Top 11 Hunter io Alternatives To Consider For Your Business

Best Hunter io Alternatives will be described in this article. You understand the value of using the appropriate tools for the job as a marketer. is one of the top tools available for generating online leads. What if, though, isn’t the game for you? Which Hunter io alternatives are the best? We’ll look at eleven of the greatest substitutes on the market. We can assist you with your decision whether you’re looking for a more cheap solution with more features or one that better meets your demands than

Top 11 Hunter io Alternatives To Consider For Your Business

In this article, you can know about Hunter io Alternatives here are the details below;

A couple of the best substitutes are reasonably priced and provide comparable functionality. Each tool, however, offers distinct use cases that can make it a better fit for particular users. We have contrasted each tool’s feature set, data quality, integration capabilities, and cost with what has to offer.

1. Uplead


Top-tier business lead and contact supplier UpLead boasts a database with more than 108 million B2B contacts. Since all of the data in its company database is checked in real-time utilizing machine learning, rule-based learning, and proprietary algorithms, Uplead stands out from the contest due to its dedication to high-quality data. Your marketing teams are guaranteed to receive only high-quality data. Furthermore, Uplead provides comprehensive company profiles for 14 million companies, ensuring that you have all the information necessary to make defensible choices on possible leads. Anyone looking for accurate, current business contact information should take advantage of Uplead’s 95% accuracy guarantee.

Although Uplead’s email database is bigger than’s, Uplead’s contact data collection techniques are more thorough. With varying levels of confidence in the authenticity of the data, Uplead additionally provides real-time verification and a warning on each interaction. Uplead touts greater certainty in providing correct lead information compared to

The pricing structure for Uplead includes a free trial as well as multiple tiers with varying levels of functionality and usage restrictions:

  • Free Trial: five credits, confirmed phone numbers and email addresses, CRM integration, and Chrome extension
  • The necessities are $74 a month (billed annually), 2,040 credits per year, and business news.
  • Additional features include data enrichment, advanced search filters, and technographic information for $149 per month (paid annually) with 4,800 credits.
  • Professional: $299 per month with 12,000 credits per year, team accounts, API access, and competitive intelligence (paid annually).
  • Start Your Free 7-Day UpLead Trial now.
  • The process of generating leads doesn’t have to be difficult. With UpLead, you can simply connect with high-quality prospects and leads to build your company.

2. is a sales automation and acceleration platform that gives you admission to a robust email search engine. is a robust email tracking solution that includes limitless email tracking, source from LinkedIn, drip campaigns, and more. With over 260 million leads in its database, allows users to track a limitless number of emails and individuals. The solution interfaces with HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, Asana, and other popular applications.

The primary differentiator offers to the table is its full drip campaign capabilities that includes A/B testing, email/mailbox warmups, and bespoke pipelines with CRM. In contrast, focuses the deliverability of email addresses. offers a two-month free trial for all of its plans, which range from the S (Small) plan to XXL (Extra Extra Large). They differ in functionality and usage limits.’s plans include the following:

  • S: $33 per month (paid annually) with 1,000 credits, 5,000 unique recipients, unlimited users, and CRM
  • M: 5,000 credits, 10,000 unique recipients, and three mailbox warmups for $83 per month (paid annually).
  • L: With 20,000 credits, 30,000 distinct recipients, and six mailbox warmups, it costs $158 each month (paid annually).
  • XL: $308 per month with 12 mailbox warmups, 50,000 credits, and 50,000 distinct receivers (paid annually).
  • With 100,000 credits, 100,000 unique receivers, and 25 mailbox warmups, XXL costs $615 every month (paid annually).
  • A good substitute for is UpLead.

3. Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder

Another email finder tool with free functionality and access to verified email addresses is Anymail Finder. The powerful email lookup tool Anymail Finder can assist you in joining with the appropriate individuals at any organization. The tool’s database is completely verified, so you know you’re getting accurate email data. The technology makes it simple to determine whether an email has been validated by using a straightforward rest API lookup.

Additionally, Anymail Finder provides free test credits for brand-new applications, allowing you to try out the tool without concern for your wallet. Finding the necessary contact details is a breeze thanks to the tool’s simple to use layout. Additionally, it offers bulk domain search, free unverified email, and job title search, all of which does not. Additionally, the platform does not support credit rollover, which is significant when thinking about your billing cycle.

The following are included in its pricing structure, which is based on email size:

  • Free trial for 20 monthly confirmed emails
  • $19 per month for 1,000 verified emails.
  • $59.00 per month for 5,000 verified emails.
  • $109.00 per month for 10,000 verified emails.
  • $309.00 for 30,0000 confirmed emails every month

4. ClearBit


A strong, all-encompassing lead intelligence supplier, Clearbit offers insightful data on your clients and prospects. Millions of data points are accessible through the tool’s enormous database, which covers over 100 different B2B qualities from more than 250 different data sources. This information can help you comprehend your target market better.

The ability to automatically update contact information when changes are found is another one of Clearbit’s important features, as are recommendations powered by machine learning that get better over time. This function makes sure you don’t end up with outdated contact information and improves the precision of your targeting. Additionally, notable interfaces with well-known platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, Facebook, Slack, and Zapier are provided by Clearbit. Overall, businesses of all sizes may use Clearbit as a very effective and adaptable customer intelligence platform.

Similar customer data integration, email marketing, and automation services are available on the and Clearbit platforms. According to reviews of, the system is simpler to use & set up than Clearbit. The cost of utilizing Clearbit is specific to the company employing it and varies depending on the feature bundle and amount of usage. Here are some additional Clearbit substitutes.

5. ContactOut


ContactOut is a sourcing tool that makes it simple to get in touch with potential customers via phone or email. Over 200 million business emails, 250 million professional profiles, and 30 million firm profiles are all included in the tool’s database. One standout feature of ContactOut is its email search site, which is accessible to 75% of the world’s professionals.

Additionally, ContactOut has an AI compose option to help you write new email messages for your leads more quickly and efficiently. Additionally noteworthy are ContactOut’s connectors, which include those with ATS software and well-known email applications like Outlook and Gmail. For companies aiming to extend their sales operations, ContactOut is a strong sales intelligence tool that can be a great benefit.

From LinkedIn profiles, you can extract confirmed email addresses using the ContactOut email finding tool. While provides information about email IDs for a website, it does not offer you access to emails associated with LinkedIn profiles.

The one user per company restriction is part of ContactOut’s usage-based pricing model. The following pricing schemes are available on the platform:

  • Free package: 40 emails and 3 phone numbers each month
  • Personal: $29 per month (paid annually), with 180 phone numbers and 1,800 emails annually
  • Sales: $99 per month (paid annually), 6,000 emails and 600 phone numbers sent and received annually, LinkedIn Recruiter and Sales Navigator, and connectivity between ATS and Salesforce.
  • Recruiter: $199 per month (paid annually) with 12,000 emails and 600 phone numbers sent and received annually, full connection with Salesforce and all versions of LinkedIn.

6. VoilaNorbert


Another email lookup service that serves both small and large enterprises is Voila Norbert. VoilaNorbert is an excellent choice for sales intelligence tools. It’s one of the most accurate technologies available, with a 98% email delivery rate. You can utilize the platform’s Chrome extension or use PHP, Python, Ruby, or.Net to access the API. Professionals in sales, recruiting, and PR who need to make sure their emails are delivered will find the service useful.

A free trial is offered with each of VoilaNorbert’s plans. These are some of the plans:

  • Valet: $49 per month, includes unlimited team members, up to 1,000 leads monthly, and API
  • Butler: $99 monthly for as much as 5,000 leads.
  • Up to 15,000 leads every month for $249, according to the advisor
  • Counselor: $499 monthly for as many as 50,000 leads monthly

While VoilaNorbert and both have a lot of the same features as lead creation tools, you get twice as many leads with Voila Norbert’s plan for the same price as

7. RocketReach


RocketReach will help you locate the ideal clients while providing important insights into existing business data. A sales intelligence solution called RocketReach offers precise real-time data from 700 million professionals in 35 million businesses worldwide. It has bulk lookup, API, and connectors with ATS, CRMs, and is used for digital marketing and recruiting. Over 700 million professionals and 35 million businesses are included in RocketReach’s global database. It offers 85% data accuracy and real-time validated contact information that may be used for marketing or recruiting. This is another Hunter io Alternatives.

The plans offered by RocketReach include the following Individual plans:

  • The minimum requirements are up to 1,200 annual lookups per user for $39 per month (paid annually).
  • Pro: $99 per month (paid annually), with a maximum of 3,600 annual glances per user, and some CRM connectors
  • Ultimate with up to 10,000 annual lookups per user, API enabled, and CRM Enrichment is $249 per month (paid annually).
  • Moreover, the site provides Team plans.
  • Team Pro: $93 per user each month (paid annually), offering just email searches and up to 3,600 annual lookups per user.
  • Team Ultimate: $207 per month (paid yearly), with a maximum of 10,000 searches per user annually, and with phone search, a few CRM connections, and CRM Enrich.
  • Enterprise: special rates and an unlimited number of annual lookups per user
  • Overall, offers more affordable options than RocketReach, making it the better choice for businesses who are scaling on a budget.

8. Lusha


A sales intelligence tool called Lusha gives users access to information from public records and business directories. Lead enrichment and real-time alerts are only two of the advantages that the software’s user-friendly interface offers to assist users in converting leads into paying clients. Additionally, Lusha complies with GDPR, making it a secure and dependable option for companies of all sizes. The platform’s integration package, which consists of Hubspot, Zoho, Pipedrive, and Bullhorn, also makes it simple to access. This is another Hunter io Alternatives.

Lusha assists sales teams in focusing on customers who are better likely to purchase a product and respond favorably to your sales pitch. The unique capability to view an organization’s email format and scale prospecting is provided by

Lusha has the following plans:

  • Free plan: up to 1 user and 5 credits
  • Pros include list management, rudimentary team management, and annual billing for $29 per user per month with 480 credits per user.
  • Premium: $51 per user each month with 960 credits per user, payable annually, bulk prospecting, CRM connectors, and use statistics
  • Scale: tailored pricing combined with strong CRM integrations, cutting-edge sales team management, use statistics, and a customer care manager
  • Additionally, Lusha has a list of rivals.


The users of the sales intelligence platform from get access to more than 250 million connections and 60 million businesses. In order to race up the sales process, the platform provides a number of features, such as CRM interfaces, adaptable price options, and the option to join up with Google or Microsoft. makes it simple to get the information you need to make wise decisions thanks to its many data enrichment capabilities. To assist you in engaging with the right leads at the right time, the application offers better analytics. is a potent platform for your sales and digital marketing teams because to its extensive database and sophisticated search tools. This is another Hunter io Alternatives.

Hunter and Apollo both offer comparable capabilities, however Apollo works best for LinkedIn contact discovery. Using, you may examine an organization’s email format to make educated guesses about the format of other contacts’ emails.

The following are incorporated in the price of

  • Free: 250 emails every day, ten export credits each month, and infinite credits.
  • Standard: $39 per user per month (paid annually), 25 phone numbers, 250 export credits monthly, and A/B testing
  • Professional: $79 per user per month (paid annually), 100 phone numbers, 1,000 export credits each month, configurable reports, and comprehensive permission management.
  • Custom: starting at $5,000 per year with a dedicated account manager, custom phone number, and email credits.
  • Give us a try if you’re seeking for an Apollo io substitute.

10. ZoomInfo


Data from more than 50 million companies, 230 million professionals, and 300,000 publisher domains are available through ZoomInfo’s sales intelligence software. You can create automated workflows that interface with your current technologies, such as CRM and other sales platforms, using the platform’s real-time intent signals. You may more easily integrate your current workflows and make sense of your data with the help of these tools.

Additionally, ZoomInfo is a useful tool for marketing and sales teams because to its intent data enrichment capabilities. ZoomInfo helps you increase your sales pipeline and close more offers by enhancing client records with useful purpose data. While is best recognized for its ability to retrieve contact information fast with its Chrome plugin, ZoomInfo is best used as an addition to CRM data.

The following tiers make up ZoomInfo’s sales platform, with pricing that is mostly customized:

  • Professional+: CRM capability, confirmed phone numbers and email addresses, and contact and business profiles
  • Advanced+: details on the hierarchy, social media profiles, and location
  • Elite+: enhanced corporate attributes and real-time buyer intent signals
  • One of the major names on this list and one of many competitors is Zoominfo.

11. LeadFuze


With the aid of the sales intelligence platform LeadFuze, you may locate and contact your prospective prospects. With LeadFuze, you can integrate your email lists with your CRM, locate prospects based on their technological preferences, and utilize AI automation to collect verified emails for bounce rates that are nearly zero. Additionally, LeadFuze lets you export your data to Google Sheets and CSV and interacts with well-known ATS products. Although it is still in development, its API will support bulk prospect research utilizing proprietary technology. This is another Hunter io Alternatives.

LeadFuze offers A/B testing and email integration, which might be crucial for enhancing your outreach campaigns in contrast to On the other hand, offers marketing automation and an API that can help your marketing teams scale lead creation.

The pricing for LeadFuze is divided into the following tiers:

  • Starter: starting at $132.30 per month, with unlimited lists, automation, and 500 lead credits per month.
  • Scaling: 2,500 lead credits per month at a starting price of $447.30
  • According on your usage and feature requirements, you can alter your LeadFuze plan.

How to choose the best hunter io alternatives

Having correct & current contact data for your prospects and clients is crucial if you work in sales or marketing. An email verifier can help in this situation. You can easily discover the email address of any person or company using this software. When selecting the best email discovery tool for your firm, there are a few something to carry into account.

Database size & Quality

The size and quality of a lead generation tool’s database are two of the most crucial things to take into account; the bigger and more precise the database, the better. Make sure the lead creation tool you select has a sizable database of organizations and people. Spending time looking for an email address that doesn’t exist or is inactive is the last thing you need to do.

Ease of Use

The simplicity of use is a key consideration. A complicated and challenging to use email finder is not what you need. To obtain the information you require fast and without difficulty, you will need something straightforward and simple to use.

Plans And Pricing

Plans and price are important factors to take into account when selecting a lead generation tool. Both free and paid subscriptions are available on several email discovery platforms. Usually, the free plans include restrictions, like a smaller database or fewer features. Paid services, on the other hand, typically get you access to more contacts and features like integrations.

Questions concerning alternatives to Hunter io

Several questions about alternatives to are commonly raised, such as:

Can you trust

A good resource for getting email addresses is It is reasonably accurate, and it has a strong customer support system. Additionally, the tool is simple to use & available from anywhere. For people that need to locate email addresses fast and effortlessly, is a wonderful option. It is crucial to recognize that the accuracy of the tool depends on the caliber of the data inputted.

What is the purpose of

A platform called was created to give companies access to verified email addresses. It has a digit of features to create the search process as effective as possible and may be used to find both personal and business email addresses. Prior to sending any contact, users of can verify an email address’ correctness, ensuring that the intended recipient will always get the message.

What to Keep in Mind About Alternatives to Hunter IO

Although is an excellent resource for locating email addresses, it’s not the only one available. If you’re seeking for an alternative, we advise taking into account one of the tools mentioned above based on your unique requirements and team makeup. Whichever email discovery tool you select, make sure to try it first to notice how well it integrates with your current workflows.

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