that make learnWorlds The best kajabi alternative

10.1.1 Sophisticated Course Builder

With its course builder, LearnWorlds makes it possible for you to create the ideal course structure. The capability to incorporate video transcripts, interactive components, etc. into the films is what distinguishes it as one of the top Kajabi alternatives. Additionally, you should be relieved to learn that LearnWorlds is providing free hosting for all of your course materials.

10.1.2 Rich course content

The program enables you to incorporate multimedia content into your online courses to make them more engaging and interactive. Along with other things, it contains movies, music, eBooks, PDFs, slides, and quizzes. You can also give course completion certificates to the qualified students at the end of the course.

10.1.3 Website Editor With Templates

The platform is particularly well-known for its extremely sophisticated website builder, which enables you to construct websites with unique domains that are brandable. You can use its ready-to-use, conversion-focused templates or start from scratch. Additionally, LearnWorlds will let you SEO-optimize the pages of your website.

10.1.4 Powerful marketing Tools

LearnWorlds has various built-in marketing solutions, just like Kajabi. It has a sales funnel builder, for instance, that enables you to offer 1-click upsells, cross-sell pages, etc. for optimum conversion. A management system for affiliates is also available. However, in order to send emails, LearnWorlds would need to be integrated with an email marketing provider.

10.1.5 Multiple Payment Gateways

As previously stated, LearnWorlds connects with 5 different gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, 2Checkout, Shopify, and PagSeguro, in contrast to Kajabi’s 1. This gives you the freedom to bear payments using debit and credit cards in several currencies. Not to mention, you can charge a one-time price or sell your courses as subscriptions.

10.1.6 Insightful Reporting

You are empowered by LearnWorlds since it permits you to monitor the success of your online educational venture. This software’s reporting component provides information on important parameters including user segmentation, user course progression, top material consumed, etc.

10.2 Learn Worlds Pricing

As you are aware, LearnWorlds includes all the necessary tools for managing and operating a profitable online coaching business. However, its pricing structure distinguishes it as one of the top Kajabi alternatives. LearnWorlds provides a lengthy 30-day free trial time to start. No other Kajabi rivals provide a free trial period as long. It offers all the necessary components for you to analyze the software. When you’re happy, you can upgrade to one of its premium programs. There are four pricing tiers, as I said earlier. Three of them include yearly and monthly billing options, while the fourth needs you to contact the sales team for a quote that is unique.

No matter which package you select, you will get the fundamental elements, such as unlimited courses, a site editor, page layouts, a video library, funnels & upsells, quizzes, assignments, etc. Higher plans also grant access to further sophisticated features. LearnWorlds Pricing Starter – The plan is offered for $29 per month. You are only allowed to use a unmarried site with 3 landing pages, 2 pop-ups, vouchers, etc., despite being able to build an unlimited number of courses. Every time a course is sold, you will also be charged a $5 transaction fee.

Pro Trainer: This option, which eliminates transaction fees, costs $99 per month. You also have full access to the site builder, which supports an unlimited number of pages and pop-ups. It also grants access to additional tools like configurable checkout pages, affiliate management, and course subscriptions and memberships. Learning Center – This $299/month package comes with high-tech capabilities like numerous admins, automatic video transcripts, white labeling, user segments, etc. High volume and corporate – Finally, you’d need to contact the LearnWorlds staff for personalized pricing. Also check IFTTT ALTERNATIVES

11. LifterLMS

Another Kajabi substitute for WordPress is LifterLMS. It essentially functions as a WordPress plugin with the ability to transform your basic website into a fully functional online learning platform. Therefore, it is safe to assume that if you already have a website, making it a tutoring website may be much more doable for you.

11. LifterLMS


LifterLMS was introduced in 2014, the same year as several other substitute options. Since then, the plugin has been continuously improved. Due to this, it currently serves clients in more than 130 nations. LifterLMS liberates online trainers, tutors, coaches, and others by enabling them to construct an unlimited number of courses in addition to high numbers and ratings. LifterLMS also doesn’t charge you any per-transaction fees, which adds to this quality. However, you would need to make a concession by storing your course materials or videos on your own website or on any other video hosting platforms, such as YouTube, Wistia, etc.

11.1 Key Features The Make LifterLMS The Best Kajabi Alternative

11.1.1 Drag & Drop Course Builder

LifterLMS offers a drag and drop builder to create the framework of your course, just like any other piece of software. It undoubtedly relieves the stress associated with dealing with bespoke codes.

11.1.2 Rich Elements in course

You can incorporate important course components like tests, homework, multimedia lessons, lesson downloads, and more with LifterLMS. Additionally, the plugin will enable you to give your course a drip feature. Additionally, you may use this WordPress plugin to control a discussion forum.

11.1.3 Memberships Builder

LifterLMS enables you to make memberships for your courses in order to lock your material. To access your lessons using this, your students must first purchase the necessary membership.

11.1.4 Achievements & Rewards

You, the teacher, will have the authority to present your students with printed course completion certificates after they have finished your lessons or course. LifterLMS has an advantage over Kajabi because this feature is not available in Kajabi.

11.1.5 Students Management

You will be able to manage your students easily with LifterLMS. You can grant or deny access to particular pupils. Additionally, you can keep an eye on how well your kids are doing. Not to mention, you can enroll students in your classes in bulk.

11.1.6 Native Communication Tools

This Kajabi substitute has a few built-in communication capabilities. They just let you send your pupils personalized emails and SMS messages, which is quite basic.

11.1.7 Offer Flexibile Payment Options

PayPal, Stripe, and are all simply integrated with the WordPress plugin. This gives you the freedom to offer your courses using one-time payments or subscription models. Additionally, checkout pages allow you to accept payments made with debit and credit cards. With LifterLMS, you can also provide discount codes.

11.1.8 Huge Integration Options

You can combine this plugin with any type of third-party program to enhance the management and operation of your online tutoring website.

11.2 LifterLMS Pricing

The pricing is established on site licenses with an annual subscription because it is a WordPress plugin. Additionally, there are many packages of add-ons that make up a plan. Additionally, keep in mind that more expensive plans come with advanced features and add-ons. However, LifterLMS first provides you a 30-day trial period for $1. You can decide better once you install and test the plugin. Also, remember to carefully examine its pricing to comprehend how add-ons and other features are distributed. Individual Add-Ons will cost you more than $120 annually for a single site license. You will also get access to specific add-ons with this package.

Universe Bundle: For five site licenses, this plan costs $360 annually. Along with other add-ons in the universe bundle, it contains design, eCommerce, marketing & CRM, and form add-ons. Paying $1200 a year would get you licenses for an unlimited number of sites with the Infinity Bundle. All of the add-ons are present, along with some more sophisticated ones.

All Done. What’s The Next Step?

It’s time to select one of the top Kajabi alternatives you found after researching the others, so you can begin transferring your course and students to that system. If you’re still having trouble deciding which online learning environment is best for you, I suggest signing up for one of their free trials.

All of Kajabi’s rivals provide substantial free trials or other pricing options that let you try out the software. The software should help you come to a better conclusion after utilizing it. But if you’re pressed for time and want a quick suggestion, Teachable is the way to go, in my opinion. One of the most well-known platforms for online learning, it has excellent features and a good reputation.

Following that, here are a few blog pieces you might be interested in reading:

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Questions and Answers

Which Kajabi substitute is the best?

Teachable, in my opinion, is a great alternative to Kajabi for many online teachers. You may sell all types of online courses much more effectively thanks to the program. If not this, Podia would be my second suggestion, and LearnDash is what I would suggest if you have a WordPress website.

Is there a less expensive option to Kajabi?

Yes, practically all of the substitutes listed in this article are more affordable than Kajabi. However, LearnWorlds is the most affordable of these systems, with pricing levels starting at just $29 per month. In addition, Thinkific provides a forever-free plan with less features.

Is it possible to sell tangible goods on Kajabi?

With Kajabi, an all-in-one platform, you can deliver real goods in addition to digital and online courses. There are several more “all-in-one” systems like Kajabi, including Kartra and Podia.

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