Call Of Duty: 10 Pro Tips For Warzone You Should Know

If you’re enjoying Warzone now, just wait until you apply the tips, we have below. This game offers two modes, Battle Royale and Plunder. While the former requires the killing of others to win, the latter requires earning more Cash to win.

No matter the mode you’re playing right now, you still want to win. In Battle Royale, mostly, players need to be on their toes as firefights erupt from all corners. You must always use the best weapons, perks, and equipment for that competitive edge over your enemies. Also, you must use powerful warzone cheats to break down the hard parts.

So, let’s equip you with pro tips that never fail to enhance performance

Warzone Tips from Professionals 

  • Play as a team 

One of the smartest things to do in Warzone is to join others. No one doubts your skills but playing with other increases your chances of winning. Also, you can last longer in the game than dying in the first few seconds. Most importantly, if you die in the Gulag, your team members can buy you back.

  • The sensitivity setting is a must. 

How do you want your mouse pointer to move on the screen? If you want minimal hand movement, then set it high. But if you don’t mind moving your hands more, set it low. Moreover, lower sensitivity ensures accuracy and precision. So, unless you’re a pro Warzone player, start with low sensitivity. That way, you can control your pointer better. So, set it at 450 DPI for optimal results. But if you’re playing with a controller, experts recommend 7.2 as that’s what many of them use.

  • Target more cash

Cash is important in all the Warzone modes, Battle Royale & Plunder. In the former, you need cash for many things, including buying back a team member if they lose in the Gulag, acquiring many of the top weapons and perks, and grabbing your Medkits. In Plunder, you must earn more cash than the other teams to emerge the winner. So, when you’re playing Warzone, always target more cash for a more competitive edge. Thankfully, you can get cash through contracts, looting dead soldiers or looting on the map.

  • Equip 8 Armor plates

Armor plates are also very critical in Warzone. They increase your HP (Health Points) to ensure you stay alive long enough to win. Usually, players can carry 3 plates at once to increase their health points to 250HP. But experts recommend equipping 8 armor plates to replenish the one you lose as you fight. Also, you can even help your teammates when their HP depletes

  • Search or buy Killstreaks 

Anything that gives you an edge is important. Killstreaks can make a difference when you want to kill many enemies at once. Once it scans and spots enemies, they’re gone. It kills in numbers and can help you change the tide in your favor. For instance, if you notice that the circle is reducing, you can use Airstrikes to devastate the enemies.

  • Always move fast

No matter what you do, don’t slow down or wait around; you’re inviting sudden death. While on the battleground, make sure you’re active and fast in everything you’re doing. If you want to loot, make it quick. Also, if you shoot from one spot, change to another as fast. As you land into the battle, go for loots to get everything you need. Don’t remain in one location for too long.

  • Fight from up there

Once you land on the map, look around fast for the high grounds. That’s one competitive advantage you don’t want to miss. You can see others moving around and also hide better. Just make sure you have the guns for long-range shots such as the Kar98k. This weapon is deadly when it comes to sniper rifles.

  • Drop carefully. 

Professionals can drop anywhere they want. Most of them live for the gun plays and deadly confrontations. But if you’re not in that league, target a more quiet and peaceful landing. That way, no one will kill you on air or in a few seconds. Most pro gamers recommend the Northwest side as safer for risk-averse soldiers. So check it out.

  • Avoid risky rescues 

It is not always necessary to rescue a fallen soldier if it will mean losing two persons instead of one. So, before you rush in to be the hero, check how deadly the fight is or if the bullets won’t drop you. Don’t forget that the teammate will enter the Gulag, and even if he loses the 1v1, you can still buy him with $4500.

  • Avoid noise

Making noise in Warzone will betray you. Everything gives up a certain level of noise which alerts others of your position. So, do anything you can to minimize the noise but instead, listen to others betray themselves with their noise. To ensure that, always crouch instead of running. Then make sure you’re using high-quality headphones for hearing others.


Many people win this game, and if you’re wondering how we have shared the secrets. Now, employ them in your next battle, and you’ll play better. Also, grab proven tools to make the game easier for you.

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