How to download game novelties easily and quickly?

The world of computer games is very big. Several times a year, there are many new products, and any user will find for himself what he is really interested in. But it’s one thing just to find an interesting game, and it’s quite another thing to download a quality product without viruses.

Experienced players are well aware of where to download games on a PC. They have long chosen sites with only high-quality programs. Collections of interesting games make you immerse yourself in the magical world, and be sure to come out of the game as a champion.

The piratebay catalog has a short description and recommendations that will help you make your choice faster. Releases are divided by genre. The simple interface of the site allows you to filter out games that do not meet the stated requirements and choose only what interests you. Each game is a complete version that will allow you to play it from the beginning. Agree, it is very unpleasant when the demo version ends at the most interesting place.

The user can independently sort the games. For example, by manufacturer, the year the game was released, and the main story. Before downloading, the player can watch a short video or photo and read a detailed description, which will help to make the right choice.

How to choose a PC game

Any gamer sooner or later asks such a question. Every year there are so many new games that the TOP 100 torrent does not have time to update. Unusual novelties appear, which easily find themselves on the top lines of various ratings. They quickly gain popularity and the love of users. Vivid examples are Fortnite, PUBG, and other exclusive new items.

If beginners do not know what to play, then experienced gamers, as a rule, on the contrary, cannot find anything suitable. TOP cool games on PC in general and was created in order to make it much easier for a user to choose from any category – beginner or experienced. If you see the name and understand that you have not yet downloaded and installed a certain game, then you can safely fix it. Indeed, in this ranking, each position deserves special attention.


What is the rating without racing? This is a favorite category of all boys. A feeling of drive, healthy sports excitement – all this is characteristic of even the youngest computer users. The desire to be first is what distinguishes every rider. If you’re looking for something to download from this category, check out Forza Horizon or the classic Need For Speed.


Such games on PC are distinguished by detailed graphics, a thoughtful plot, an interesting soundtrack, and a clear game interface. All this is in Assassin’s Creed.

Do you want to feel like a feudal lord of the Middle Ages? Would you like to take part in the Crusades and make history? Then download Crusader Kings 3 right now.

Games from the 90s

Representatives of the old-school computer era probably remember not the times when everyone played Mortal Kombat, Fifa, Counter Strike in turn in the gaming halls – these are the brightest and most famous representatives of the rating.

Already today, you can download to your PC not the very first version of Mortal Kombat, but Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate is a game with bright graphics, a dynamic plot.

Do you know what was the first 1st person shooter? Doom is an uncompromising shooter with elements of brutality, it is dynamic and exciting. At one time, it made a real revolution in the gaming industry.

It has long been proven that it is safest to download games and other programs to a PC or laptop via torrent. This method has been tested for a long time, and at the moment, there is no other such proven and simple one.

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