Is IPTV Blocked In UK Complete Guide From 2024

Is IPTV Blocked In UK will be described in this article. You may have purchased an IPTV subscription only to realize when you have tried logging in to your IPTV provider’s app or any other IPTV app it won’t let you or you may already be logged in but it seems all the streams are black and not playing.

Before you message your IPTV provider this article on Is iptv blocked in UK will help you resolve your IPTV problem and get it back working like it should be.

Is IPTV Blocked In UK Complete Guide From 2024

In this article, you can know about Is IPTV Blocked In UK here are the details below;

Is IPTV Blocked In UK?

Yes IPTV is blocked in the UK across 7 different UK-based internet providers which are:

  • Sky
  • Virgin Media
  • BT
  • TalkTalk
  • EE
  • Vodaphone
  • Plusnet

You may find over time other internet providers block IPTV as well as other providers based across Europe and USA. Also check Common IPTV Connection Errors

The reason why the IPTV is blocked in the UK is due to a court order passed down which stops many IPTV providers’ servers and streams when live football is on.

This is many based on the premiership and UEFA football games but sometimes even live sporting events such as PPV boxing can get your IPTV provider’s server blocked.

You can see more information in our article How To Stop Internet Providers From Blocking UK IPTV.

How To Fix The IPTV From Being Blocked In The UK

Luckily there is a very easy way to do this, and you simply need to get a VPN then turn it on and keep it turned on this will instantly and permanently resolve the UK IPTV blocking and you won’t get any more issues to do with the IPTV blocks.

You can get the best VPN for IPTV below and save up to 82% OFF now and use this to resolve your problem while also being able to add the VPN on 5 different devices you own at the same time.

Use the button above to save 82% OFF. A bonus with the above VPN is it is well known and trusted and their app can go on literally any device such as Smart TVs, Amazon Firesticks, PC, Laptop, Apple TV, and many more devices which you may own.

Alternative Method To Fix IPTV Being Blocked In UK

Using VPN quickest and easiest of options which will instantly fix this but if your broadband contract is coming to an end or you are already out of contract then we highly recommend switching your broadband provider to another provider not listed in the 7 we mentioned at the start of this article.

The best way to see other internet providers and their offers is by going to this website then entering your postcode and clicking the purple button labeled Check Availability.

You will now see a list of internet providers and many that are not listed in the 7 we mentioned.

You can also save money by switching internet providers as well as not needing a VPN when live football is on with the internet providers we haven’t mentioned this can also save you some money per month by not needing to subscribe to any VPN providers.

What To Do If There Is No VPN App For My Device?

As mentioned previously you will find PureVPN has an app for literally, every IPTV-enabled device but there is something like a MAG box that has closed source firmware on the box so you normally can’t add third-party apps on the Mag box well the older type of MAG boxes.

You would need to get a VPN router for MAG boxes where you can connect this VPN router directly to your main wifi router and then connect your MAG box or other devices you need a VPN router for directly to your VPN router instead of your wifi router. Also check Private IPTV

The company that specializes in this is Liberty Sheild where you can get a cheap VPN router delivered to your door quickly and easily.

Final Thoughts

With the UK being one of the leading countries to block IPTV you must use a VPN or a VPN router to make sure you do not get blocked from your internet service provider and carry on enjoying everything IPTV has to offer.

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