Top 15 Must Have Tools For Successful Crypto Trading

Best Crypto Trading Tools will be discussed in this article. Many people find financial success in cryptocurrency trading. Most likely, if you are reading this, you have also engaged in cryptocurrency trading. Even while it is profitable, if done incorrectly, it may be quite damaging to your financial health.

Top 15 Must Have Tools For Successful Crypto Trading

In this article, you can know about Top 15 Must Have Tools For Successful Crypto Trading here are the details below;

By appropriately, I mean using the appropriate attitude, the appropriate tools, such as a market watcher, portfolio manager, journaling tool for cryptocurrency trading, low-cost trading exchanges, charts, and a news aggregator for cryptocurrency, as well as trustworthy exchanges where you can actually trade.

That is why we have placed together a list of 13 highly suggested crypto trading tools to make the cryptocurrency world a safer, more lucrative place for all of our readers.

1. 3commas


The Trading terminal is the most popular of the many things that 3commas has to offer.

Through a single interface of 3commas, you may connect to cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, and Poloniex and conduct simultaneous trades on any of them.

Additionally, you can benefit from intelligent trading tools like trailing stop-loss and trailing take-profit, which let you increase your gains in real-time.

Modern crypto traders like you and I can maximize the returns on our trades with the aid of 3commas, a portfolio balancer and trading bot.

Continue reading to learn how to use 3Commas.

Additionally, you may use 3commas for social trading by mimicking the portfolios of traders who have already achieved success and are continually growing their portfolios.

2. Koinly


Koinly is a cryptocurrency portfolio manager suitable for both novice and experienced users.

Since we’ve been using this manager for a while, we’ve been very pleased with its features.

With Koinly, you can keep track of your cryptocurrencies across several exchanges and always know which coins you own.

In order to help you make informed decisions, it also offers logical graphs and charts depending on the assets in your portfolio and market movements. It is a web-based utility that costs money.

3. Binance


It makes sense to look at one of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges that has set a new standard for the entire trading exchange business now that you have seen portfolio balancers, portfolio managers, and cryptocurrency wallets.

One of the top three exchanges in the world is Binance. And much to our surprise, the company is only a couple of years old.

The crew behind Binance is fantastic and is really committed to helping its traders. They do this by periodically launching creative airdrops, contests, and incentives for its traders.

Additionally, their 0.1% trading charge is the lowest in the sector, and you can receive a 50% discount if you pay using their native BNB tokens.

4. Altfins


With the use of the cryptocurrency screener software and market analyzer tool Altfins, you may quickly find very profitable deals. It could assist you in recognizing chart patterns in your chosen crypto-assets and help you save 30% of the trading time.

Many of you may not be acquainted with Altfins since, at first glance, the platform may not appear all that interesting. But when you begin to understand and utilize the platform, you’ll be astounded by the features it provides.

For instance, if you look at the screenshot of Altfin’s homepage below, you may see a ton of trading chances at a single glance.

Altfins allows you to trade in the coins that are on your watchlist if, like me, you prefer to do so.

You can use this tool to swiftly find successful trade opportunities by compiling your own watchlist of coins.

There are numerous features that make this program worthwhile of your time, and I wouldn’t be shocked if it ended up being one of your go-to tools for trading cryptocurrencies.

The following are some possible uses for Altfins:

  • Quickly determine a coin’s trend
  • Examine the entire cryptocurrency market to find trade opportunities
  • Connect to your exchange via an API, then look just at your portfolio for trading opportunities.
  • Additionally, it provides trading via API, which is not all that fantastic.
  • On-chain info
  • Monitor market news
  • And there are many more features that I’ll let you find out on your own.

In conclusion, I urge you to spend 1-2 hours learning about Altfins’ features. If you do decide to use it, please come back and leave a positive review.

5. Shrimpy


Another cryptocurrency tool that lets you diversify, automate, and profit from bitcoin investments is Shrimpy.

Although HODLing is well-known, Shrimpy’s innovative idea of rebalancing really works better because it automatically encourages buying cheap and selling high.

Regardless of the state of the market, crypto whales use the rebalancing approach to reduce risk and increase rewards.

Shrimpy will automatically buy/sell cryptocurrencies in each cycle that are performing in line with your target or classification once you schedule your rebalancing cycle in hours, days, or weeks.

Of course, to do this, you must connect Shrimpy with your exchangers, and doing so is really simple. The following two of our guides describe our experiences using Shrimpy:

  • Shrimpy: Free Automatic Portfolio Balancing for Cryptocurrencies
  • Top Tools for Rebalancing Crypto Portfolios (Manual & Automated)

6. Altrady


I suppose that if you use Binance and Bitfinex, you have already covered nearly half of the cryptocurrency market.

However, Altrady is for you if you want to delve deeper, expand your audience, and lower your risk by utilizing multiple exchanges.

One can trade hundreds of currencies from their palm using the Altrady mobile app and on various exchanges from a single account.

From numerous exchanges where you may buy various cryptocurrencies, you can access real-time updates, notifications, and charts.

By purchasing and selling various cryptocurrencies at many exchanges in this manner, you will diversify even your exchanges, lowering your danger of being exposed to one or two exchanges.

Altrady’s Featured:

  • Good Trading
  • Market data and alerts in real-time
  • Several Exchanges
  • Sliding Ladders
  • Consumer scanners
  • PC application (also accessible through the cloud)
  • Market Analytics
  • Vacancies with P&L
  • Blockchain journaling
  • Investment Manager
  • Mobile applications
  • Currency import

Although there is a regular pay for monthly and annual subscriptions, some features are not free; nonetheless, the trial edition is accessible for free for one month.

7. TradeSanta


TradeSanta is a cryptocurrency trading bot that automates trading in cryptocurrency and enables you to earn money even while you’re sleeping. Another intriguing aspect of TradeSanta is that beginners can use it because all you have to do is create a long and short position.

It’s simple to get started; all you have to do is use an API to link TradeSanta with one of the supported exchanges, and you can get going right away with a very small investment. To test out this free Bot, even $50 is an excellent place to start.

The following exchanges are supported as of this writing:

  • Binance
  • Bittrex
  • Bitfinex
  • HitBTC
  • Soon, the aforementioned swaps will be supported:
  • BitMex
  • Huobi

You can learn how to utilize TradeSanta from the help documents and instructional videos, and you can start automating your cryptocurrency trading in less than 30 minutes.

8. Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X

The most widely used hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies is the Ledger Nano X.

You MUST have a Ledger Nano X on hand if you are someone who is serious about cryptocurrencies and their long-term value.

Currently, more than 150 000 cryptocurrencies are supported by Ledger Nano X. Additionally, it is a well-known HD wallet in the cryptocurrency world.

We have written extensively on Ledger Nano X and cannot speak highly enough of it. I’ll leave you with this reference so you can check it out for yourself.

9. Bitfinex


Another well-known bitcoin exchange that has become well-known quickly is Bitfinex.

It is managed by a skilled team of traders and technologists with prior experience running cryptocurrency exchanges.

Some of the rarest and most valuable cryptocurrencies can be found right here, where you wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

They provide an Android and iOS mobile app that is completely functioning, just like Binance. Additionally, LEO, their own native token, offers discount trading fees to its holders.

Aside from this advantage, their pricing structure for trading is rather reasonable, with trading fees of just 0.1%.

10. CoinMarketCap


Unless this is your first day in the crypto world, CoinMarketCap does not require an introduction.

Due to the fact that it records prices, market cap, volume, and listings of coins and tokens in this sector, this website is among the most popular in the cryptosphere.

It also displays prices, volume, and other information in 28 different national currencies and 13 other languages. Additionally, it offers you with real-time charts for BTC and the entire crypto market as well as historical price charts of the cryptocurrency markets.

It contains social and market sections, APIs and widgets, and widgets for each coin and token, making it simpler for traders to make decisions quickly.

11. CoinGecko


The same function as CoinMarketCap is performed by another price and volume monitoring website called CoinGecko.

You might wonder why use it because CoinMarkeCap is identical.

This is because relying on centralized systems like these for decentralized markets is not a good idea.

With the help of appealing charts at various intervals, CoinGecko allows you to view and watch the prices of hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrencies in fiat and BTC. In addition to English, the CoinGecko UI is available in 15 other languages, which is a big bonus for any website in this market.

12. CoinMarketCal


If you trade futures, having CoinMarketCal in your arsenal is a great asset.

These are CoinMarketCal’s key features.

  • A calendar of forthcoming cryptocurrency-related events, including conferences, product launches, and partnership announcements.
  • Allows users to submit events so they can be added to the calendar.
  • Uses a community-driven system for event verification to make sure that events are real and appropriately documented.
  • The ability to filter events by kind, date, and cryptocurrency is provided.
  • Reminders for forthcoming events: Users can establish reminders for important events.
  • Events can be rated by users based on how they affect the value of a cryptocurrency.
  • Account creation is permitted, allowing users to maintain preferences and schedule event reminders.
  • Mobile-friendly: Designed with mobile viewing in mind.
  • It is an essential tool to employ while developing your crypto strategy, and the good news is that using it is completely free.

13. CryptoPanic


Another favorite tool of mine for keeping up with the latest developments in the cryptosphere is CryptoPanic.

The very limited market for cryptocurrencies is heavily influenced by news. Knowing the news before assessing the market’s mood is crucial because of this.

This strengthens your cryptocurrency approach.

You may follow news that is highly personalized based on the coins you are interested in with CryptoPanic’s free edition.

Additionally, you may use the tool to properly predict market sentiment by following your preferred Twitter accounts, Reddit threads, and YouTube channels.

Due to the fact that CryptoPanic offers apps for both iOS and Android, you can also accomplish these things on your mobile device. (Download the CryptoPanic iOS app or the Android app.)

14. CoinMarketMan


The most advanced cryptocurrency trading journaling program available right now is CoinMarketMan. It is compatible with practically all well-known cryptocurrency derivatives trading exchanges, like Binance and Bybit, to mention a couple. Futures, spot, and margin markets are also compatible.

Coin Market Manager helps you examine your trading setup and overall profit and loss by automatically importing deals from connected exchanges. This program assists a professional cryptocurrency trader in determining which setup is most effective for them and in optimizing their entire setup.

If you are just starting out, you might not comprehend the value of trading journaling, but you should utilize it, and as you get used to it, you will see its advantages.

Note: The automated journaling option for spot exchanges was eliminated in CoinMarketMan V2. This platform is best for traders of derivatives right now.

The top exchanges that CoinMarketMan supports are listed below:

  • Binance
  • Deribit
  • Bybit

Although CoinMarketman is a paid product, they do provide a free trial that is sufficient for you to grasp the advantages and try all the capabilities provided by this advanced cryptocurrency trading platform. Also check Cryptocurrency a Good Investment

15. Trading View

Trading View

The highly regarded charting program Trading View is well known throughout the world for providing precise market charts for commodities, stocks, derivatives, and now cryptocurrency as well.

Therefore, if you enjoy performing technical analysis on coins by examining charts at various intervals, this tool is for you. Additionally, the trading view software includes all the conventional and modern instruments for patterns analysis.

Which software is best for crypto trading?

The most popular platform for trading cryptocurrencies is Binance. It is accessible practically anywhere in the world, with the exception of the USA, the UK, and a few other sanctioned nations. Kraken is a well-known cryptocurrency trading platform that accepts users from the UK and the US.

Can I automate crypto trading?

It is possible to automate cryptocurrency trading using one of these apps, such as:

  • 3Commas
  • Bitsgap
  • Pionex

Future cryptocurrency trading software and tools:

These are some of the upcoming tools that are interesting to monitor. Some of these might become commonplace tools, while others might cease to exist. In either case, these initiatives are making a difference and will guide your choice of profession:

Trading room equipment:

Well, nobody would have access to every tool, I’m sure of that. Not to worry. I didn’t have all of this when I first started, and you can start adopting it one step at a time to advance your knowledge in crypto trading.

It’s now your turn to use these tools, so please do so and then leave your feedback in the box below.

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