In this 21st century of rapid technological development, our daily lives, studies and work are mainly communicated through communication software such as Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook. How many of us actually use the “messaging” function of our phones as a means of daily communication?

However, even in the age of the Internet, we still face the restriction that we need to provide our mobile phone numbers to receive SMS verification codes when applying or registering for different online services or applications. Also, some services even impose the impersonal requirement that only local numbers are allowed to register.

Many readers from Europe, United States and Asia have commented that they often encounter this situation when using mainland internet services such as Baidu, WhatsApp, WeChat or PayPal Wallet and other applications, which makes people wonder why they still need to receive verification codes via SMS in this digital age.

This is also a problem for digital people in other countries. It is not worth spending extra money to buy a new additional SIM-card just for a simple text message. It is also difficult to buy a local phone card when you are in another country.

This article shows you how to break these boundaries with online phone number for SMS verification. With our guide you can get a phone number for any country, such as China, United States, Germany, Romania and even the Egypt. These virtual telephone numbers can help you receive text messages anywhere, anytime, anywhere in the world.

What is an online telephone number for SMS

A virtual mobile number, also known as VoIP number or an online mobile number. Virtual numbers aren’t tied to a specific device or location — they operate from the cloud.

While traditional phone numbers depend on phone lines (if you have a landline) or cell towers (if you have a cell phone), virtual numbers are completely cloud-based. You simply need an internet connection to receive SMS to any device, whether it is a tablet, laptop, computer or smartphone

Why do you need such a mobile number?

Without a phone number, it’s hard to create an online account, order food, or even get in touch with your friends. Almost all services ask for a phone number to verify identity and make sure that you’re not a spammer.

Here are some of the advantages:

– With a virtual number you can create an unlimited number of accounts for applications and sites that require phone number verification.

– An online virtual number can help you save money on buying an extra SIM-card and mobile device.

– With this number you can keep your personal information private on the Internet.

– This is the easiest and most reliable way to avoid spam calls and messages to your personal phone

How to get a virtual mobile number using SMS-man

SMS-man is worldwide provider of virtual numbers for SMS. Follow step-by-step instructions to get an online phone number for registrations:

Step 1: Go to and do a simple registration by clicking on the “Sign up” button.

Step 2. Under Payment tab you can top up your account from anywhere in the world in any currency.

Step 3. Next step is to select your country and service

Step 4. Now you have to enter your requested mobile number in the appropriate registration form and wait for the verification code.

Step 5. When SMS will be received, you need to go back to and click on “Get SMS” button

Step 6. When the verification code is received, enter it in the application to complete the registration.

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