Important Interview Questions For UI UX Designer

Landing a job in the UI UX design world is not that easy. You have to surpass a chain of challenges. One of the challenges is the job interview. Having said that, you should know the most important Interview Questions for UI UX Designer. That is the purpose of this article. You should know that answering the UI UX designer interview questions is the main key to become successful in this field. Consider the fact that there are a lot of UI/UX designers nowadays. For every particular related job to be open, lots of people are going to apply.

Well, the UI/UX design profession is one of the most lucrative professions at present. Try to imagine yourself having a yearly income that ranges from $85,000 to $100,000. This is an income which can give you a life of comfort and convenience. A UX designer can feed his entire family with comfort and luxury when hired by a stable and income-generating company. So, if you want to be one of those designers in the user interface and user experience fields, you have to impress the interviewers during the scheduled job interview. Otherwise, you will surely miss the golden opportunity.

There is always fierce competition as far as landing a UX design job is concerned. That said, you have to be ready 100%. What does it mean? Prepare your mind so that you can ace your next UX design job interview. Familiarizing yourself with related questions is very important. It is through this way where you can bring your chance of getting hired to the top. It is through this way where your application will merit the consideration of the company. In short, it is your best chance to land a job related to your expertise.

Interview Questions For UI UX Designer

Provided below are the usual questions you will have to answer during the UI/UX design job interview. Make sure that you will deliver impressive answers because it is the only way to be considered for the position thereafter.

1.  Can you explain what a UI/UX designer usually does?

The main functions and roles of a UI/UX designer should be explained well to the interviewers. If you cannot do it the right way, there can be a thin chance of getting hired. Impressing the interviewers is your best chance to land the vacant job. So, you have to provide the best and clearest answer as much as possible when you are asked this question: What does a UI/UX designer do? Remember that your main goal is to get the positive remarks and nod of the interviewers. Why so? Because the more merits you will get, the more chances of getting hired in the end.

The satisfaction of product users is the main focus of UX designers. When the customers are fulfilled and satisfied, of course, it will lead to brand loyalty. Making sure that there can be a way to achieve this particular goal is the ultimate role of a UX designer. Hence, a company needs a specialist in user experience framework to create a design which it can use for growth and success. In the same way, the concerned company should hire a UI designer in order to make sure that the interface of a certain digital product (i.e. a mobile app) will become intuitive. Focusing on the user’s fulfilment is the main objective to hit here.

During the interview, it is important to explain this aspect well. The interviewers must get the essence of your job as a UX/UI designer. When there are vague and ambiguous points, it can lead to failure. You cannot land the job being open for you. Remember that it is a wonderful opportunity when a certain UX and UI related job is vacant. The yearly income for a designer in this field is enough to give your family a way to sustain long-term. Just think about the six-figure income you can enjoy per annum when you are hired as a UI/UX design specialist in a particular company.

2.  What are your UI/UX design inspirations and motivations?

UI and UX design inspirations are important because they serve as a driving force for a certain designer to meet the goals and objectives. There are resources which are available on the Internet at present. You must be motivated and inspired; otherwise, it can be difficult for you to move forward and to satisfy the needs of your employer. You will be hired with a valuable investment. The money to be utilized for your salary and other benefits is the amount of monetary value to be invested in your skill set and expertise. So, it is necessary to provide an impressive answer as to the UX design inspiration resources.

At least, the company which will hire you will know your design inspirations. The entire design process for UI and UX might be so tricky and hard. That is why you need to have a legitimate source. Online, there are a lot of references. You can be motivated by the online data and information you can extract from reliable design sources. Of course, the job interviewers will ask you a question relevant to this because the company wants to make sure that you have the right foundation. Being a great UI and UX designer is not that easy. You really have to showcase that you have the right inspiration and motivation.

Remember that an effective user experience framework is always focused on the usability aspect. What does it mean? If a certain company wants to produce a specific product line, it must be made sure that such a product will be usable for the users. Such usability can be measured through some tools available online today. Let the interviewers know the entire thing. For sure, it can add more positive points or merits to your application. Keep in mind that the more merits you can have, the more chances of winning the tough competition in the UX design world. You can land the job easily when you can do it brilliantly.

3.  Can you provide specific names of great UI-UX designers you follow?

Naming the leaders in the UI/UX design industry is very important as a point of reference for the company that is going to hire a specific designer. Of course, the influence of the design leaders really plays a big role. Thus, you have to be ready for this particular question. The job interviewers will usually ask this for the purpose of getting more knowledge if you are suitable or not to get the job. Getting hired is more probable when you are influenced by the great leaders in the user experience design industry.

Who are the top leaders in the UI/UX design world? There can be a lot of names to come out. The usual names which you should be familiar with are Denis Pakhaliuk (CEO of Ramotion, Inc.), Luke Wroblewski (Product Director at Google), David Armano (Digital Experience Consultant), Andy Budd (owner of, and Jared Spool (American writer, speaker, researcher, educator and UX designer). These are just some of the names which you have to familiarize. When you can give any of the given names in the UX design world, for sure, the interviewers will be impressed by the people who have influenced your expertise and skills.

Asking the specific names in the UI-UX design world is a way to validate your expertise. Of course, the company which will hire you wants to make sure that they will invest in the right person. The aspects of education and influence are a big factor for you to be hired. So, it is better if you will start with the right process. What does it mean? Be ready for this question. One important way to be ready is to read more things about the mentioned leaders in the industry. For sure, you can as well learn more things which can play a significant role for your career growth.

4.  Do you have a user-focused product concept? If yes, how can you design it?

Every potential product will start from a single idea. This is the starting point. Every brand should really start from conceptualizing a single idea. During the job interview, it is a tendency that the interviewers will ask you questions about an incredible product idea. This is to test how deep you are as a UX/UI designer. This is to measure your intelligence and expertise. Of course, you must be tested thoroughly before you will get hired. This question is crucially vital for you to become an asset to the company that is going to hire and invest in you.

You will be an asset to the company. Being an asset is not a walk in the park. Your knowledge and expertise should be more than enough for what is being needed by the company. Asking you a question regarding a product idea is a way to gauge how far you can go along the way. The interviewers should be able to measure your knowledge level. It is in this sense where you can be considered as the right candidate to get the position being open for application. So, kindly let them know about your noble and valuable product idea.

Tell them also the actual process you can undertake when given an opportunity to share your own product idea or concept. The UX design process is a long-shot process. It cannot be done overnight. It usually takes time to realize a certain idea from its point of conceptualization to realization. This way, the company which will hire you will have the assurance that you are really the right candidate for the vacant job. Your future task to be a UI/UX designer is very important for their success. So, they will ask you this particular question for the purpose of evaluating and determining your suitability to the job.

5.  How are you going to conduct product evaluation and UX testing?

UX testing is another process which you should be familiar with. Why so? Because this is the most important technique which can lead the company to ultimate growth and success. The product design you will produce should be tested before the final product will be created. There should be a series of refinements before coming up with a user-focused product or service. If your product is a digital one, i.e. a website, you have to test it through the lens of accurate evaluation and user testing. Of course, the company should get the benefits from a brand website.

Fulfilling the needs and demands of the users is the ultimate goal to meet. A particular company cannot excel and cannot beat the competitors when the product to be produced is not relevant to what the users are looking for. To make sure that the product will fit the needs of the users, you have to conduct split-testing or to put the product under the lens of user experience testing. The interface of the digital product should get the right design which is suitable to the user’s needs. It is the best way for the company to succeed.

Conducting product evaluation is essential. Any company cannot achieve prosperity in the absence of this approach. That is why the job interviewers will have the tendency to ask you this difficult question. Just be ready during the time of the interview. Make yourself comfortable when delivering your apparent and relevant answers. The job interviewers’ only desire is to make sure that you are on the same page with the company that is going to hire you thereafter. The process of user testing should be explained to them well. Otherwise, you will not be considered as a top candidate for the position you are applying for.

Wrapping up: Be calm during the interview schedule!

Calmness is key to success. Undergoing a UX design job interview is not that easy. But your mental and psychological preparation can really help you attain your goal. To be hired in a lucrative UX design position, all you need is to train your mind before the schedule of the UX design job interview. Just always remember that you can avoid failure when you are able to ace the job interview.

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