How the Kids Can Have a Very Good Idea About the Shape of a Square?

In mathematics, the square is a very much important shape to be learnt by the kids because of its practical relevance in the day to day lives. Square is a two-dimensional plane figure which includes four equal sides and four equal angles which are of 90° measure. The properties of the rectangle are very much similar to the properties of a square but the basic difference between both of them is that the rectangle will be only having two opposite sides as equal and the square will be having all 4 sides as equal.

Square is a regular quadrilateral that will include four equal sides and four equal angles. Also, the diagonals of the square are equal and will be bisecting each other at 90°. The square can also be defined as a rectangle which will be having two opposite sides of equal length. The shape of the square is a four-sided polygon that will be having equal sides and both halves of the square will be exactly symmetrical to each other. Following are the basic properties of the square about which kids need to be clear:

  • All four interior angles will be equal to a 90 degree
  • All four sides of the square will be congruent and equal to each other
  • The opposite sides of the square will be parallel to each other
  • The diagonals of the square will be bisecting each other at 90°
  • Two diagonals will be of equal length to each other
  • The square will be having four sides and four vertices
  • The diagonal of the square will be dividing it into the two smaller Isosceles triangles
  • The length of the diagonal will always be greater than the sides of the square

 Following are the basic formulas associated with the square:

  1. The area square: The area of a square is the region that has been covered by it into the two-dimensional plane and this will always be equal to the square of sides per square unit.
  2. The perimeter of the square:  This is equal to the sum of all four sides and the unit of the perimeter will remain the same that is of the length of the side of the square. The perimeter will be four into side Square.
  3. Length of diagonal of the square: The length of diagonals of the square will always be equal to the side under root two. The length of the diagonals will both be equal to each other and one can also say that diagonal is the hypotenuse of the total sides of the triangle formed by a diagonal of the square which is perpendicular and base.

The diagonal of the square is the line segment that will help in connecting two opposite vertices of the square. Hence, because of four vertices, there will be two diagonals into the square. Being clear about the formula of the area of square and perimeter of square is very much important for the kids so that they can solve different kinds of questions very easily and can score well in the exams.

The area is considered to be a very important concept to be possessed by the kids because of its practical relevance. There are several kinds of authentic and real-life reasons why people need to calculate the area of different kinds of shapes very easily and square is one of the most practical irrelevant shapes. One can always require calculating the area of a rectangular or square room and being clear about the basic formulas is the key to success in this particular area so that overall decisions are very accurately made. Apart from this registering the kids on platforms like Cuemath is a wonderful idea so that they have a clear-cut idea about every formula associated with a square for example perimeter of Square, diagonal Square, side of the square and several other kinds of things which will always allow them to make right decisions in the long run.

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