Here’s How You Can Develop Your Designing Skills With No Experience

Whether you’re trying to make a career out of it or simply expanding your skills, graphic designing can do wonders for you.

  • If you didn’t know this: designing comes in handy if you’re into marketing, a student, or even lead a business.

Today, whether it is digital media that you’re exposed to or print media, graphics are the life and blood behind it.

However, it’s not an easy skill to master.

But, guess what? You only need to be good at it; even those with years of expertise are not the best.

Keep reading if you wish to get started with your graphic designing fling.

Start With An Idea First

“Good artists copy, great artists steal” – Pablo Picasso.

Before you learn how to design, you need to know how to generate an idea.

It does not matter whether you’re born talented or not, as long as you’re willing to improve.

Even the most famous designers seek inspiration from others.

So, feel no shame if you can’t conceptualize your unique idea. But, take pride in tweaking someone else’s work and making something stellar out of it that you can call your own.

Learn A Few Tricks And Hacks

Once you have an idea about what you wish to design, it would be helpful to learn a few tricks and hacks. Of course, you’d be using tools like Photoshop or Lightroom to create your designs. But as a beginner, it might be difficult for you to know what to do and where to begin.

Perhaps, a few online resources may prove to be helpful in this context. You can find plenty of blogs and articles that can teach you how to start with these tools. Besides, if you face any particular issue, you can always refer to support forums.

Make Sure You’re Comfortable

You should always keep in mind that your comfort holds utmost importance, especially when you’re learning a new skill. We’re trying to tell you that you should be able to grasp whatever you’re learning.

For instance, if you’re using Photoshop for your designing projects, you should be able to use it with ease. Or any other tool is also acceptable, for that matter.

As long as you don’t build up any frustration while learning new skills, you’d improve. No matter what may come.

But remember, comfort does not mean that you lay back and relax. It is, indeed, the opposite of learning a new skill and would definitely hamper your progress.

Keep Practicing Day In Day Out

Most importantly, you should stay consistent with your practice.

Think of it this way, when you’re practicing your designing skills every day, even if it is for a few minutes, you’ll be learning something new.

For example, you might come across issues like faulty graphics or resizing your design. In such a case, learning the hacks, as already mentioned, would keep you in touch with your abilities.

Besides, practicing your skill every day would also help you make a career out of it (if you’re serious about your skill set.)

To Sum It Up…

Learning to design is not that difficult if you have the zest to do it. All you need is a subtle mindset and lots of perseverance. And in time, you’ll surely be the master of your trade, regardless of your professional outlook.


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