Why Does Discord Keep Saying File Cannot Be Empty

Why Does Discord Keep Saying File Cannot Be Empty will be discussed in this article. Trying to transmit crucial papers, photos, or other files can be difficult when this problem arises. The error message often informs the user that the file they are uploading or sharing is empty or devoid of any data that may be used.

Why Does Discord Keep Saying File Cannot Be Empty

In this article, you can know about Why Does Discord Keep Saying File Cannot here are the details below;

In this article, we will examine the different root causes of this issue and potential solutions. By knowing why Discord encounters this problem, users can effectively resolve it and ensure a seamless and error-free sharing experience on the platform.

Why Does Discord Keep Saying File Cannot Be Empty?

It is due to Inappropriate file selection, file size restrictions, file layout incompatibility, network connectivity troubles, server overload, corrupt documents, unlawful documents, out-of-date Discord versions, third-party intervention, and temporary bugs.

Incorrect File Selection

Incorrect File Selection

One of the frequent reasons for the error note “File Cannot Be Empty” in Discord is a person-made improper report selection. Users of Discord have the chance to change a variety of objects, including pictures, files, audio files, and videos.

The users may want to, but, by chance, try to add or share an empty record or document in a layout the platform no longer guides. Users frequently choose the incorrect record or neglect to attach the preferred document before beginning the upload process, which causes this problem.

File Size Limitation

The file can’t be empty error notice in Discord often appears because of a platform-imposed file length restriction. Users that upload or distribute documents on Discord’s servers are limited to a few size limitations.

This restriction was put in place to guard against exploitation or misuse of the record-sharing functionality while ensuring seamless and powerful conversation on the platform. When users attempt to switch or upload a record larger than the limit set by Discord, the system translates it as an empty report and shows the mistake.

Discord desires to maintain server performance, avoid capability overloads, and foster superuser enjoyment for all its users. Consequently, it enforces record size regulations.

File Size Limitation

File Format Incompatibility

One of the common reasons why Discord may additionally display the mistake message File cannot be empty is because of document format incompatibility. Discord supports a huge range of report codecs for sharing, which include pictures, motion pictures, audio documents, files, and more.

However, not all record formats are compatible with the platform. When customers try to upload or share a report in a layout that Discord no longer has, the device may interpret it as empty or unreadable.

File Format Incompatibility

Network Connectivity Issues

To add and download documents efficiently, Discord needs a dependable internet connection. A file someone wants to share should cross the net to Discord’s servers before other customers can access it.  A user’s weak or unreliable internet connection might be hampered by importing files.

Discord should view the partial switch as an empty file in certain situations, resulting in a mistake notice. Discord can also not test the report’s content material and might anticipate it to be empty if the person’s connection fails even as they upload a document, which prevents successful sharing.

Network Connectivity Issues

Server Overload

The basis of Discord’s platform is its servers, which control the simultaneous demands of thousands and thousands of users. The servers may additionally grow overloaded during high activity or expanded calls, resulting in delays and processing troubles.

The server could have trouble correctly processing a request while a person attempts to upload or proportion a document at some stage. Due to content extraction or processing delays, it may falsely view the document as empty.

Corrupt File

A corrupted file is a damaged or incomplete file that lacks the anticipated records or has become vain because of errors made during its introduction, garage, or transfer. The platform’s file validation technology discovers the absence of valid content material in a report when customers try to percentage or upload a corrupt file on Discord.

As a result, Discord forbids the sharing of such documents to protect other customers from possible troubles. File corruption can occur for some reasons, including viruses, garage tool problems, software conflicts, and report switch disasters.

Unauthorized File Access

Discord wants access to a file’s contents to verify its content when a consumer attempts to upload or share a document. Discord will mark a report as empty or unavailable if it has constrained access rights or the person does not have the necessary rights to percentage it, leading to the error message.

Several things might cause this problem. First off, Discord won’t be able to get a record’s content for sharing if it’s saved in a listing with restricted access, such as a protected system folder.

Second, the program might not be able to read the report’s information effectively if the user account does not have access privileges. A similar error may appear if the report is encrypted or requires authentication, but Discord cannot get the required credentials.

Unauthorized File Access

Outdated Discord Version

Discord publishes updates to improve capability, grow protection, and deal with common bugs. Operating an advanced model could cause compatibility troubles with newer capabilities and protocols.

As a result, the previous model may interpret a few documents, resulting in the platform displaying the error message “The file can’t be empty.”

Outdated Discord Version

Third-Party Interference

Unexpected disasters occasionally arise when third-party software, firewall settings, or antivirus programs interfere with Discord’s reporting capabilities. These third-party programs, which users install to safeguard their computers from possible threats and cyberattacks, may include firewalls, antivirus software, security suites, or other corresponding tools.

These security systems may inadvertently flag certain file uploads or transfers on Discord as potentially dangerous or suspicious activity. As a result, Discord might also treat the report empty if third-party protection software detects the file as suspicious or malicious and blocks the operation.

Third-Party Interference

Temporary Discord Glitch

Like any software, Discord runs on a complicated infrastructure; thus, occasionally, technical problems could occur. These bugs might interfere with the uploading of files and cause them to be wrongly tagged as empty even when they contain legitimate data.

These instances are frequently transient, and the Discord development team usually fixes them by following updates or maintenance patches. Users who get this issue should wait a bit before trying to share files again.

Alternatively, you may learn more about current problems and potential solutions by visiting Discord’s status page or official help channels.

How To Fix File Cannot Be Empty Error On Discord?

You can fix it by establishing a steady internet connection, following file size restrictions, using approved formats, and being aware of server activities. Checking file integrity, changing permissions, upgrading Discord, and temporarily turning off third-party interference.

Here are the steps you can follow to fix the “File Cannot Be Empty” error on Discord:

Verify File Content

Verify the content of the file you are trying to upload or share to fix the “File Cannot Be Empty” problem on Discord. This step examines the file to ensure it is not empty and the desired data is there.

Before attempting to upload the file again, it is imperative to reconstruct or re-save it if it is discovered to be empty or lacking the required content. To avoid unintentionally sharing empty files and ensure a seamless and error-free file-sharing experience on Discord, ensure the file includes valid and useful content.

Verify File Content

Check File Size

Discord sets upload file size restrictions to preserve server performance and discourage platform abuse. The “File Cannot Be Empty” warning will appear if the file you’re attempting to share is larger than Discord’s allowed file size.

As a result, it may be fixed by thinking about compressing the file or converting it to a smaller, more manageable format. Instead, utilize cloud storage or file-sharing services to exchange huge files and include the URL in your Discord discussion.

Check File Size

Use Supported Formats

Images, movies, audio files, papers, and many other types of things may all be shared on Discord. However, the error notice may appear if you try to upload files in an unsupported format. Also check How to Use the Web Browser to Use Discord

Moreover, it is essential to be sure that the file you are attempting to send is in a format compatible with Discord to avoid this problem. You may ensure seamless and error-free file sharing on the platform by sticking to the permitted file formats.

Stable Internet Connection

A steady & dependable internet association is essential for adequate file uploads on the platform. A spotty or unreliable internet connection may interrupt the process of uploading files. Discord can read the file as empty if the upload is interrupted and display the error.

Users should verify their internet connection and, if necessary, switch to a more reliable network to fix this problem. Users may avoid the “File Cannot Be Empty” problem by maintaining a steady connection to ensure seamless and error-free file-sharing experiences on Discord.

Stable Internet Connection

Avoid Server Overload

Discord’s servers handle the needs of millions of users at once, and they may face excessive traffic and processing difficulties during peak hours or intense activity. When trying to upload files during these busy times, the servers can find it difficult to handle the requests, which could result in falsely identifying files as empty.

It is advised to upload files when the server is less active to reduce the likelihood of running into this issue. As a result, file sharing runs more smoothly, and there is a lower chance that a server overload-related “File Cannot Be Empty” error would occur.

Check File Integrity

Running a scan or verification procedure on the questioned file is necessary to ensure it is not corrupted or destroyed. There are several likely causes of file corruption, including viruses, storage device problems, software conflicts, and transmission errors.

As a result, Discord’s file validation methods will identify the absence of legitimate content if the file is corrupt, and the platform will forbid sharing such files to shield other users from possible issues.

Check File Integrity

Adjust File Permissions

The user must have the necessary read and write rights to view and upload the file’s content to Discord. Incorrect file permissions may cause Discord to perceive a file as empty and prohibit sharing.

Users can fix this problem and guarantee successful file sharing on the platform by changing the file permissions to permit Discord access. Giving the file the required rights will enable Discord to access and share its contents with others.

Through the file properties or settings on the user’s operating system, verifying and changing file permissions is a simple operation.

Update Discord

You can be sure you have the most recent bug fixes, feature updates, and compatibility upgrades by keeping Discord updated. You may ensure that any file-handling bugs are fixed by upgrading Discord to the most recent version, making file sharing on the platform more streamlined and error-free.

Additionally, Discord publishes updates often to improve the user experience and fix numerous defects. Thus, it’s crucial to keep the program up to date to prevent running into file-related errors like this one.

Update Discord

Temporarily Disable Third-Party Interference

Occasionally, third-party programs like firewalls and antivirus software may mistakenly prevent users from uploading files to Discord. These security tools monitor file transfers and defend users against potential dangers. Also check How To Fix A Discord Fatal Javascript Error

Users can determine if these third-party programs are the issue’s root by temporarily deactivating them. It is crucial to re-enable the third-party programs to ensure the system’s general security after the file upload problem on Discord has been fixed.

Wait For Discord Updates

This issue could be caused by short-term hiccups or faults with the Discord platform, which are normally handled and fixed by Discord’s development team in following updates or maintenance patches. Discord distributes updates often to boost efficiency, enhance usefulness, and address any problems users may encounter when exchanging files.

Although, waiting patiently for these updates will assure you that any short-term issues generating the “File Cannot Empty” error will probably be fixed, making file-sharing on Discord easier and more error-free.


The error message “File Cannot Be Empty” may appear for several reasons, such as incorrect file selection, file size restrictions, file format incompatibility, network connectivity issues, server overload, corrupt files, unauthorized file access, out-of-date Discord versions, outside interference, and momentary glitches.

Moreover, users should take the appropriate actions to confirm the content of the files they are attempting to upload, abide by file size constraints, utilize approved formats, and maintain a steady internet connection to get around this problem and guarantee a seamless file-sharing experience on Discord.

To prevent compatibility problems, users should verify the integrity of files, change file permissions as appropriate, and keep their Discord program updated. Third-party security software’s potential for brief interference should also be considered, and if necessary, it should be temporarily disabled.

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