Effective Recruiting Strategies to Attract New Graduates

According to the Nation Center for Educational Statistics, over 4 million students graduate every year, ready for the business world. Graduates come with fresh perspectives and eagerness to leverage their skills and improve their careers. The competition for the top talents among graduates is fierce, but there are various ways to be a top spot for graduates in your industry. Here are five effective recruiting strategies to attract new graduates.

Recheck Your Brand Positioning

Many graduates come out with expectations of the ideal brands they want to work for. The question is, are you an ideal brand, and what are you doing to increase your positioning? What do people say about your brand, salary structure, benefits, and incentives as a business?

A recent Glassdoor survey reveals that 60 percent of new employees consider perks and benefits before accepting an offer. Therefore, investing in employee benefits software and other efforts to improve your business’s benefits scheme can never be a miss.

Advertise On Social Media

Where and how you advertise your brand’s call for employees can determine the type of people you attract. The current and future generation of employees has accepted social media not only as communication but as a source of all types of information like vacancies.

And the secret is that graduates interested in your company might already be following you, making it easier to reach the right people with the right message. For the most part, this is why effective social media management has become a core activity for businesses of all sizes.

Be Competitive At Career Fairs

Career fairs have long been an opportunity to tap into the graduate talent pool, but these fairs aren’t mere events. The most prepared and well-organized companies win the minds of potential employees and not necessarily big companies. So, it’s crucial to bring your best to these events and ensure you take down the names of interested graduates so you can keep tabs on them.

Implement Internship And Volunteering Programs

At an early stage in their careers, what graduates need more than seminars and motivational speeches are chances to prove themselves. Internships and volunteering programs can be a great way to make your business friendly to potential hires. Having an internship and volunteering program can also help you test graduates and recruit the best out of the graduate talent pool.

Have A Growth Plan

Career growth is one of the important considerations for graduates entering the business world.

Studies show that about 40 percent of workers successfully improved their digital skills, and more than 70 percent are ready to learn new skills or retrain since the pandemic.

It’s a general employees thing. But new graduates who are eager to undertake their first stint as professionals may be more interested in honing their skills with practical experiences. And you’ll become attractive to graduates if your business has a plan to grow employees by training them and supporting professional development.

All in all, the future of work is gradually changing, and recruiting new graduates who are now more exposed to opportunities from different parts of the world can become daunting. Improving your company’s positioning for new entrants can put you at the fore of innovation in your industry.

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