How to Concentrate In an Online Class

Human mind is like an enthusiastic child who gets attracted to one thing, say X in morning, craves for second thing Y through the day, and finally settles for an entirely different thing Z right before heading to the dream land. This happens because young children have weak concentration power. They find each and every element of their external environment so attractive that they tend to switch their interests from one thing to another super quickly. Concentration is an important element that keeps us running our day-to-day lifecycle smoothly. If we lack concentration in studies or at work, then we can never give our best performance and end up being a mediocre in the respective field. Low concentration level makes a person fickle-minded, confused, and aimless as one might find himself getting easily distracted to less important things.

When we are in school our parents and teachers always advise us to concentrate on studies so that we can perform well in examinations. The overall environment of a class is designed in a way that it helps to keep the students motivated towards studies. In a traditional classroom setup, teachers and students follow a pre-defined time-table for each subject. This ensures that every student in the class attends the class timely without any hassle. The teacher keeps strict control over the students and makes sure that each learner is listening to her and making proper notes thereon. Classroom teaching is one of the best teaching-learning setups as there is face-to-face interaction between teachers and learners. Through lectures, teachers try to impart knowledge to even the least concentrated child in the class.

The present education system has transitioned to digital learning that runs on the latest technological tools. E-learning through LMS technology became the only resort during the uncertain lockdown periods imposed due to COVID-19 crisis. The sudden switch to new education environment required a lot of efforts from teachers as well as students who found it difficult to adjust to the paradigm quickly. The lack of physical interaction caused low concentration level in students during online classes. Where earlier teachers struggled to maintain concentration of learners in a real classroom, they ended up in a worsen state during virtual class lectures. However, maintaining concentration is very important for students to understand what is being taught in class. This article will share some really effective tips to help students concentrate during an online class easily.

Tips to Maintain Concentration in E-Learning

1. Dedicated Study Corner

It is a tendency of the human mind to associate work with surroundings. For instance, some people can concentrate on work only on their desk or computer. So, when studying online, try to find a separate place where you can concentrate fully. A corner free from noise and distractions will help to focus on the class lecture. Parents can set up a small study corner for their kids which perfectly fits their study requirements.

2. Say No to Distractions

Right before your class, keep all the things that might distract you, away from your study space. Switch off the TV or music system and focus only on your class work. Do not open separate windows of social media handles on your laptop when studying.

3. Do Yoga

Good habits stay with us forever. It is healthy and a wise choice to include meditation and yoga in your routine life to increase your concentration level. Even a 5-min meditation practice can do wonders for you. It calms our mind, strengthens our senses, and brings clarity in thoughts. Increased concentration power can help students to grasp more during online teaching.

4. Take Regular Breaks

Whenever you are studying, offline or online, make sure that you give your mind some rest. Follow the Pomodoro Technique that asks learners to take small breaks after completing each study schedule. Try to stick to targets that are easily achievable without stressing the body and mind. A small interval of 5 minutes can ease your brain, boost it, and increase its concentration power for the next schedule.

5. Study in groups

Sometimes, online classes can be quite boring as there is no physical interaction like in a real classroom setup. To avoid this, students can switch to group studies where they can attend classes or work on assignments with their peers. This way they can brainstorm their ideas and enrich their learning experience.

6. Take Notes of Lectures

The students can get used to copy-paste techniques for notes taking on online teaching sites. This can be avoided by encouraging them to make notes in their copies after completing each topic. The practice of note making will compel students to concentrate more during the online class and will help them to retain and understand the concept fast.

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