Top 6 Best Sign Up Genius Alternatives In 2023

Best Sign Up Genius Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Are you trying to find a Sign Up Genius substitute? Would you like to know which app offers the best features? I’ll list the best 6 Sign Up Genius substitutes for you in this article. To find volunteers and plan events, use the online sign-up tool SignUpGenius.

By automating the hiring and coordination process, the software saves time for organizers by doing rid of the need for reply-all emails and spreadsheets. You may interact with group members through the app and view event information. SignUpGenius is used by up to 14 million people each month to arrange and attend events. SignUpGenius can be used to simplify the process of planning events and signups for charities, schools, sports teams, churches, families, and colleges. Although it has many incredible features, you can utilize them for free. Therefore, have a look at the best Sign Up Genius alternatives listed below.

Top 6 Best Sign Up Genius Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Genius Alternatives here are the details below;


The simplest app for planning conferences, activities, and events for a group is can be used to arrange and manage volunteer calendars, parent-teacher conferences, event registration, potlucks, office hours, mutual assistance, snack duty, tournaments, festivals, giving trees, cookie booths, classes, prayer circles, ushers, greeters, vaccine clinics, & more. Also check Twitter Bootstrap Alternatives

If you’ve been invited to participate, it’s simple to sign up, pay dues and fees, log your volunteer hours, set up scheduled reminders, sync your phone’s calendar, and more.  Throughout the epidemic, SignUp assists with safe occupancy management.

Key Features

  • It enables nonprofit companies to streamline the processes involved in personnel scheduling, event planning, and fundraising on a single platform.
  • Employees can use it to keep track of volunteers, send email or SMS invitations to stakeholders for events, and receive instant confirmations.
  • On, you may access a variety of services, such as reporting, custom workflows, calendar management, reminders, and engagement analytics.


  • Basic strategy Free
  • Starter plan; $9.99 per month or $99.99 annually
  • Plus plan; $24.99 per month or $249.99 annually.

2. EventBrite


Event organizers may organize events of any size, sell tickets for them, and promote them using Eventbrite, a free Sign Up alternative. Through the site’s user interface, they can also instantly promote their events on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks.

Organizers benefit from Eventbrite’s self-service event planning capabilities, which include email invitation creation, RSVP tracking, and ticket sales. Eventbrite allows users to sell more tickets by helping them target the people who are most interested in their events.

Key Features

  • You could learn about popular and well regarded events in your neighborhood.
  • The upcoming events for the coming week and weekend are listed.
  • You can buy tickets and register for events.
  • You may look up details about the occasion, like maps and directions.
  • Sharing events with your pals is simple.
  • The only ticket you need to enter events is your phone; printed tickets are not required.


  • Basic strategy: 2% plus $0.79 every ticket purchased
  • Plan for professionals: 3.5% plus $1.59 for each ticket purchased
  • Contact Eventbrite for a customized price quote on the premium plan.

3. Calendly


To schedule meetings, appointments, and events, both individuals and businesses utilize the virtual availability and booking software Calendly. You may connect with your coworkers, specify meeting preferences, select a meeting type, and send email and SMS invitations to attendees.

You can send email invitations, thank-you messages, requests for additional meetings, feedback surveys, and other things when you schedule a meeting. This basic, user-friendly program has all you need to book, monitor, and manage appointments.

Key Features

  • Because it interacts with your Google, Outlook, Office 365, or iCloud calendar, you’ll never have a competing appointment.
  • Meetings that are scheduled at the last minute can be avoided, secret event types can be created, meeting buffer times can be set, and more.
  • To ensure that everyone is on the same page, time zone detection for your invitees is handled flawlessly.
  • Automate processes by using platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Salesforce, GoToMeeting, Zapier, and others.


  • Basic package: $0
  • Premium package: $9.00 monthly
  • Pro Plan: monthly fee of $12

4. TeamUp


Teamup is an online solution that assists businesses with managing their resources, planning and visualizing resource utilization, scheduling activities and tracking their progress, and more. It is free and easy.

Using custom fields and document attachments, groups can gather, edit, filter, and share data in a number of dimensions. Thanks to centralized calendar management and adjustable access control, people have access to the information they need, and managers can easily bring together different teams and maintain real-time alignment. Also check Drip Alternatives

Key Features

  • It makes it easier for groups and individuals to plan, organize, access, and share information more successfully.
  • Whether you need to organize events, share information, or build teams, plan projects, or manage resource availability.
  • With Teamup, you can quickly create the calendar solution you need.
  • Centralized control with nine tiers of access permission.
  • Both event registration and comments are supported.


  • Free for up to 8 sub-calendars with the basic plan.
  • $8/month for up to 12 sub-calendars with the Plus plan.

5. VolunteerHub


An online tool for managing volunteers and raising money is called VolunteerHub. The streamlined approach to good volunteer management and engagement makes it simpler to plan, schedule, and recruit volunteers for events.

It offers rewards and recognition, gamification, and point assignment for maximum event participation. You can automate single sign-on, messaging, customized forms, emails, and social media scheduling. Additionally, a friendly support team is available to guide volunteers in using the interface.

Key Features

  • In the application’s user interface, you can add fields for different industries based on the users’ and their companies’ needs.
  • It offers tools for building landing pages specifically for particular events and sends automated email confirmations and registration reminders.
  • To organize volunteers and make event check-ins simple, it provides a phone app that can be used on-site and across all platforms.
  • Enables quick and easy event adjustment in case of changes.
  • It saves time and promotes efficient volunteer participation by eliminating the laborious process of sending and updating texts and emails.


  • Plan Plus: $150 monthly for a maximum of 1000 volunteers.
  • Pro plan: 2500 volunteers, $289 per month.

6. Google Forms

Google Forms

With Google Forms, you may gather data through a survey page that gives your company a more reputable appearance to your target market. You can add pictures and videos and create original questions utilizing the system to enhance the client experience.

Forms also compile completed surveys in one location. Each completed response is immediately added to a new Google Sheets file, where it is saved and reviewed for future use. The application displays the results to you in eye-catching charts and graphs after processing the responses.

Key Features

  • To keep Google forms private, set the sharing options for each form to limit who can view and edit data.
  • You may design a survey.
  • Forms may be swiftly created using real-time collaborative tools.
  • Google Forms’ intelligent data validation rules ensure that email addresses are structured properly, that data is accurate, and that people receive the appropriate questions based on prior responses.
  • Using any device, including a desktop computer, lozenge, or smartphone, you may create, modify, and submit forms.


  • Personal: Free
  • Basic plan: $6/month per user and includes standard support, 30 GB of cloud storage, and video meeting functionality.
  • All of the features of the Starter plan are contained in the $12 per user per month Premium plan, which also offers 2 TB of storage and the option to record video meetings.
  • Business package costs $18 per user per month and includes a personalized email account, 5 TB of cloud storage, and improved security features.

Final Words

The finest alternatives to Sign Up Genius for finding volunteers and planning events are above all. Both free and paid versions of these programs are typically available. To study if it meets your requirements, you can also try out their free trial. Hopefully, the information in the aforementioned post has helped you choose the best Sign Up Genius substitute.


What is the purpose of SignUpGenius?

Create online sign-up forms using SignUpGenius, a cloud-based volunteer management and event planning platform. Create and personalize a sign up form to manage volunteers, events, or registrations. Email and social media are used to encourage an audience to register online.

Is there a SignUpGenius free version available?

Free is SignUpGenius Basic. Available Premium Features start at $11.99/month. You can subscribe to SignUpGenius Premium on a monthly or yearly basis. For a service charge of 5% of the purchase price + $0.50 per transaction, Collect Money on Sign Ups is offered.

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