How to Start Your YouTube Channel and Get Maximum: A Beginner’s Guide

Despite the huge variety of YouTube videos and high competition among video bloggers, YouTube still lacks quality content and channels in certain niches.

The era of social media is covering more and more people. Having a blog is no longer a novelty. On the contrary, an Instagram page or a YouTube channel has become conventional. However, not everyone succeeds in becoming a famous and successful blogger, despite even Youtube statistics. So, how to start a YouTube blog? How to get on the top lists and monetize your channel?

In this article, a video hosting user can find valuable tips to help a beginner become a successful blogger from scratch.

How Much Can I Earn on a YouTube Channel?

As with any creative activity, there are no earnings limits on YouTube. To start making at least a few dollars, you will have to invest a lot of time, effort, and money in your YouTube channel promotion. But it can pay off with interest.

YouTube channels start to make good money after they gain 100 thousand subscribers. Then companies begin to contact the owners of such channels with offers to place advertisements.

What Do Incomes Depend on?

Niche. Frequently, the paying capacity of the audience is more important than its size. There are tens of millions of subscribers on channels with children’s cartoons, but the advertiser will most likely go to the channel about investments, which has 10 thousand subscribers only.

Video quality. It isn’t required to have a professional camera and an expensive microphone to attract users to a channel. Modern smartphones shoot quite high-quality videos. The main thing is to make sure that the video doesn’t have a technical defect: sound distortions, echoes, defocused images.

Expertise, communication skills, and interesting formats will give you a greater advantage than lighting or video editing.

Selection of SEO keys. SEO keywords are the words viewers use most often to search for videos. On YouTube, keys are called tags. For your video to appear in search and recommendations, you need to choose the tags correctly.

Schedule. A new videos’ release schedule depends on the workload of the author and the quality of the content. A video vine can be made in a day, and a YouTube video from a trip will be edited in a week.

The number of views. YouTube pays not for the number of video views but the number of ads shown. It is impossible to predict income. One day YouTube can demonstrate ads to 999 viewers out of 1000, the next — to nobody. It all depends on the offers of advertisers, the video topic, the paying capacity of the audience, and many other factors.

The quality of monetization. If the video meets the monetization rules, YouTube will display ads on it. For this, it will share part of the profits with the author.


Ways to Make Money on Video Blog

Direct advertising. It is one of the main ways for YouTubers to make money. The advertiser asks a YouTube channel owner to tell about the company’s product and pays for it. The sum depends on the number of subscribers, views, and the topic of the channel.

Google Adsense contextual advertising. You’ve probably seen the promotional videos played before YouTube videos. Advertisers place them through the Google Adsense advertising network, and YouTube decides what to show and whom.

Partnership programs. Various agencies offer YouTubers to sign a partnership agreement. These companies promise to help with promotion assistance, training, technical support and promise to make the life of an aspiring content creator much easier in return for a percentage of ad revenue.

Selling your products or services. Your YouTube channel can help with attracting clients. If you are doing handicrafts, you can post a masterclass promoting your crafts. If you are a massage therapist, you can share interesting facts about massage and invite people to your session.

It’s not a complete list. We can also include live streaming and donations, special chats, integration with social networks, collaboration with other bloggers, and much more. There are numerous possibilities to monetize your channel.


How to Start a YouTube Blog?

Numerous people, who watch YouTube think: “Why don’t I make my own channel?” If a similar thought has occurred to you at least once, then it’s time to start.

  • Define your video blog niche

First of all, you need to decide on the topic of your channel. If you find it difficult, then you can look through a couple of articles on the YouTube blog ideas on the net. However, we recommend choosing what you really like — the subject you are ready to talk about in the long run.

At the moment, the top niches are:

  • Food, Recipes, Cooking
  • Travel and Vlogging
  • Gaming
  • Fashion
  • Health and Fitness
  • Entertainment
  • Come up with a nickname and design

Prepare your channel before uploading videos — pick an avatar, come up with a catchy name, write a short description, and create a YouTube banner with Canva.

As for the name, choose something simple and short. Try to use one or two words. A funny or rhymed nickname is allowed if it suits your Youtube blog idea.

  • Define your zest

When you create a YouTube channel, you should clearly understand what is special about you. You have to find a trait that will distinguish you from hundreds of bloggers with similar topics and for which viewers will love you later.

  • Prepare a technical base

You don’t need professional cameras and microphones to become a blogger and start filming your videos. Basically, if your smartphone can record high-quality sound and images, use it. The main thing is that the camera supports Full HD resolution.

If you are closer to screencasts, then in addition to a webcam, microphone, headphones, you will also need a special screen recorder for Windows. Additionally, don’t forget a tripod, lighting, and other essential accessories.

  • Plan your content

Despite the topic of your blog, creating content on YouTube is a creative process. Through careful preparation and planning, you can create quality and engaging videos.

  • Promote your YouTube videos

It’s also important to constantly promote your videos. After all, the algorithms themselves won’t promote even the highest quality YouTube videos. If you don’t want to wait until the technologies grow to automatically quality determination, you should start promoting videos yourself using various SEO tools.

Don’t forget to follow trends, look for new formats, improve your personal brand, the quality of shooting and develop editing skills.

Becoming a top video blogger on YouTube is not an easy task, but real. If you want to establish yourself as a good blogger and make money from your YouTube channel, you should learn how to prioritize; follow the tips mentioned above, and improve them with your innovative ideas; use YouTube analytics.

We wish you all the best in getting to the top!

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