Escape from Tarkov: Five Tips to Help Survive the Raid

Ask anyone about the most challenging first-person shooting battle royale game, and the answer would be Escape from Tarkov, and if that is not the answer you are getting, then they have not played the game yet. There is no doubt that Escape from Tarkov is not a beginner-friendly game; in fact, even many pro players find it challenging to survive Escape from Tarkov for more than a few minutes.

The aim of the game is pretty simple; you are trying to Escape from Tarkov, as the name suggests. But the task is anything but easy. Escape from Tarkov offers seven different playable maps to its players, but no matter which you choose, it will be an uphill task that will take everything out of you. And even after all that, it is highly likely that you would not survive for more than a few minutes.

In Escape from Tarkov, you would be able to play a mode called a raid. In Raid Mode, your target is to find the extraction point on the map while battling out with other human players as well as computer-controlled players. While the other players are also looking for the extraction point, they are also hoping to kill the other players and loot impressive gears. So, if you think you can team up with other human players, you can’t, as you can never be sure when you will be backstabbed.

Surviving long enough to find the extraction points takes more than just skills and quick reflexes; you need tips and tricks to help you survive and boost your chances of success. If this is what you are looking for, then this blog is just for you. You can visit to get more tips that work effectively for you. Apart from that, you can follow this guide.

By following the below-mentioned tips, you will see a massive improvement in your gameplay and ultimately in your results. Just follow the below-mentioned tips to the letter and make your harrowing Escape from Tarkov a little less strenuous.

1. Know your map

The first and the most common advice you will get from pro players of Escape from Tarkov who have spent countless hours trying to master this game is to learn the maps. Maps are a crucial part of strategy making in any first-person shooter battle royale game, but in Escape from Tarkov, their importance goes up a notch. In Escape from Tarkov, you are not just trying to devise a strategy to trap enemy players, but you are trying to survive the scenario and for that, knowing every corner of the map is crucial.

By being an expert navigator, you can not only make an easy getaway when under fire, but you can rain fire on the enemy players from safe locations, which will help you get more and better loot.

2. Don’t forget to ensure your essential gadgets.

Escape from Tarkov is a challenging game where if you lose a round, you will lose everything you took with you to combat in that round. That means your armor, gadgets, but to top it all off, your guns will be lost to you forever. There is no way you could get that gun back, or is there? In Escape from Tarkov, you can use a feature aptly termed insurance, where you could insure an item if you lost, and that item will be returned back to you at a later time. But there are conditions attached to it as you have to separately ensure everything, and that item would only be returned to you if it has not been picked up by any other player.

3. Make use of your headphones.

This is not gameplay advice, but it will certainly help you significantly in Escape from Tarkov. In Escape from Tarkov, if an enemy is nearby you, you will hear sounds made by their footsteps, aiming their gun, jumping, just about from any movement. Escape from Tarkov aims to offer the most realistic gaming experience to the players, and that is why by using a good set of headphones, you can easily track an enemy down. Every little thing helps in Escape from Tarkov, and investing in a set of headphones will surely help you survive longer.

4. Make the best of your loot.

In Escape from Tarkov, a player can quickly sell the looted item at the flea market, and while selling loot to therapist and gun parts to a mechanic is a good beginning, one can do a lot more by learning how to navigate the flea market.

To make the best out of your raids, you should first visit the flea market, check out the list of the things that are selling the most and are in high demand and try to collect those in your raids. You can only get so much on a raid, so prioritizing is important.

5. Practice offline

Before you go and test your mettle against real-world players, you should try at least a couple of runs first in offline mode. This will do a couple of things; first, if you are looking to try a new setup, offline mode is a better option to start testing rather than a more challenging online mode. The other benefit is that you will better understand the map in offline mode without the real pressure present in an actual match.

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