Top 11 Best Cpasbien Alternatives

Best Cpasbien alternatives for November will be described in this article. People in France and everywhere used to have access to a tonne of fantastic torrenting websites where they could download the best movies, music, games, TV series, and much more. But sadly, this is rarely the case these days due to rigorous government and ISP surveillance and the ongoing shutdown of these websites.

Despite being the most popular torrenting website in France, Cpasbien is still among those that have been prohibited. However, there is always a workaround; reputable torrenting websites like Cpasbien continue to operate.

In this essay, we’ll concentrate on these websites. The best eleven alternatives have been compiled in a list by us. These torrenting websites can help you expand your horizons, find new content you might enjoy, and make sure you don’t miss out on your favourite movies and TV episodes.

Top 11 Best Cpasbien alternatives for November 2022

Top 11 Best Cpasbien alternatives for November are explained here.



is a top-notch torrenting website appropriate for users who speak French. There are many movies, games, TV shows, and other media available on Torrent9. Even some of its rivals, like SmarTorrent, support the site, which receives millions of users each month.



The active forum community on this torrenting platform provides helpful guidance. It provides a wide variety of content, including songs, movies, games, eBooks, apps, and much more.



Although registration is necessary before access, it is free, simple, and quick. In addition to audio files, apps, eBooks, and, of course, movies, music, and games, it has a large portfolio of files. This is another cpasbien alternatives.


Kickass torrents

One of the first pioneers of torrenting is Kickass Torrents. Users can access a number of mirror sites and alternatives even though the site is blocked in some nations.



Its interface is straightforward and user-friendly, and at the bottom of its homepage, you can observe what’s popular.



French movies are readily available on MonTorrent, along with music, games, eBooks, apps, and much more. Although the website’s design is archaic, this has no effect on the calibre of the material. This is another cpasbien alternatives.



This one is primarily intended for French speakers. It provides movies, gaming consoles, PC games, and much more. We discovered its sophisticated search capabilities to be a godsend, making it simple to look for torrents based on the most recent additions or suggestions.



It thrives on providing only the best content in the French language, similar to other French torrent services. In order to assure high-quality files, the admin also examines the torrent files before uploading. This is another cpasbien alternatives.

Elite Tracker

Elite Tracker

One of the biggest and most well-known private trackers, Elite Tracker is only accessible by invitation. You are likely to only receive high-quality videos, including Blu-ray and HD print, since the site is invite-only.

10۔ QcTorrent


is a special torrenting source that may only be accessed by paying directly or receiving an invitation from another member. It is appropriate for downloading movies, music, games, and much more, like the majority of others.

11۔ FrenchTorrentDB


Despite the website’s age in the industry, it has continued to function flawlessly without being blocked. The website is perfect for downloading movies, music, eBooks, and other media.

The Quick guide to using alternative to cpasbien safely

Torrenting entails a number of dangers, such as software flaws, malicious advertising, data leaks, legal issues, etc. Use a high-quality VPN whenever using Cpasbien or any other similar website to prevent such issues. The simple instructions provided here will show you how to:

If you haven’t already, download and set up a torrent client like qBittorrent or uTorrent.

Next, download and install a VPN client on your device (ExpressVPN is our top pick in this case). Although it is not required, utilising a VPN is essential since it provides anonymity, guards against virus attacks, and shields you from other dangers while torrenting.

Start downloading your preferred torrents by going to any Cpasbien alternative.

Best Cpasbien safe alternative (detailed analysis)

Many torrent enthusiasts are constantly looking for alternatives since Cpasbien is no longer available. You’re in luck if you’re one of them because we’ll be evaluating the top 11. They consist of:

1. Torrent9


Torrent9, a well-known torrenting website in France and other French-speaking nations like Gabon and Cameroon, is where our list starts. The website, which focuses on games, music, eBooks, TV shows, movies, etc., has over two million visits each month.

Additionally, it features the most extensive database of music and TV series you will ever find. Additionally, with well over two million high-quality torrents that can be downloaded quickly, torrent9 has a sizable database.

The fact that SmarTorrent (a well-known website) began rerouting its users to Torrent9 as evidence of Torrent9’s superiority. More than anything else, this action cemented Torrent9’s position as the top torrent site for French-language content. This is another cpasbien alternatives.

However, the platform recently reported that consumers were no longer able to download files through its platform. Although the story has now been retracted by the site administrator, this was shocking, and many people are now unsure of what the future holds for the popular torrenting network.

According to our research and emails we receive, certain users occasionally are unable to use Torrent9. If that occurs, don’t panic; you can use a Torrent9 proxy (alternatives to Torrents9, unblocked mirror sites, whatever you want to call them) to unblock your preferred torrent website. Here are a infrequent of them for you that are all functional:

Note: To guarantee that only functional mirror sites and Torrent 9 proxies are displayed, the list is frequently reviewed and updated.

2. T411


One of the largest torrent sites, it offers a variety of high-caliber torrent downloads. It also features a forum community with more than 5.5 million members from nations like Belgium, Canada, and France, so it’s not only a great French torrent site.

These online communities provide helpful guidance on practically every topic, including fast-downloading FR torrent files. The torrenting website T411 also keeps track of users’ upload-to-download ratios and uses the data acquired to improve its content. It receives an incredible 37 million visitors per month, which is an incredible achievement for any website.

Its drawbacks include the abundance of pop-up advertising. Therefore, we advise you to use caution when downloading in addition to installing a good free ad blocker.

3. YggTorrent


If you are French and enjoy downloading torrents, you have probably heard about YggTorrent. The file selection on the torrenting service is extensive. You may find a tonne of apps, audio files, animations, and documentaries on it in addition to the newest games and movies. Additionally, this portal provides a wide range of eBooks, comic books, cartoon series, video clips, and sports information.

Each of YggTorrent’s categories offers a number of subcategories that make it simple and convenient to find material. The torrenting source does require an account before you can use it, but you don’t need to worry about that because it’s free and will be operational in a few minutes.

Additionally, it provides top-notch customer service through the YggTorrent community, which aids individuals in need. For a site that is just three years old, the torrent platform’s announcement in December 2020 that they currently had more than five million customers is extremely astounding.

4. Kickass Torrents


Kickass torrents

This is another cpasbien alternatives. Kickass Torrents took over the market and soared to the top in 2016. It has a sizable collection of magnetic links and torrent files appropriate for peer-to-peer file-sharing through the BitTorrent protocol.

It’s true that it’s not accessible everywhere, but it’s still among the greatest Cpsabien substitutes. You may search for anything you need right from the webpage, including TV series, movies, game torrents, and even music. The torrenting website also runs a frequently updated blog and has a welcoming community.

Not only that, but it also includes a thorough FAQs section with all the information people would need regarding the website and how to use it.

Ads and pop-ups are a drawback, but you can get around them with a strong adblocker or VPN. The government has prohibited access to it in numerous nations, including the United States, Australia, India, and Britain, as was already hinted at. You may utilise a number of different Kickass alternatives instead, so you won’t be losing out on anything.

5. ZeTorrents


Look no farther than ZeTorrents if you want a website that has a tonne of games, movies, and music available to you. The clean appearance of the torrent tracker contributes to its great performance. Additionally, it has more than 12,000 films, a sizable portion of which are only documentary films.

You may easily search the site for your preferred games, TV episodes, albums, music ebooks, and apps. Additionally, you will be able to browse through well-known torrents.

Additionally, it has a “trending” section (at the foot of the page) where you can look at popular content if you need some ideas. Similar to the majority of the other Cpasbien substitute websites on the list, ZeTorrents caters mostly to French-speaking users.

The torrenting platform masks torrent URLs with URL shorteners that seem as advertisements.

6. MonTorrent


Another good alternative to Cpasbien is MonTorrent. Although the website’s look is archaic, it features a huge selection of torrents. One benefit of this service is its extensive database, which includes a number of French films and television shows. This is another cpasbien alternatives.

This torrent site receives a lot of traffic each month, a sign of its superior performance. MonTorrent draws more than 54,000 users each month, although it takes a little longer for you to download torrents.

7. Gk Torrent


Another excellent Cpasbien substitute is Gk Torrent. The website is specifically targeted at French-speaking users, thus it provides a number of film suggestions and lets you easily download any movie of your choice.

We particularly admired its big movie library. Additionally, the website provides the most recent TV episodes, apps, eBooks, PC games, console games, software, TV series, etc. The layout is straightforward, and the search bar makes things even easier. Just select the category you want to download from or type the book’s name into the search box.

Users can browse information in two categories: the most recent additions and the top 100 suggestions.

8. NexTorrent


It is one of the oldest & most popular Cpasbien alternatives. Since its debut in 2018, has developed into one of the most well-known French torrenting websites. It offers a well curated selection of P2P content, similar to other French torrent services. The website checks its torrent files before posting, ensuring that consumers only receive trustworthy, high-quality content.

Its straightforward layout makes it simple to navigate the website, and its fast download speeds make torrenting enjoyable. It does not require registration, which is a huge relief for individuals who dislike going through formalities.

A additional indication of the website’s excellent calibre is the fact that it receives about 2.4 million visitors per month.

9. Elite Tracker

Elite Tracker

One of the best, largest, and most popular French torrent trackers is Elite Tracker. It contains information about Cpasbien, thus you can also obtain Cpasbien facts from the website. Only by invitation can users access the portal. Only premium video formats, such Blu-ray and HD, are provided by Elite Tracker, making them ideal for watching at home on a larger screen. This is another cpasbien alternatives.

Before allowing users to join the website community, the tracker administrators require them to share their files. If you don’t comply, you’ll be expelled from the website. The fact that it receives about 930,000 visitors each month, however, indicates that it is a fantastic substitute for the Cpsabien website.

Unfortunately, Elite Tracker is currently unavailable at its original URL, just like other French torrent trackers that have recently gone down (

10. QCTorrent


This website is a private French tracker with a large selection of French music, movies, games, eBooks, and TV shows. These files can be downloaded quite quickly. Utilizing several selection criteria, such as genre, all materials are sorted and filtered.

The QCTorrent Torrent website requires the creation of an account, which is followed by payment. Getting an invite from a member is another way to acquire access. Over 444,000 people utilise the website, which is a respectable number for a premium or invite-only torrent platform.

11. FrenchTorrentDB


One of the first French torrenting websites in the business, FrenchTorrentDB has a large user base. The website had to switch to a different domain a while back due to some internal problems. Furthermore, despite a few minor changes, the website remains largely unchanged. This is another cpasbien alternatives.

It’s a fantastic substitute for Cpasbien because it has a wide selection of movies, music, games, TV series, and other media. The website is functioning despite its lack of aesthetic appeal. Every month, it draws about 0.22 million visitors.

How can I access ones that are prohibited near me?

It is not surprising to come across restricted torrent websites. If you do notice this, don’t worry—there is a simple solution to get around these limitations by using VPNs.

Even though there are many VPNs accessible, not all of them allow you to download torrents anonymously. You can be confident of your safety and privacy while using a top-notch VPN like ExpressVPN. Here’s how you can access any prohibited Cpasbien alternative (or any other website) from where you are:

Get a VPN that immediately unlocks blocked websites and fully supports P2P traffic (we strongly recommend ExpressVPN)

Install the VPN on your device by downloading it.

Join a server of your choosing (we recommend connecting to a nearby server for the best speeds)

start downloading torrents

There you have it, then! Straightforward. No more limitations—you can view any torrenting website you choose by switching between servers. Additionally, your online connection is now secure and shielded from prying eyes, so nobody can see what you do online.

Why do I need a VPN when torrenting?

Although torrenting is common and does not require a VPN, it is still the most reliable form of security.

Torrenting is dangerous and unsafe in addition to being risky.

In some nations today, downloading P2P content using your real identity could get you into legal problems.

Additionally, if your ISP observes any conduct they deem illegal on their end, they may disconnect you from the internet.

Even worse, you can draw the notice of the company whose content you are obtaining.

Although you will be fined for the first infraction, if you continue to break the law, you may face legal action and perhaps jail time.

It’s best to use a VPN while torrenting to prevent these issues.

You can connect to a server in any location using a VPN.

Once connected, you receive a new IP address that reflects the new location you have selected.

As a result, it protects your anonymity and enables you to download anything you want completely covertly.

There are hundreds of VPN service providers on the market, but they frequently have data caps and weak security measures.

We suggest that you only use premium services in light of this.

They provide limitless bandwidth, secure encryption, and client applications for all popular devices.

Additionally, choosing a VPN with ad-blocking capabilities, like Surfshark, is advantageous for you.

It’s important to note that ExpressVPN is the best option for torrenting even though it currently does not have an ad filter.

If you decided to use it, we advise choosing an ad blocker (you can find numerous free today).

You wouldn’t want such a mess to infiltrate your device, which is why most torrenting websites frequently produce a lot of pop-ups that could include malware and other viruses.

Guide on picking the best Cpasbien alternative to use

Although torrents are available on thousands of websites, not all of them are equally fast, secure, and dependable.

This necessitates the use of criteria to separate the good candidates from the uncool ones.

And that also holds true for sites that offer torrents, such as Cpasbien.

Here is a summary of the considerations we made when compiling this list and ones you should keep in mind when choosing a torrenting site.  They consist of:

  1. Speed of download: Download speed is the typical pace at which data must be downloaded to your device through torrenting websites.

You should pay great attention to this aspect and only choose websites with extremely fast download speeds because you wouldn’t want to spend hours watching your favourite TV series episode download.

  1. Library size: A P2P content directory’s library size is equally crucial.

Think about torrent sites that have larger content databases than others.

Prioritize the anime, books, movies, and games you want to access while doing this.

Keep in mind that having a large library is not always indicative of credible sources, since there are websites with smaller libraries that are just as useful as those with a lot of content.

  1. Security: One of the most crucial issues to think about is security. The greatest websites are those that guarantee the safety and security of your online transactions.

We advise using a VPN while torrenting in addition to using safe sites if you value your privacy.

  1. Ad intrusion: Imagine trying to watch a fascinating movie, but all you keep getting is adverts in the middle.

It can be a very annoying and frustrating situation.

Therefore, choose websites that have little to no ad interference while making your choice.

  1. Restricted areas: P2P content directories are a persistent source of conflict for governments around the world.

As a result, many consumers discover that some of the top torrenting websites are blocked in their areas.

The website that is unblocked in your nation would be the most appropriate one for you.

However, there is absolutely no issue if you want another that is unavailable where you are.

By rerouting your internet connection to a location where the sites are not restricted, you can get around these limitations by using a top-notch torrenting VPN.

  1. The number of monthly visitors: A website’s monthly traffic statistics reveal a lot about its integrity and content.

A website’s high volume of monthly visitors is a sign of its reliability, dependability, and excellent content.

7. Mirror websites: Torrent portals with mirror sites are preferred over those without.

You can still visit these websites through their mirror sites if they are blocked, which happens to be the case most of the time.

  1. Date of Establishment: The government has shut down a number of torrent portals in the previous five to 10 years.

Therefore, websites that have made it this far deserve to be at the canopy of the list of the greatest websites since it shows that they are dependable and resilient.

  1. Leecher/seeder ratio: Another important factor to take into account before selecting a site is the leecher/seeder ratio.

The ratio of leechers to seeders determines how quickly files are downloaded.

I’m done now.

Choose wisely.

How to spot bogus torrent sites

Identifying phoney websites and knowing which ones are legitimate and unlawful will spare you a lot of hassle whether you are in France or somewhere else.

The following bullet points will help you determine whether the website you want to choose is reliable:

  1. Avoid torrents with the latest content: That contain the newest content: People are frequently anxious to get the newest albums or films.

However, because recent uploads frequently involve copyright violation, we advise you to stay away from them.

  1. Download only verified torrents: Some websites give their publicly available information a verified status.
  2. Avoid Websites with passwords: It enables you to distinguish between real sites and bogus ones.
  3. Beware of sites with WMV or WMA Extension: Some sites may demand you to generate a password before you can access the files, and many of them will then direct you to another site after you log in.

Avoid these websites because they can contain malware.

Sites with WMV or WMA extensions should be avoided because they are frequently bogus torrent sites.

Wrapping up

The latest movies, TV shows, games, and other entertainment alternatives are always available to you, no matter where you are, even though Cpasbien may have been discontinued.

However, even if torrenting on the top sites is great, you must take security precautions to ensure your online safety and privacy. The only dependable way to do this is using a VPN.

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