How To Grow Your Email List With An Online Quiz

Best ways To Grow Your Email List With An Online Quiz will be described in this article. It goes without saying that building an email list is advantageous for bloggers. But getting arbitrary users to sign up is the challenging part.

Popular lead magnets include checklists, templates, and little manuals. but they’ve been done to death. It would be wonderful if you could differentiate yourself from these generic lead opt-ins.

How To Grow Your Email List With An Online Quiz

In this article, you can know about How To Grow Your Email List With An Online Quiz here are the details below;

Oh wait, you can by taking a quiz online!

Online quizzes are a not-so-secret method of increasing website traffic and email subscriber numbers. This tutorial will step you through the process of making a quiz as well as the first five steps.

Let’s get going.

How can an online quiz increase email subscribers?

How can an online quiz increase email subscribers

1. Quizzes are engaging

Quizzes, calculators, and widgets that are interactive are popular right now. In the next two years, at least 10% of marketers’ static material will become interactive, according to 88% of them.

While static information like eBooks and tutorials has its place, interactive content raises the bar for engagement. Quizzes empower customers to engage with your company before they even subscribe, unlike the majority of lead magnets.

For instance, Sasha Lassey uses a test to assist would-be bloggers in starting their own blogs.

Her lighthearted inquiries and entertaining photos are sure to make her audience feel welcome.  It’s understandable why Sasha quickly after releasing her quiz saw a 34% conversion rate.

Not to mention that interesting quizzes keep visitors on your blog longer and improve its SEO!

2. Quizzes funnel users straight to your email list

Quizzes funnel users straight to your email list

Perhaps you’re intrigued by the quiz concept but are curious about how participants are added to your email list.

Simply include an email opt-in form at the end of your questionnaire, BEFORE people see their results, to make it simple.

To your quiz, add an email opt-in form.

Using a questionnaire, Emily Jeffords recruits other artists to her email list and online community. You must first sign up for Emily’s list if you want to see your results.

She’ll send you further pertinent emails when you subscribe and display your results.

So, does this strategy actually work?

Yup! In just six months, Emily added over 800 new subscribers to her email list. This isn’t a one-off success story; many of our clients have achieved this level of success or higher. What a lead magnet!

In summary, online tests:

  • Engage your audience throughout the entire presentation.
  • Automate the process of expanding your email list.
  • Encourage reader engagement with your blog to improve SEO

5 steps to creating an online quiz

We’ve got you covered if making a quiz sounds intimidating. You’ll discover how to build a quiz from start in just five simple steps.

1. Choose a topic your audience will love

Choose a topic your audience will love

The cornerstone of your plan is your quiz topic. Use information that your target readers are clamoring to know to draw them in.

Look at Emily’s online test, “Where are you on the Artist’s Path?”

Pick a topic that will interest your readers.

Making a living through art is the main challenge for all artists, and that is the focus of Emily’s discussion. They can determine the most effective way to monetize their work using this questionnaire.

So how do you come up with quiz topic ideas? You can use the three questions below as a guide.

What pain points can you solve?

Consider that you manage a food blog. Pain points may be…

  • Being a busy parent and cooking
  • How to buy food on a tight budget
  • Discovering quick and simple recipes

b. What are your audience’s desires? How can you make those a reality?

Let’s keep with the example of the food blog. The wants of your audience might be…

Making wholesome meals in less than 30 minutes

dazzling their family and guests with mouthwatering dishes

You can think up quiz subjects based on these concepts! Here are a few concepts.

  • What kind of food do you prepare?
  • What prevents you from preparing delectable meals?
  • What is your go-to nutritious dish?
  • What’s not on your shopping list?

In case you run into trouble, get in touch with your audience via a blog post, newsletter, or poll and find out what they would want to see.

2. Write 5-7 intriguing questions

Your quiz questions must speak to readers’ interests, aspirations, and personalities as a whole if you want to keep their attention throughout the entire process. This is another way to Grow Your Email List With An Online Quiz.

Evoke the reaction of “Wow, this is so me!” in your audience.

It’s not unusual to ask someone, “What does your to-do list look like?” Look at Emily’s responses, though; they all have a special resonance for artists! Also check free email services

For your quiz, create engaging questions.

Another thing is that people enjoy a good quiz. Invoke positive feelings and add a few questions that are “just for fun.”

Doesn’t the mere sight of Zafira Rajan’s inquiries brighten things up? You are welcome to use her logo, copy, and images.

Ask yourself these queries as you generate a list of inquiries:

What sense of humor possesses my audience?

How can I connect with them?

How can I keep my readers entertained throughout?

3. Design a beautiful quiz

Quizzes that are interesting to take must also be well-designed. 40% of marketers projected that between 51 and 80 percent of organizations would heavily rely on visual content in 2021. This is another way to Grow Your Email List With An Online Quiz.

To create a visually pleasing quiz, you don’t need to be a graphic designer. It’s simple to use online quiz creators like Interact.

You can quickly add images, GIFs, and brand colors to your cover page, questions, and results using Interact.

Additionally, adding your quiz copy couldn’t be simpler—just click on a section and begin typing.

Edit the quiz’s copy.

Additionally, you can use stunning GIFs and images in your questions’ answers!

Overall, there are three approaches to your quiz design:

Include brand colors – Brand colors serve to identify your blog and establish a connection with your audience. If you don’t have brand colors, choose one color scheme and stay with it.

Don’t scrimp on the graphics; they help readers understand your questions, responses, and outcomes. Using Interact’s picture search engine or uploading your own photos are both options.

Create concise quiz copy because quizzes are quick-paced marketing tools. Save the essay for later and opt for succinct writing.

Note: Interested in giving Interact a try? To start your free trial, click here.

4. Build a convert-worthy email opt-in

An email opt-in, as we just discussed, is essential to increasing subscriber numbers. This is another way to Grow Your Email List With An Online Quiz.

Create an opt-in form.

Having trouble creating email opt-ins? No issue. Using Interact, you can construct an opt-in form and combine it with more than 10 different email marketing programs, such as ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and Drip.

Establish integration

Are all the pieces connected? Now, depending on the type of quiz taker, your email software can divide them into email funnels! Also check Protect Emails Proxies

Grouping for your quiz

By segmenting the audience, each quiz taker receives a personalized message, which keeps them interested after the test.

You might send the following emails to your subscribers:

A welcome email informs new users of what to expect next as well as the results of the quiz.

Send your greatest free material and keep the value train going with free resources. Whatever you have: blog posts, podcasts, manuals, etc.

A tale – Your blog’s beginning may pique the interest of your readers. Introduce yourself, send a brief account of your voyage, and ask them to do the same for you.

New blog material – Send them an update whenever you produce a blog article they’ll find interesting.

Visit Interact’s list-building guide for a breakdown and to get four free quiz email templates if you want to see these emails in action.

5. Create -5 valuable results

Thank your audience for taking the quiz and subscribing to your material by including lots of useful information and free resources in your quiz results. This is another way to Grow Your Email List With An Online Quiz.

Let’s see how Emily completes the task.

Produce worthwhile outcomes

The reader’s results should appear first on every results page. Better yet, add a striking graphic to liven up this section.

The next part is the one your audience is most eager to see!

Include specifics on your findings.

Describe the kind, the problems they encounter, and how they prosper. Don’t cut corners in this part; dazzle your audience with the finer points!

Help your audience grow and develop now that they are aware of their type by providing them with cost-free materials like:

  • Books, videos, blogs, and guides
  • Provide free of charge.
  • You have the opportunity to talk about your blog, paid items, or courses right now.
  • Mention your paid services and courses from your blog.

Consider this a “soft sell” where you are merely introducing your content and not making any overt sales pitches. As you email-nurture your readers, you can discuss more about your offers.

An excellent results page overall:

  • Speaks to you in a friendly manner
  • Supplies free resources
  • Encourages participants to use your resources to enhance your quiz type
  • Stimulates users’ interest in your blog, products, and courses

Ready to boost your email list with a quiz?

Ready to boost your email list with a quiz

Now that you know how to create one, you may use online quizzes to expand your email list. So why are you still waiting?

You can create your quiz for free with Interact by signing up for a 14-day trial.

Additionally, always keep your quiz’s audience in mind when constructing it. They should be the focus of your topic, inquiries, and findings.

Gather information from your blog, audience analysis, and social media feeds to make the quiz as individualized as you can. By doing this, you’ll both serve your audience and achieve your desired list-building results. Win-win!

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