Bringing Employees Back Into the Office? Ensure Their Safety with an Online Time

With employees returning to working on-site, it’s crucial that business owners do everything

they can to make sure that employees stay safe. This means using tools that allow them to

work while minimizing their risk of exposure. One way to do that is with an online time clock.

Not only is it a smart choice for managing your employee hours, but it also has a number of

benefits now that businesses are returning to in-person working. As Covid 19 is still a present

threat to your employees and your business, it is vital to use the technology available to

minimize contact and keep everyone safe.

Online Time Clocks Allow for Touchless Punch Options to Reduce Risk

Even though things are improving, it is essential to minimize contact between employees to

prevent the spread of the virus. One of the best ways to facilitate this is by using an online time

clock that comes with touchless punch in, punch out options.

For example, facial recognition allows employees to punch into the online timecard system

without any direct contact and acts as a double barrier to prevent time fraud in the process.

This also allows you to track employee attendance at a glance.

Another option is the QR code scanning method. The QR code option allows employees to scan

a unique code with their mobile device to punch in and punch out. This way, not only do

employees not touch an actual job clock or punch in through a computer interface, they can

remain socially distant and still punch time as they need to. Using a touchless or individualized

punching method means less sanitization is necessary since fewer hands touch the equipment.

Accurately Manage Covid Time Off With an Online Time Clock

Managing time off with a timesheet management solution is an important task even without

the threat of the virus. With the virus still a potential threat, it is more important than ever to

track employee time off. This is especially true if they are absent from work due to issues

related to the virus.


Not only is health and safety the number one concern for any business, compliance with state,

federal, and local health and safety guidelines means you need to know when your employees

are sick. You need to efficiently track how long they need to be out, and when they are clear to

return to work without endangering others.

Online timesheet softwareallows you to track and label employee leave to ensure that

everything is in compliance with safety standards. This is especially crucial for businesses

receiving funding from the government as improper tracking can cause funding to be revoked.

Multiple Punching Options Means Better Flexibility and Less Close


Since contact is one of the primary concerns, having multiple punching options, thanks to an

online time clock software, can minimize that risk. You can enable your employees to punch in

from their own personal devices so that no one needs to gather in a central location to use the

same time clock or possibly dirty up equipment by having everyone punch time at the same


This alleviates the need for contact during punch ins and lets everyone get to work

immediately. You can also keep track of and let remote workers punch in and out the same

way, and when things return fully to normal, this option still improves productivity and keeps

workers safe.

With the future still uncertain, being safe is the right thing for businesses to do. An online time

clock allows you to still get work done while minimizing the risks that everyone has to take. The

benefits of these features extend beyond the virus and will be useful no matter what the future


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