Top 5 Best GetButton Alternatives For ECommerce Websites

Best GetButton Alternatives For ECommerce Websites will be described in this post. Any eCommerce website would benefit greatly from a chat widget. It makes it simple and convenient for both you and your consumers to contact one another. But GetButton is only one chat widget. There are a lot more options available. In this essay, we’ll examine the top five GetButton substitutes. You can discover more about the benefits and drawbacks of every widget, as well as the people they work best for. Continue reading to find out more about the top GetButton substitutes.

Describe GetButton.

A helpful chat plugin for websites is GetButton. You may use it on any of your websites to give your customers a quick and convenient way to contact you. WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, and many other website media all operate nicely with GetButton. With GetButton, users of your website may speak with you from several of their preferred apps, like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

You can also add a contact control to your website using the GetButton widget so that visitors may get in communication with you right away. Customers will find it comfortable and very simple to use and view. It’s crucial to consider your alternatives because there are various chat widgets available than GetButton. Here is a list of the top substitutes available right now:

Top 5 Best GetButton Alternatives For ECommerce Websites

In this article, you can know about GetButton Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Chaty


You may communicate with your consumers across a variety of social media networks with the Chaty plugin. Let’s examine its advantages and disadvantages.


Because your clients can contact you through any of their preferred channels, communication is fluid. Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter are included in this. Chaty completely enables the addition of a custom channel to your chat widget. Furthermore, it doesn’t require much effort or time to complete. The opportunities are endless because you can add as many custom channels as you like. You can completely customize this chat application to coordinate with the website for your company. Changes can be made to fonts, colors, and more. You shouldn’t have any trouble using the customizing section because of its amazing user interface. Another benefit of this chat widget is the preset messages. You can configure your system so that as soon as a consumer contacts you, an automated message is sent to them. This is advantageous not just for you but also for the client.

Depending on the time of day or where on the page you are scrolling, you can make Chaty appear. This is excellent if you only want to target certain hours or web sites and don’t want the chat widget to be shown all the time. This chat application’s ability to be utilized on any website is another wonderful feature. You only need to upload the code, whether you have your own website or a WordPress website, and you’re ready to begin. You can track all of your stats with Chaty’s Google stats application. If you want to figure out how to make your chat widget better, you can track open clicks and engagement. Alternatives to getbutton chat widget plugin e-commerce


The one significant drawback of Chaty is that you must purchase the Pro subscription in order to access all of its top features. The bare necessities are available for free, but anything beyond requires payment. Despite this, there are numerous possibilities and the plans are reasonably priced. While the Plus plan costs $89 a year, the Basic plan is only $39 a year.

2. Trengo


You can add the code to your own website to utilize Trengo instead of the Shopify and WordPress plugins. Trengo costs, on average, about $30 per month, making it much more expensive than Chaty. Let’s examine Trengo’s advantages. Trengo gives a central location for all of your shared channels. It has an excellent user interface because managing all of your different messaging apps is simple. You may more easily manage your business by designating specific messages to specific individuals. Even remotely and without switching tabs, this is possible. Chatbots are easy to create and don’t require any code. You don’t need to be a programmer to complete it because it is a simple drag-and-drop scenario. This is another GetButton Alternatives.

Customers can also access a self-service assistance center through Trengo. If you want your consumers to be completely satisfied with your website, this feature is a fantastic choice. It also lessens the need for customer service, saving you both time and money. You can track analytics on Trengo just like Chaty. You can spot patterns, monitor consumer happiness, and stay up with the most recent statistics.


Finding a chat history can be difficult, and occasionally you might not be able to discover one at all. If a consumer spoke with you a few days ago and is speaking with you again today, they might need to recapitulate their problem. This is a nuisance that you or your consumer assistance team will have to deal with in addition to the consumer. It doesn’t offer as many capabilities as other applications, like Outlook, if you use it as an email tool.

3. HelloBox


Any well-liked website platform, including WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and Joomla, is compatible with HelloBox. There is no free option, and the price range begins at $8 per month. To see the advantages and disadvantages, continue reading!


Like many others, this website messenger plugin enables real-time communications with your consumers through a variety of ways.  You may let customers know when it’s ideal to contact you by displaying your live status and open hours. Social proof is a feature of HelloBox. It means that based on your HelloBox statistics, the customers see the chats that are most pertinent to them. This enhances your trustworthiness and that of your website. This is another GetButton Alternatives.

HelloBox provides an analytics tool that you may use to track the most recent data because analytics are crucial. It enables you to see how users engage with your HelloBox chat widget so that you may update or modify it in light of your observations. Another amazing feature of HelloBox is the focus button. This button can serve as your call to action, making it simpler for customers to take the necessary step. The focus chat button can be added to your contact widget for better visibility.

Give your customers a simple way to contact you using the HelloBox contact bar. Given that you can make it obvious and noticeable on the website, this is the quickest route for people to visit you. HelloBox provides a free trial if you don’t want to sign up for the service straight away. This is the ideal opportunity to test out free chat on your website.


For HelloBox, there are not many drawbacks. The biggest one is that getting acclimated to the UI may take some time. But once you get used to it, changing the settings is considerably simpler.

4. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat

When looking for a WordPress chat plugin, Zendesk is an excellent option. However, it also functions with other websites like Shopify and Joomla. For the best possible user experience, websites should have chat functionality, and Zendesk is one of the most widely used options. Its $19 monthly team pricing option is available. However, you can spend as much as $45 each month if you decide to add-ons and other options.

Let’s examine Zendesk’s advantages and disadvantages.


Customers can contact you through Zendesk using some of their preferred social media outlets. It functions as a Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channel plugin for a website.

Zendesk is used by many well-known companies, so you know it’s dependable. Dropbox, Etsy, and the Zoom support center are some of the companies that make use of it.

A ticket is immediately created when a customer contacts Zendesk thanks to its ticketing system. Customers are also informed that assistance is on the way, so you don’t need to bother about initially updating these tickets yourself.

You have the option of customizing your messaging applications or using the default Zendesk version. Customers can contact you from wherever, and a no-code chatbot can be enabled. This guarantees your clients are supported around-the-clock.

You may provide your clients with an interactive help center using Zendesk. Customers who want to assist themselves and avoid speaking with an agent may like this. This is another GetButton Alternatives.

Zendesk offers a built-in analytics tool that you may use if you wish to track statistics. You can follow both current and past data here. It’s a useful tool to track data because it can help you come up with suggestions for how to make your customers’ Zendesk experience better.

If you use Zendesk, your clients can communicate on the go. Customers may simply talk with you with Zendesk, which functions as a WhatsApp plugin for websites. With the help of this mobile chat software, you may talk to your consumers immediately and without interruption.


Given that Zendesk is on the more expensive side, it is clear that it does not offer free chat on your website. However, it is a trustworthy chat widget for your eCommerce website. Many people consider this to be justification for spending more money.  Finding what you’re looking for can take time because it is challenging to monitor the status of tickets.

5. LiveChat Unlimited

LiveChat Unlimited

Both as a conventional WordPress messenger plugin and a WhatsApp WordPress plugin, LiveChat Unlimited is fantastic. It’s a convenient and simple way for both you and your customers to get in touch. Its entry-level bundle costs $16 a month, but you may spend up to $50 with additional options. This is another GetButton Alternatives.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages.


LiveChat makes customization simple. For instance, you can alter the language and accessibility. If you like to match your chat device to your brand image, this is fantastic. Your clients may pick up where they left off with LiveChat Unlimited. They don’t have to ask the same inquiry more than once because their entire chat history is recorded. Depending on their profile and activity, you can also send particular messages to customers.

There is a notification mechanism in LiveChat Unlimited, so you won’t have to worry about a message going undetected. Your team can also select their own notification preferences. There is also a transfer feature, which makes it simple to move a talk to another person. LiveChat Unlimited gives the resources you need to track metrics. Reports on a broad range of subjects, including chat summaries, data information, agent reports, customer reports, and many more, may all be checked.

This chat widget places a high focus on security. Since it has card masking and encryption, your clients can relax knowing that their data is secure. Additionally, it has access limitation, which restricts how and when your agents can use the chat app to secure networks. SSO is yet another function offered by LiveChat Unlimited. This makes life much simpler for your agents by allowing them to utilize the same login information across all platforms. To mention a few, LiveChat supports Auth0, OneLogin, and Okta.


It can occasionally slow down if the system is busy and several users are attempting to communicate. Though uncommon, this shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. You might occasionally open a new tab and your chat disappears. Even while this is not ideal, it doesn’t happen frequently.


You have access to a wide variety of chat widgets for your e-commerce website, including GetButton. Every alternative chat widget in this article works well with WordPress, Shopify, and eCommerce websites.

Consider all the functions that are offered before selecting a chat plugin. A useful chat widget can provide easier client interaction, which can help your business flourish. Both you and your clients can profit from having a powerful chat widget!

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