How to sell a junk car?

Before you rush to sell a car that has been in an accident, make sure that it is really broken and that it is easier and more profitable to sell it than to restore it. For this, contact the service station. If the assessment confirms the degree of malfunction and the amount of damage, it’s much more reasonable to sell your junk to a company like JunkCarsUs that will buy your junk car for cash within 24 hours in almost any city of the USA.

What to do with a junk car

When the insurance company has completed all the work, you have collected the necessary certificates, it’s time to think about what to do with the junk car. There are only four options:

  • restore yourself and sell a broken car;
  • sell profitably for spare parts without repair in the form in which it is after the accident;
  • sell for restoration;
  • scrap it and get a discount on buying a new one from the dealer. We will dwell on each of these ways to sell a junk car in more detail.

Restore and sell

If the damage on the car is minor (a fender is crumpled or the paintwork on several elements is damaged, chips on the hood, etc.), then any auto repair shop can handle cosmetic repairs. After that, you can prepare the car for sale. Be sure to provide the buyer with a history verification report.

If the damage is more than 80%, or the geometry, spars are damaged, then repairing such a machine will not be profitable, but costly and time-consuming. We do not recommend selling under the guise of a new one. First, it’s illegal. Second, you risk becoming the culprit of an accident that the future owner will get into due to a faulty car.

Sell for parts

If the car is beyond repair, then selling it for parts is a good way to get rid of it profitably. Find out where to sell a broken car in your area: large spare parts stores sometimes buy up broken cars, resellers to restore the same models, private traders, etc. By the way, JunkCarsUs is actively dealing with this issue.

Sell ​​for restoration

Selling a broken car without repair is the easiest option, but the most disadvantageous for the seller. Junk cars, as a rule, are bought at a minimum price by professional buyers, restored, and sold on favorable terms.

One of JunkCarsUs employees says:

“You saw in the ads good, not tired cars with adequate mileage and decent equipment for a low cost? These are just the ones that were once bought broken. There was even a case when they bought an expensive sports model for a penny. The whole front was damaged, the geometry was damaged, the pillows were blown up, the car was not running. Professionals restored the car and sold it at a good discount six months later to another region. The cost of buying a junk car, transporting a car between regions and restoring it paid off almost 2 times!”.


If selling your aged friend doesn’t sound like a good idea, go to the Department of Motor Vehicles and file a recycling request. To do this, you only need documents and car numbers. Thanks to the annual recycling programs, if you have owned a car for more than six months, you are entitled to a certain discount on the purchase of a new car from an authorized dealer.

How to store a junk car?

Do not leave a broken car in the yard or parked on the street – it will be quickly dismantled. Put the car in a garage or in a guarded parking lot if you want to sell it, and not give it away for free for parts.

Where to sell a broken car

Look for companies specializing in purchasing junk cars in search engines. The cost, announced by professional buyers, will suit you perfectly. They take the price of the whole car (read more about how to price your car for sale) and deduct the cost of repairs from it (it was announced by the masters at the stage of damage assessment). There is a significant amount of money left.

Choosing a way to sell wrecked cars yourself, you will have to free up a lot of time and be patient! Therefore, it is much better to contact JunkCarsUs representatives directly.

How to sell a junk car

A car that cannot move independently, cannot regularly visit showdowns, workshops and car markets, cannot go to show the car to potential buyers. In addition, resellers will willingly inspire the seller that his “scrap metal” is wholesale. But there are specialized companies that go to inspect and diagnose emergency vehicles. The price of such companies is slightly higher than that of professional buyers.

Contact JunkCarsUs to sell your junk car. We’ll give you a fair estimation as soon as we get all the information about your car condition. We pay in cash and offer free towing to every client in the U.S.


We will not argue with the fact that the sale of a broken car (and any other equipment) is a very complex and time-consuming process. After all, there are many scammers who are always ready to cash in on someone else’s goods, on the lack of knowledge of their “clients” in one area or another. The modern world is full of such unprincipled and greedy people who do not care about others, because the main thing for them is money. But still, using all the life hacks that we wrote about in this article, your chances of a profitable and safe sale of your car are very high. Of course, it is much better to entrust this process to professionals in order to avoid a number of problems and difficulties. In addition, you need to be very careful and attentive to all issues that relate to documents, various powers of attorney, bank loans (if any), and so on. From ourselves, we want to add that you will not have such problems in the future and your car will be safe and sound.


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