7 Best Free Media Players for Windows

Microsoft has actually never ever provided an absolutely fantastic free media player for Windows users. If the file layout is unusual or, even worse still, the data has DRM, then the pre-installed Movies & TV app will not play it. Don’t even think about attempting the ancient Windows Media Player, either. You can also check MovieGaga Alternatives.

With that said in mind, you’ll need to set up a high-quality media gamer, capable of playing any type of sort of documents you toss at it. You don’t require to pay for the opportunity, either, because below are 7 of the best free media players for Windows you can mount today.

7 Best Free Media Players for Windows

In this article, you can find out best free media players here is the list below;

VLC Media Player

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When the Movies & TELEVISION app doesn’t play your content, the initial free media gamer most Windows individuals will download and install is VLC Media Player. It continues to be one of the most popular and also arguably best media players available for any system, consisting of Windows.

It’s rare that VLC won’t be able to play a media file, with exemptions for data that are encrypted or have been damaged. It can play regional media documents, along with handle web real-time streams and also program content from other neighborhood sources like a digital TELEVISION receiver.

VLC can additionally help you convert video documents from one layout to one more, save YouTube video clips for offline playback, as well as videotape your very own video clips utilizing your cam. If you’re a songs follower, you can make use of VLC to play your songs with your very own VLC songs playlists.


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Kodi has a little bit of a bad credibility in particular places, thanks to an active third-party add-on scene, however it’s one of one of the most functional and also best free media players for Windows 10 customers. From its humble starts on the original Xbox, Kodi has become a big-screen entertainment system, efficient in playing songs, video clips, TV live streams, and also more from a single user interface. The UI is developed for TVs, however that doesn’t suggest it can not be utilized on PCs, too.

Like VLC, Kodi can playing pretty much any kind of media documents you throw at it. It can deal with network-attached storage devices with ease, allowing you to play your TELEVISION as well as flick catalog over your neighborhood network.

Third-party add-ons, as we’ve pointed out, assist to extend Kodi’s performance additionally, enabling you to play material from various other resources online. Not every one of these are piracy-related, with add-ons readily available for Netflix as well as YouTube playback.


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With a name like Media Player Classic, you can assume this media gamer has been around for a while. As a matter of fact, MPC-HC (HC standing for Home Cinema) is a fork of the original, with added functions as well as insect solutions. Basic, quick as well as easy to use, MPC-HC is a lightweight choice to various other free media players, especially on lower-resource Windows PCs.

Do not be put off by the dated user interface, since MPC-HC is just one of the most qualified media players available. Like VLC, it handles typical as well as uncommon media documents, with playback for DVDs and live streams consisted of. It’s also personalized, with user interface skins and plugins able to expand functionality better.

The one downside to MPC-HC is that development has actually stalled, meaning there have been no new features or repairs given that 2017. It still runs fantastic on Windows 10, however, and is still among the most effective media players, specifically for older PCs.


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We’re satisfied to report that VLC isn’t the just active, open-source media gamer in advancement, thanks to MPV. MPV is an additional fork project, taking the very best little bits of the older MPlayer and mplayer2 projects. Adding new features and user interface along the way.

As a matter of fact, MPV doesn’t have much of a user interface at all. Media controls are hidden throughout playback, although they’ll show up if you float over it. You can’t access any setups, either. To play files, you simply drag them into the open window.

This might not appeal to all customers, yet it’s certainly a various method. MPV has various other stand-out functions. Including a variety of third-party manuscripts that add additional functionality to the software application. Allowing you to customize the means MPV plays your material. When it comes to playing your preferred media data, MPV simply works. It can play pretty much every sort of video format, consisting of online as well as local streaming.


Free, although not open-source, PotPlayer is an excellent choice to various other understood media players for Windows. This access southern Korean company Kakao is a highly customizable player, with a couple of unusual functions included, as well.

PotPlayer is lightweight, utilizing equipment velocity to improve playback efficiency. With the capacity to playback mostly all usual video clip formats. It additionally sustains regional TELEVISION receivers, consisting of DVB-T as well as DVB-S.

Unlike the basic MPV interface, PotPlayer is incredibly personalized. With various interface skins and a substantial variety of settings to allow you readjust how PotPlayer plays your files. PotPlayer has additionally been utilized to play some damaged media documents. Although your own experiences may differ, relying on the data.

With a lot of setups, PotPlayer may be a little complex for the laid-back individual. Yet maybe an excellent option for Windows power users.


Plex isn’t simply a simple as well as free media player. So do not anticipate it to be a like-for-like VLC replacement. It’s a media player and also web server combined. Allowing you to organize your media files as well as stream them to other Plex playback gadgets.

It’s one of the most sleek media systems readily available for Windows 10. Plex features consist of marked down Tidal songs playback, ad-supported movies. As well as different add-on apps to play media from on-line resources like YouTube.

Plex can deal with playback of a lot of typical media data, however if you’re streaming high-resolution material. You’ll require to organize your Plex media web server on a high-powered PC.

If you want to arrange your films as well as TELEVISION shows in a single area. Plex allows you to do this, including practical thumbnails and also summaries to your content for better organization.


AllPlayer could not be as well known as several of the other best media players, yet it shouldn’t be discounted. It calls itself the most effective media gamer for subtitles, and that isn’t also far from the truth.

Not just are subtitles well sustained in AllPlayer. But the software application will certainly search for and instantly download. Install captions for media content it acknowledges. It likewise supports usual media layouts, including high-resolution files in 4K.

If you’re hearing-impaired, AllPlayer makes enjoying your video clip web content an easy process. Visually-impaired users can benefit from AllPlayer’s speech synthesizer to read out subtitles. Also, permitting you to watch flicks in a foreign language. Advancement on AllPlayer is energetic, as well as includes push-button control applications for mobile devices.

Media Playback on Windows Made Easy

Setting up a great, free media player must be just one of your initial tasks. When establishing a brand-new Windows PC. Players like VLC and also MPV will handle most submit layouts. But you can go all-out with an enjoyment collection like Plex or Kodi instead. Here you can also check Sites to Download Subtitles for Movies.

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