Best 10 Buzzsprout Alternatives In 2023

This post will explain Buzzsprout Alternatives. The Best Podcast Hosting Service for Newbies (Free – $24/month + $20 Amazon Gift Card). If you’re examining for an amazing podcasting platform, I recommend Buzzsprout. They offer helpful complimentary learning material that enables you get started & powerful tools that help you complete the most out of your recorded podcasts.

Their customer assistance is another benefit when utilising Buzzsprout, therefore they are my overall #1 option when establishing a podcast.

Best 10 Buzzsprout Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Best 10 Buzzsprout Alternatives In 2023 here are the details below;

A Comprehensive Approach


Free – $24/month

Yearly Savings

1 pick for many reasons.

They’ve existed a host in company since 2009 and are authorized by over 100,000 podcasters.

Plus, they’re one of the only institutions that offer a complimentary plan with total team member accounts.

You can include either one episode or a whole playlist of episodes using Buzzsprout to embed a podcast player on your website:

Buzzsprout Embed Player

They provide a user-friendly statistics dashboard with an algorithm that predicts the number of listeners each episode will have in its first 90 days.

You can also consider which countries your listeners are tuning in from to help you comprehend your audience.

These analytics features are far superior to most other programmes and are really helpful.

Audio grade is also ideal, as you can upgrade to 128k stereo optimization for more suitable sound.

Not only that, but they also present podcast transcription usefulness as an supplementary add-on.

They make it super leisurely to upload & organize your podcast too.

You simply upload your audio file, modify the attack title & description, and submit your podcast to all significant directories:

Buzzsprout Upload and Schedule

Another advantage is that you can easily add episode chapter designations.

This feature enables listeners better understand quick points concerning your episodes at a glance.

These aren’t needed (and don’t appear on every podcast app), but are a nice characteristic nonetheless:

Buzzsprout Chapter Markers

Buzzsprout attributes are the main characteristics.

Get your podcast listed in all leading podcast directories so more people can find it.

To see how well your podcast is going, use sophisticated podcast statistics.

Your episodes will have superb audio quality and be simple to listen to thanks to automatic episode optimization.

Your podcast will remain engaging and new with dynamic content.

Your podcast is more available to everyone thanks to transcriptions.

Buzzsprout User Experience

The ease of making your Podcast is unmatched.

It’s simple to get started and modify your presentation thanks to an amazing user interface.

You’ll also receive a breakdown of each episode, enabling you to carry out numerous operations like editing and exporting.

Sharing your show with the public is also made simple via the app.


Their free plan lets you upload two hours of content that will be hosted for 90 days.

If you’re severe about podcasting, you can scale up and upgrade your plan established on how many hours of range you ought to upload per month.

Free: monthly uploads of two hours and 90-day hosting of episodes.

Upload for three hours each month for $12, with unlimited storage.

Everything listed above, plus 6 hours of uploading each month, for $18.

$24/month includes the aforementioned capabilities as well as 12 hours of upload time each month.

What I Like/Dislike About Buzzsprout:


It is reasonably priced for those just getting started.

User-friendly and quite simple to use.

Excellent customer service with great support.

Numbers allow you gauge the success of your podcast, which is great for making improvements.


Improved analysis data would make it simpler to understand what is working (and what isn’t) on your podcast.

Product Updates:

The Settings Menu has been updated to make it easier to use when making your podcast.

While creating a new episode, you can add host and co-host information. This is another Buzzsprout Alternatives.

You can now sign up for web notifications to never miss an update on your show.

With their month to month pricing & easy-to-use dashboard, Buzzsprout is my #1 choice.

Depending on how many hours of content you want to post each month, I advise you to start out for free and then upgrade to whichever plan you desire.

My viewers receive a free $20 Amazon gift card when they sign up for Buzzsprout and upgrade.


When it comes to the three primary aspects, is my go-to choice.

Go no further than if you want limitless storage, robust analytics, and a podcasting website that works with your recording.

These components ensure that your podcast medium can handle any business transition you experience as you scale.

Best For: 8.8 out of 10.

Unlimited Podcasts



Yearly Savings

Yes – Save 35%

If you’re severe about growing your podcast, is the way to go.

This subscription includes limitless storage and bandwidth, excellent for more notable podcasts. also offers a wide number of options, such as seizure scheduling and social media integration, making it comfortable for you to manage your podcast and communicate with your audience.

Podcasters who utilise appear to like how simple it is for them to get started; in fact, most users can do so in under five minutes.

Device Mashup

Podcasts can use’s numerous relationships to increase their audience and locate the ideal sponsor in addition to a quick and simple setup.

With limitless downloads and the ability to record episodes, enables users to scale the growth of their podcast, even if they begin with just a few episodes and eventually reach hundreds or thousands of regular listeners.

Comprehensive statistics and analytics help you dial in and customise your podcast for optimum impact.

Such information enables you to modify and concentrate on relevant content for your audience, which is the legend to taking your podcasting to the next level.

Major Features of offers automatic and guided distribution to the top podcast directories, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

A donation button on your free public podcast website and sponsorship opportunities through Podcorn are two ways to make money.

There are various methods to monetise your podcast using, including setting a contribution button.

A professional-looking podcast website will offer your content an added sense of respectability, while episode transcripts will make it easier for viewers to follow along.

If you already use another platform provider, you can easily export your podcast to and start using their service right now.

You may exhibit your podcast in a distinctive way by creating bespoke embedded players that are compatible with any platform.

With an amazing NPS (net promoter score) of 63 and an middle star rating of 4.9, podcasters are happy with’s service.

User user experience

I enjoy how the platform builds your homepage and player.

You can quickly access, manage, and see what other listeners would see if they subscribed to your podcast. This is another Buzzsprout Alternatives.

Making a podcast is uncomplicated, and I enjoy that you can simply adjust the settings for each episode.

If you want to make it simple for everyone to find your show, you can also personalise the address for your RSS feed.

User experience on

You may try out the service for free by signing up and hosting your first episode without having to make a financial commitment or use a credit card.

If you’d then prefer to convert to their paid service, the cost plans are as follows:

Student & NGO: $4.99/Month All-In-One Podcasting: $8.25/Month

The Educational plan will be automatically approved for you if you have email.

You can convert to annual billing for the RSS Podcast subscription and receive a 35% discount.

Finally, if you are component of a non-profit organisation, get in touch with their sales team to discuss special discounts that might apply.

There’s also a Podcast Networks package for individuals who demand more advanced functionality.

What I Like/Dislike About


Extremely easy to disseminate material to numerous social media networks with just a few clicks.

It doesn’t feel like spam to reach out to your audience in an elegant way.

To assure that as many someones as possible hear your show, it integrates with top podcast distributors.

It’s simple to gather statistics on the success of your podcast and the origins of its listeners.


It can be difficult at times to keep track of your subscribers.

The free version is extremely limited regarding what you can do & how many dramatizations you can have.

Product Updates:

It’s now simpler than ever to get started thanks to an updated sign-in experience.

The podcast configuration now supports more languages, making it simpler than ever to get your show off the ground.

You can now access the information you need more quickly thanks to a 10x increase in page loading time.

With, you can get a full month (instead of just an episode) for free right now.

2. Libsyn

With podcast issuance at the heart of Libsyn, making your show & sharing it with the world has never been easier.

It’s arguably one of the simplest things you can do to spread your message and grow an audience.

Libsyn offers all the tools you require to get started, & their user interface is so easy that anyone can figure it out.

Best For: 8.5 out of 10.




Yearly Savings

Free For Up To 2 Months


Use code ENFRAY

Try Libsyn.

Even for novice users, Libsyn’s user interface is excellent and simple to use.

They offer a wide selection of features that are excellent for both novice podcasters and pros.

Libsyn’s recent release of Libsyn Studio lets you create & record a podcast using only your computer, with no further equipment required.

Anyone may start podcasting right away because no additional equipment is needed, which is a major advantage for Libsyn.

They also deliver a number of options for monetizing your podcast through subscriptions, advertising, and other means.

If you want to share your knowledge on a topic while establishing a community around your programme, then Libsyn is an excellent platform to consider.

Libsyn Features

Advanced stats provide precise information about your audience and their interaction with your event.

The social promotion planner makes it simple to distribute your episodes on social media and expand your following.

Unlimited bandwidth indicates you can upload as many attacks as you like without worrying about surpassing your quota.

You get a professional appearance and feel from the ad-free podcast website without having to deal with commercials.

With the custom podcast player, you can alter the player’s appearance and feel to better represent your business.

You can broadcast advertisements on your podcast and make money from the episodes by using podcast monetization. This is another Buzzsprout Alternatives.

User Interface: libsyn ux

Libsyn has officially launched its new user interface, Libsyn5, to all users.

This makes browsing the platform easier and locating the features you need.

The new interface is sleek, modern, and easy to use — even for first-time users.


You can select from the following plans based on the amount of hourly uploads each month:

3 hours cost $5, 6 hours cost $15, 10 hours cost $20, and 14 hours cost $40.

$75 for 27 hours

55 hours:


What I Do and Don’t Like About Libsyn:


Libsyn offers friendly customer care and is simple to get in touch with.

There are numerous ways to publish and schedule your content when it comes to posting possibilities.


There isn’t a free trial available that you may utilise to evaluate the platform before deciding on a premium plan.

Product Updates:

You can now promote your episodes on social media even more effectively thanks to new social scheduling options.

3. PodBean

Most useful For Hosting ($29/Month + 1 Month Free).

Podbean completes setting up and monetizing your podcast as straightforward as can be.

I adore the fact that both beginners and experts may use this platform to discover the podcasting success they seek.

You can even operate your phone to start sharing your message with the globe in just a few clicks.

I also enjoy that they provide each account access to a podcasting website, making it simple for your audience to find your work online.

8.2 out 10 for Best For

Simple Creation


$0/mo – $99/mo

Yearly Savings

Yes – Save 23%


Try Podbean

PodBean is the most user-friendly host on this list and has been in the podcast hosting business for more than ten years. It hosts 540,000 podcasters.

Podbean Features

The free plan’s storage capacity is five hours.

Storage is unlimited with the $9/month plan.

Dynamic insertion of ads.

Patreon programme to receive recurring payments from listeners.

Auto-uploads to YouTube.

Mobile application

Posting automatically to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

User Experience: Podbean User Experience

The user experience on Podbean is quite easy, with the often observed left-hand side menu giving you access to all the tools you need.

It’s incredibly easy to create a podcast, and if you like, you can even import already-existing audio recordings.

You can choose a new podcast logo, utilise the default one, and alter the colour scheme to reflect your brand. This is another Buzzsprout Alternatives.

The metrics overview panel also helps you determine where to concentrate your efforts and how well your podcast is performing.

Podbean user experience

Pricing: PodBean price Basic (Free and Open-Source): 5 hours of storage and 100 GB per month.

Unlimited Audio ($9/month): Unlimited storage & bandwidth, pro themes, advanced design, and ad marketplace.

The Patreon programme and dynamic ad insertion are included with Unlimited Plus ($29/month).

Business ($99/month): Everything above, plus multiple domains, private podcasts, extensive statistics, and live chat support.

I urge podcasters serious about running their professional show join their $29/month PodBean Unlimited Plus Plan, as you receive limitless audio hosting and video storage.

What I Like and Don’t Like About PodBean:

A succinct podcast hosting service that makes it simple to upload your show.

No downtime and rapid downloads mean your fans can always hear your current episode.

It only takes a few clicks to upload audio and video podcasts, making it simple to get started.

Simple to disseminate broadcasts to a broad audience, thanks to interfaces with major podcast sites.


While making covers and episode art, image dimensions and best practises are needed.

Further customization of the dashboard is possible to make it simpler to locate the data you require.

The finest easy podcast provider with amazing video and YouTube features is PodBean, which is my fourth option.

4. Spreaker

Top Content Management System ($120+; Free).

One of the top content management systems for hosting podcasts is Spreaker.

It is ideal for podcasters of all skill levels because it is easy to use and includes a variety of features.

7.8 out of 10 for Best For

Content Management



Yearly Savings

Yes – Save $398 annually


Use Spreaker

Spreaker is a one-stop store for podcasters.

From rookies just getting started to publishers creating gobs of content, Spreaker provides a solution for making every podcaster’s journey pleasant and profitable.

The podcasting platform connects listeners, podcast makers, and advertising in one place (web and mobile apps) (web and mobile apps).

Any content provider can easily monetize their entire podcast library thanks to this.

Spreaker features are the main features.

Content management system – enables podcasters at any “level” to automatically enable the dissemination of new episodes to the main listening sites (Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, iHeartRadio, Alexa, Deezer, etc.) This is another Buzzsprout Alternatives.

Organize and schedule several podcasts under the same account, and strategically set your revenue (supported by dynamic ad insertion) at the episode and programme level.

Features for managing teams and adding contributors.

Statistics validated by the IAB.

User Experience:

Spreaker user experience

The general layout is user-friendly, and the menu on the left is quite easy to utilise.

You may connect a podcast with your current blog or website in a matter of minutes.

The app also keeps tabs on your development and provides in-depth analysis of how well your concert performed.

Also, there is a promotion option that enables you to share your programme with potential listeners and advertise it to a larger audience.

User Experience with Spreaker


Free Address (Free): 5 hours of audio storage, up to 10 episodes.

100 hours of storage for On-Air Talent ($8/month).

Broadcaster ($20/month): 500 hours of storage.

Anchorman ($50/month): 1,500 hours of storage.

Anchorman ($120/month): Unlimited storage.

Their most popular option is the Broadcaster Plan at $20/month.

You receive advanced statistics, 500 hours of audio storage, and monetization tools with that plan.

In addition, you get one month absolutely free when you sign up using my affiliate link for Spreaker, and the cost is adjusted accordingly:

What I Like/Dislike About Spreaker:


An astonishing slate of components makes it easy to create & share a podcast with the globe.

You don’t need a variety of tools to get your podcast online thanks to the All-in-one platform’s simplicity of use.

They offer prompt customer service and are always willing to assist.

Other shows are conveniently arranged by category and subject, making it simple to discover fresh material.


Whenever you reach a certain amount of downloads, your rate starts to increase, which can put some people off.

A few times, technical issues hindered the upload of a show recording.

Product Updates:

To ensure you never miss a beat, schedule episodes directly from your phone!

Finding the correct show has never been simpler thanks to a revamp of the podcast category system.

Your podcast will be available worldwide in just a few minutes thanks to one-click distribution.

Also, for one month, Spreaker is 90% off for my readers.

5. RedCircle

Best For Making Podcast Content Profitable.

If you’re a podcaster wishing to expand your podcast, reach a greater audience, and make money doing it, then RedCircle is your platform.

Using the ad platform to sell subscriptions, accept donations, and do cross-promotions with other shows is another way to monetize your podcast.

This is one of the greatest platforms for podcasters because it allows you to fully personalise and control your content.

Your material can be made available whenever, however, and to whoever you choose.

When it comes to your content, there are no agreements or restrictions.

On the other writing, for brands & agencies looking to launch or extend their advertising campaigns, Redcircle helps them to scale quickly and reach a broader audience while spending smarter.

For additional details about this platform, read this RedCircle review.

Important Features:

You can succeed by using cutting-edge podcasting tools.

A single platform for hosting, distributing, and monetizing your material

Accept both one-time and ongoing contributions to enable you to continue running your show.

To assure long-term success, increase subscription revenue.

Connect with other programmes in the cross-promotion marketplace to expand your audience User Experience:

By completing a brief form, you may begin using RedCircle to host and share your material for free.

The platform is incredibly intuitive and simple to use.

You can access all the features and settings you need in one spot without having to search for them.

Your first podcast will be live after you drag and drop a cover image that is the appropriate size.

You can quickly navigate the interface and take advantage of all the features without any issues.


RedCircle offers a core plan that permits limitless hosting and distribution, subscription donations, and more.

There are then two paid plans, which are as follows:

Growth Strategy: $9 monthly

Pro Plan: $30 per month

Enterprise Plan: Get in touch with them for additional details.

Both of these are paid annually and provide savings of up to $60 per year.

There are also monthly options available if this is something you’d choose.

What I Like and Don’t Like About Redcircle:


Interface is sleek and easy to use, making podcast creation and dissemination a breeze

It is simple to change from another service.

To help you evaluate and expand your podcast, the platform provides outstanding metrics and insights.

Certain podcast settings cannot be altered after submission (e.g., title, description)

Product Updates:

Updates to the ad platform’s user interface to make it even simpler to utilise

6. Transistor

Best Built-In Podcast Analytics ($19.99/month).

Alpine Alpine Alpine Alpine Alpine Alpine Alpine Alpine Alpine Alpine Alpine Fo Fo

Popular podcasts including Drift, Honeybadger, & Cards Against Humanity are hosted by, a top-notch, expert service.

They are renowned for giving its podcasters access to integrated analytics and all the tools necessary to expand their listenership. This is another Buzzsprout Alternatives.

Important Features:

Shows can be hosted indefinitely.

Per account, manage many users.

Create branded webpages using your domain name.

Distributing your podcast to important networks.

See reporting and advanced analytics.

Their analytics devices are where they stand out.

Its dashboards include trends and statistics such as the average number of downloads per episode, subscriptions, and cumulative downloads.

You can easily integrate your current feed into Transistor using easy migration tools and another hosting platform, such as Libsyn or Anchor.

User Experience:

Transistor user experience

When it comes to presenting your show to numerous platforms, Transistor is fantastic.

Sharing your show with the world is simple with the app.

You may advertise your programme and draw in additional listeners by using a variety of integrations.

Also, the analytics screen’s bar graph layout makes it simple to monitor your development and see the performance of your show.

Pricing Structures:

Transistor Pricing’s Starting Plan ($19/month) offers 10,000 monthly downloads, up to 2 users, and an unlimited number of podcasts and episodes.

Everything in the beginning plan, plus up to five team members and 50,000 monthly downloads, is included in the professional plan ($49/month).

All elements of the previous plans are included in the Business Plan ($99/month), which also includes up to 10 team members and 150,000 monthly downloads.

Transistor enables you to scale your podcast (and pricing) as your audience expands.

Your final plan decision will probably depend on the number of monthly downloads you require, so you can start with their Starter Plan and increase as necessary.

What I Like and Don’t Like About Transistors:


Support for a variety of platforms allows you to swiftly spread the word about your event.

Many long-time users admire Transistor’s simplicity and user-friendliness.

It provides you with useful metrics to monitor your development and determine where your listeners are coming from.

The UI is simple to use and makes getting started simple.

Depends on how many downloads you get, making it more inexpensive for beginners.


When it comes to offering assistance, customer support can be a little slow to respond.

Product Updates:

To provide your listeners more information about your show, add pages and links to the website for your podcast.

Create a website that looks amazing and is simple to use by using the new podcast website template.

Showcase unique episode images on your podcast’s website so that viewers may learn more about each episode before tuning in.

Start your 14-day free trial of Transistor if you’re serious about podcast analytics (and get two months free when paid annually).

7. Simplecast

Industry-Leading Features Powering Top Brands ($15/Month).

Simplecast is renowned for its features, which start at just $15/month and are among the best in the business. This is another Buzzsprout Alternatives.

They live up to their name and what they say on their website:

Simplecast “provides influential tools needed to manage, broadcast, transfer, and develop your podcast,” from the first listener to the first million.

Several of the biggest podcast companies, including Kickstarter, Nike, Facebook, and HBO, are powered by Simplecast, which has been operational for more than six years.

Simplecast Notable Brands Important Features:

Publishing with a single click.

Many podcast and online players.

A website that is fully functional.

Tools for advanced analytics.

In a single account, collaborate with various team members.

Its RecastTM function, which enables you to plan and broadcast audio snippets on social media, is a noteworthy feature.

Here’s an illustration of that feature from The Pilot Podcast on Instagram:

Price for The Pilot Podcast: The Basic Plan ($15/month) includes email assistance, two member accounts, unlimited storage and uploads, a web player that may be embedded, and 20k monthly downloads.

All features of the Basic Plan ($35/month), plus two additional user seats, more web players, geography (country and state/region), technology (apps, browsers), analytics, 50k downloads per month, and chat support.

All features of the previous plans are included in the Growth Plan ($85/month), plus five additional user seats (for a total of nine users), ISP statistics, in-depth metro area location analytics, and 120k monthly downloads.

Ultimately, the Basic Plan will function out for you just good if you’re starting.

While the analytics tools are good, you only require to upgrade if you need more users or downloads per month.

Simplecast for an affordable, industry-leading podcast hosting solution.

8. Captivate

Best for Marketing and Expanding Your Audience ($19/Month).

Hosting for Captivate Podcasts

New podcast host Captivate is totally committed to expanding podcast audiences.

They were made by Rebel Base Media, which also manages podcast websites.

As they combined their years of podcasting knowledge into one new podcast hosting service, this new addition is their best offering to yet.

Important Features: All plans include an unlimited number of podcasts, an unlimited number of team associates, a new podcast player, advanced analytics, & marketing tools.

Their automatic podcast website & built-in calls to action are a few notable growth characteristics.

Every package comes with a personalised, mobile-friendly website with donation support built-in.

Second, you may use calls to action on podcast players to expand your email list and bring in fresh leads.

For instance, if someone is listening to your podcast, they can use an opt-in form to join your email list right away.

Moreover, Captivate is constantly updating its analytics programme.

They collaborate with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to produce more sophisticated intelligence to track the performance of your event.

Analytics for Captivating Podcasts

Using a simple import tool, you can also easily transfer your programme from another podcast host like Blubrry.

Its podcast marketing feature enables you to automatically create links to services like Overcast and Pocket Casts, making it simple for new listeners to locate your programme.

Up to 12,000 downloads per month with the Podcaster Plan ($19/month).

Up to 60,000 downloads per month with the Audio Influencer Plan ($49/month).

Up to 150,000 downloads per month with the Podcast Brand Plan ($99/month).

With numerous fantastic podcasting features in every plan and straightforward pricing that adapts as you develop, Captivate will make waves as a new participant in the field. This is another Buzzsprout Alternatives.

Get a 7-day free trial of Captivate if you’re searching for a growth-oriented podcast host with lots of marketing tools.

9. Castos.

Best WordPress Podcast Hosting Service ($19/month).

A complete podcasting plugin for WordPress is called Castos.

Here’s how it works if you already have a WordPress website:

You begin your 14-day trial at the Castos website.

Install their WordPress plugin.

Then, when you’re prepared to host your episodes, simply add them to WordPress’s new Podcast section:

Castos WordPress Plugin

Submit your audio file, fill in your description, & the podcast choice go live on your site with a customisable media player:

Media Player Castos

Just take your URL and add it to whatever publisher you choose when you’re ready to submit your podcast to directories.

Important Features:

Automated transcription – after you upload your audio files, transcriptions are instantly added to your dashboard.

Publish again on YouTube.

Podcast editing services from Castos Productions.

Podcast website that may be customised.

Podcast statistics.


Beginning ($19/month): Unlimited storage and ideal for the necessities.

Growth ($49/month): All of the above, plus YouTube republishing and personalised audiograms.

Pro ($99/month): Everything of the above, plus enhanced analytics and hosting for video files.

Overall, Castos is the finest option if you’re seeking for a podcast hosting service for WordPress.

Start started with a free 14-day trial and two months for free on annual plans.

10. Podcastics.

New Podcast Hosting Platform with Complete Episodes (Free – $39/month)

A new podcast hosting alternative called Podcastics is incredibly user-friendly and has enticing features. This is another Buzzsprout Alternatives.

Their dashboard is incredibly user-friendly, just as PodBean.

When you initially begin, you may easily control user access and swiftly set up your podcast’s details with only a few clicks.

If you already have a podcast, you can import it automatically from Apple Podcasts or any RSS feed.

And if you’re a podcaster with many podcasts, you can establish teams within the dashboard, which is fantastic for studios and agencies.

Some notable characteristics of them include:

Analytics for podcasts, such as plays, days and hours, sources, and locations.

Streaming capability in real time.

The tools for creating podcasts and episodes.

The ability to schedule episodes.

Clever features including heat maps, polls, smart links, and QR codes.

Podcastics has five pricing tiers – all delivering unlimited episodes.

But, their $8/month Pro Plan includes limitless bandwidth and storage.

Overall, Podcastics is one of the top podcast hosting platforms with excellent UX, thoughtful features, and analytics. It is also quite simple to use.

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