The Best Antivirus Software for 2022

This post will explain best antivirus. We shouldn’t delude ourselves; the firewall that comes standard with our operating system is ineffective against current online threats. No matter how secure we believe our online activities to be, only the best antivirus protection can keep your computer secure.

The fact that hacking, digital identity theft, and other cybercrimes are on the rise while sales of antivirus and malware protection software are down is not a coincidence.

The Best Antivirus Software for 2022

In this article, you can know about The Best Antivirus Software for 2022 here are the details below;

Thanks to the increasing number of gadgets we use, such as our smartphones, computers, tablets, smart devices, and the myriad free programmes created by independent developers, we are now more vulnerable to hackers than ever.

There is no suspicion that you need the best antivirus software on your side to protect your data. For your benefit, we obtained dozens of antivirus applications, both paid and unpaid, and carefully examined each one. We’ve compiled a list of our best antivirus software recommendations below based on their general quality and advantages for internet security in general.

Total AV


Completely Free Antivirus Software

Removes all malware, spyware, adware, and viruses

Protection from phishing and ransomware

Safeguards iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows

100% on the VB100 test and 99.9% on the AV-Test


Only works with up to 6 devices

Certain browsers do not support browser extensions.

Total AV is at the top of our ranking because it is the best antivirus protection available, whether you’re a casual, enthusiast, or enterprise-level user. The most recent version of Total AV has a fresh look and a number of enhanced capabilities to virtually impervious your device against a wide range of internet security threats.

Let’s just say that we had a lot of reservations when we first installed Total AV. After all, relative minnows like Total AV are not even a blot on the radar in a market dominated by household names like McAfee, Norton, and Kaspersky. It would live an understatement to state that Total AV astonished us; there isn’t another antivirus programme we’ve examined this year that even comes close.

The Rundown

Total AV is a new player in a field crowded with established cybersecurity companies and tech heavyweights. To be sure, Total AV makes up for its lack of experience with its engineering. Total AV, a company founded in 2016, offers freeware and premium licencing alternatives for full-spectrum security protection for your digital devices.

The software’s commercial edition, Total AV Essential Antivirus, offers real-time protection, which is sadly lacking in the free version. To put it another way, Total AV provides automatic defence against shady activity while you browse the web or download files. Total AV detects dangerous items using a cutting-edge proprietary algorithm before they are accessed or opened, protecting your system from intrusion. Also check antivirus software

Since its most recent release in late 2019, Total AV has been a rock-solid alternative for several of our more dated antivirus programmes. Whether you’re a hands-off or passive user, Total AV provides a wide range of settings to tailor the antivirus programme to your involvement preferences and technological prowess.


Adware, spyware, ransomware, and malware are all real-time threats that are protected from by Total AV’s premium Essential Antivirus service. Before your system processes incoming objects and data packets, a powerful anti-malware engine screens them, acting as a screen between your device and the online world. Every install, executable, and downloaded file is passively scanned for questionable information by Total AV, which then disables access to any data that has been identified before it can infect your system.

A complete URL filter, new in the software’s 2019 update, protects your web browser from potentially hazardous websites. Total AV’s secondary protection features—such as a heuristic file reputation system, phishing screening, and sandbox detection—eliminate any possibility of infection if any dangerous websites manage to get past its primary security measures.

Thanks to the software’s thorough stealth detector, any attempts to enable a rootkit to commandeer your device’s administrative access are swiftly stopped by rootkit screening and early detection provided by Total AV. Even if the software tries to unload itself, Total AV uses a signature-based anti-rootkit screening method to disable rootkit malware.

The antivirus tool Total AV has a comprehensive browser manager to enhance the security features of your browser programme, despite the fact that the current version of Total AV does not provide email protection. The end result is a secure web browsing experience without any discernible system lags.


There are several scanning options available with Total AV Essential Antivirus. First, we ran a simple system scan, which produced a 35-minute screen that identified and neutralised three minor threats and seven advanced threats. With the exception of one boot sector infection that Total AV discovered during a subsequent scan, all of the virus files we intentionally planted in our system were successfully detected by Total AV.

This antivirus programme offers an easy and hassle-free user experience. Normally, Total AV runs silently in the background without alerting or pushing notifications to the user. Total AV offers a svelte, lightweight antivirus solution with a sophisticated, minimalistic design that doesn’t interrupt workflow with excessive alarms or update requests. This is another best antivirus.

The software’s free edition is undoubtedly somewhat constrained, but the Essentials package offers a wide range of speed enhancement benefits. For example, Total AV Essentials provides anti-geoblocking, multi-device support, and encrypted surfing to improve your web browsing without affecting performance or resulting in runtime issues.

Our Verdict

Power users and casual amateurs alike can feel secure purchasing the Total AV Essentials kit. Total AV is the complete solution if you’re seeking for configurable antivirus software that performs well across the board. Total AV offers sophisticated real-time security unlike its rivals without interfering with your work or slowing down your system. See our comprehensive Total AV review.

PC Protect


Completely Free Antivirus Software

Fantastic malware detection

Several features

Simple schedules for scans

Got a 99.9% on the VB100.


Only works with up to 5 devices

Only the Pro & Ultimate versions come with Safe Password Vault, Performance & Optimization Tools.

PC Protect is the only premium antivirus software option that provides access to a licence for the entire family or workplace. This antivirus programme offers quick, bloat-free malware and spyware removal at the source, as well as general system maintenance to stop dangerous items and online threats in real-time.

PC Protect is guaranteed to screen 99.5% of all malware samples found “in the wild” and produce fewer than 0.1% false positives thanks to its 99.9% VB100 score from Virus Bulletin. To put it another way, PC Protect is a very reliable anti-malware programme that almost never fails to block system threats or filter out dubious programmes.

The Rundown

Due to its ease of use and simplicity, PC Protect claims to be among the best antivirus programmes available. To identify system weaknesses and set up periodic antivirus scans, new users can download PC Protect in only minutes and conduct their diagnostic Smart-Scan. After that, booting the user interface can be done automatically by setting it and forgetting it.

The ability for the entire family to use PC Protect simultaneously across several platforms is another key selling factor. PC Protect can run on several devices while sharing a licence, including tablets, Android and iOS phones, Mac and Windows laptops and desktops, making it an economical antivirus for the entire family.

To protect your data and private information, PC Protect offers a cutting-edge two-way firewall in addition to real-time security and system-boost management programmes. Additionally, new customization options, including the quick QuickScan tool, make it simple to adapt PC Protect to your needs. This is another best antivirus.


The premium edition of PC Protect’s free antivirus scanner comes with a number of useful utilities despite its limited feature set. A number of practical proprietary features, such as System Boost, Enhanced Firewall, Tune-Up, Password Manager, and Browser Manager, are included in the most recent commercial edition of PC Protect.

Users can alter their web browser’s settings using the brand-new Browser Manager tool to enhance overall system performance. Users can completely delete their history, the cache data that supported it, and tracking cookies via the Browser Manager. Although the majority of web browsers let changing each of these settings separately, PC Protect offers a handy, centralised location where you can make all of these adjustments with just one click.

The Enhanced Firewall from PC Protect adds an additional layer of network protection to protect against risks in incoming traffic on top of the Windows or iOS antivirus framework. As a result, an exclusive application layer is created that offers more thorough inbound data inspections than conventional operating system-based firewalls. This feature decreased the vulnerability of our system to malware and denial-of-service assaults.

You don’t have to spend hours using PC Protect to run a complete system malware scan if you’re pressed for time. Instead, you can use PC Protect’s SmartScan feature to selectively scan the disc drive’s most exposed parts. In addition to saving you time, SmartScan keeps your device running faster than it would without it during a thorough antivirus scan.


There is no doubting that PC Protect’s premium service offers excellent cybersecurity for both novice and seasoned users after using it for a number of weeks. When using PC Protect to browse the web, the antivirus software found eleven harmful threats and successfully removed each one without crashing or slowing down the machine.

Despite the fact that it only took 15 minutes for the SmartScan tool to scan our whole hard drive, the complete system check took much longer (a whopping three and a half hours). We also saw a performance decline and processing slowness over the complete scan. Due to this, we advise against performing full scans during the daytime when the system is active.

Six of the seven malware samples used in our independent testing were identified and removed by PC Protect, yielding nearly flawless results. The remaining sample virus was discovered and eliminated when we reran the test a few minutes later, correcting the first mistake. As a side note, we were shocked to notice that PC Protect’s antivirus test scans were using a significant amount of our RAM (approximately 30 percent).

Our Verdict

PC Protect includes a lot of high-end functions in a simple, albeit rather confusing, user interface. In the end, the application is worthwhile given its high level of online security features. When performing hard drive scans, the software will eat up the majority of your system’s resources, unless you have at least 16 gigabytes of RAM installed.

ESET Smart Security


Does not need a lot of system resources

Characteristics for protecting webcams

Dedicated browser for shopping and banking

User interface that is simple


Typical malware detection efficiency

Requires the purchase of licences for each user

Lacks a password manager and an advanced firewall

ESET is a Windows-only antivirus software product that offers all the fundamental functions you would expect from a high-end internet security package at a significantly reduced cost. ESET offers a wide range of functions, all of varying quality, but their award-winning Smart Security Premium suite easily handles all of your antivirus needs. This is another best antivirus.

ESET Smart Security starts running diagnostic tests and pre-screening your system as soon as your Windows device boots up to make sure that your hard drive and operating system are functioning properly.

ESET Smart Security is not a free antivirus because it is a premium security programme. Instead, ESET’s top-tier cybersecurity offering is Smart Security, and it shows. Once the ESET dashboard has loaded, you may alter the deep security settings for your online browser and encrypt your file folders and data with a single click of a toggle button. ESET Smart Security is a comprehensive security suite created for both experts and novices to protect Windows PCs from malware, ransomware, and harmful websites.

The Rundown

When it comes to ESET Smart Security, there isn’t much to be astonished by at first glance. But when you fiddle with the sophisticated interface and experiment with the enhanced options, the worth of this product becomes more apparent. Also check windows 10 stuck in airplane mode

Users of ESET can lower the risk of external attacks from CD-ROMs, USB devices, and other physical media by using the Device Control module. These elements work together to offer protection from security risks coming from both web-based and physical media sources.

Even when doing a complete system scan, ESET Smart Security’s lightweight user interface had no discernible impact on the speed of our CPU. ESET is an adequate anti-malware programme, but it clearly lacks key web security features like a firewall and a password manager. We wonder why they left these essential technologies out as they are frequently included in other web security packages from its rivals.

In the end, ESET Smart Security is unquestionably a useful antivirus programme for power users and amateurs. The high-end ransomware shield and EUFI scanner, which block security threats during the system boot stage, better than drive up for its lack of a few essential capabilities.


The real-time malware detection feature of ESET Smart Security stands out because it employs machine learning to identify security threats and dubious data packet content even before they are transmitted. A sophisticated antiphishing algorithm that detects harmful emails and texts before you open any links is included in the most recent edition of ESET Smart Security. Additionally, ESET’s antiphishing detector is active as you browse social media, allowing you to avoid any malicious links in social postings.

An awkward yet simple-to-use interface for changing user settings is offered by the ESET dashboard. Users can directly add URLs to the protected website list of the programme from the dashboard, enabling security mechanisms to secure your personal information from trackers and keyloggers. Additionally, websites that are added to the protected list must follow encryption standards that scramble sensitive data sent by your device and essentially render it unintelligible.

The parental control tools in ESET disappointed us because they were inferior to the built-in web censors in Windows or MacOS. Three buttons are available within the main control module of ESET: the virus scan tool, the network analyzer, and the safe browser. By using a VPN and strong encryption, users of the secure browser features can access banking applications and other sensitive networks without worrying about data tracking.


When put to the test, ESET performs admirably. ESET detected every sample file in our two malware tests and correctly classified each one as a danger. ESET performed admirably, scoring 97 percent on a test using several hundred threats from an external malware sample. With this rating, ESET is generally positioned in the centre of the pack among the best antivirus products available.

Our desktop operating system is affected mild to moderately by ESET Smart Security. There were obvious delays and slowdowns throughout a complete system scan for roughly 30 minutes until the software went back into sleep mode and stopped using as much RAM. When the programme is running in the background, ESET uses less than 700 megabytes of HDD space and only 150 megabytes of RAM. However, at its highest, RAM use can reach 500MB.

Three blue buttons are located at the bottom of an all-white dashboard that makes up the ESET user interface. For the majority of casual and hobbyist-level users, these three buttons offer quick access to the essential tools. A secondary button panel on the module’s left allows users to schedule scans, set up tools, and apply updates. In the end, the ESET UI/UX is simple to use and takes little effort to learn. This is another best antivirus.

Our Verdict

The ESET Smart Security suite is a powerful top-tier antivirus programme for Windows, Mac, and Linux users—even though its iRobot-inspired mascot makes us uneasy. ESET offers a simple platform for encrypting your data and shielding it from prying eyes if you require extra protection for online banking and shopping. The suite, however, sadly lacks a cutting-edge firewall and password manager, which prevents it from receiving a high ranking.

Kaspersky Internet Security


Outstanding test results

Preventing access to webcams

Rapid QuickScan rates

Protection for cryptocurrency mining


Inadequate firewall

There is no initial discount for new devices.

Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS), a comprehensive web security solution offered by Kaspersky Labs since 2006, offers a condensed version of their flagship Kaspersky Total Security. By enabling many users to access Kaspersky’s security features on a single account, the one-license solution is a great bargain for both families and small business users.

When it comes to anti-malware and phishing tests, Kaspersky Internet Security performs remarkably well. The software’s straightforward and uncluttered user interface makes it accessible to novice users and non-experts, which is the best part. There are a few issues with the programme, mostly related to supplementary features that are underpowered.

The Rundown

The most recent version of Kaspersky’s KIS suite offers the ideal compromise between being neither overly complex nor simplistic for novice or seasoned users. With a simple six-panel user interface, Kaspersky Internet Security’s biggest selling point may be its usability. Also check  open source antivirus

Six buttons on the product dashboard allow consumers to scan their hard drive, update the programme, change privacy settings, and more. The dashboard appears green when there are no dangers detected by the application, and it becomes orange when the user needs to take action. The color-coordinated design minimises the amount of push messages and alerts, which lessens workflow interruptions.

It is easy to see why Kaspersky Internet Security has continued to rank among the top antivirus software packages. KIS completes all the responsibilities you would anticipate from a top-tier antivirus tool with the speed and effectiveness of a browser plugin, including malware protection, webcam security, and web browsing safety.


KIS 2020 comes with a number of special features that are absent from antivirus software of a comparable cost. For instance, KIS claims a drive-by antivirus system for bitcoin mining to shield miners from dangers. Additionally, KIS provides common functions like rapid HDD scans and automatic complete system checks that can be scheduled for recurrence. In addition, Kaspersky offers features for URL filtering and real-time malware detection.

A green border surrounds the window of your web browser when you are using Kaspersky’s Safe Money mode to browse the internet. The browser is being isolated by Kaspersky from other web processes that can expose the user to security risks, as indicated by the green colour code. In other words, Safe Money mode offers a seamless, obtrusive interface so customers can use their bank accounts or shop online without being concerned about security flaws.


When using KIS to execute a regular full system scan, there was a modest performance hit. However, neither when we used the Safe Money web browser nor when the programme was quietly running in the background, any discernible performance changes happened. When we used 60 sample vulnerabilities to test the Kaspersky firewall, we discovered that 92 percent of the threats were successfully intercepted and neutralised, which is an impressive result when compared to some of its competitors.

The Kaspersky user interface is clear and uncomplicated, providing a platform that new users can quickly learn and get used to. Beginning antivirus users will benefit from the software’s extreme simplicity, from initialization to increased setting adjustment. This is another best antivirus.

However, to fully utilise Kaspersky Internet Security, you must delve into the control panel’s customisation options; at this level, beginners could feel out of their depth. For instance, the user must manually enter information to activate the URL blocker and quarantine tool.

As anticipated, Kaspersky’s Safe Money option did not cause any sluggishness or noticeably higher RAM or processor utilisation. KIS is suitable for beginner-level users who might lack the experience for more intensive software suites because it seamlessly incorporates security elements into the user’s already installed apps and web browser.

Our Verdict

Kaspersky is a reliable internet security tool for Windows and macOS that performs admirably in tests. However, considering that the fully-loaded Total Security application only represents a slight price rise, it is debatable if it is worthwhile to spend money on Kaspersky Internet Security.

Bitdefender Total Security


Incredibly precise anti-malware detection

Dependable spam removal tool

Launch Optimizer quickens

Easy and quick installation


A ransomware blocker may obstruct reliable applications.

Not a substantial improvement over the 2019 version

Firewall doesn’t much differ from the default Windows application.

A multi-device cybersecurity solution called Bitdefender Total Security 2020 offers expert-level security in a simple, user-friendly interface. The current version of Bitdefender’s software uses more system resources than we would have liked, but it still offers some of the best overall protection against malware, ransomware, identity theft, and other threats.

The disadvantages of Bitdefender’s 2020 Total Security package are few. Bitdefender provides everything you would expect from middle-level antivirus software, including a free VPN service, the Safepay web browser, and sophisticated Vulnerability Recommendation features. Additionally, Total Security from Bitdefender is a worthwhile upgrade from their Windows-only Internet Security solution because it is now available to users of Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

The Rundown

Since 2001, Bitdefender, a cybersecurity company based in Romania, has received praise from both critics and users for its industry-leading Total Security programme. However, we were a little let down by the product after our initial use.

For instance, Bitdefender’s apparent absence of advanced parental controls for web browsing and its apparent limited support for iOS left us unsatisfied. However, after prolonged use, we discovered that their unique advantages, such specialised ransomware defence and VPN integration, made up for their minor drawbacks.

Overall, Bitdefender is a great product. Bitdefender is a wise investment for people wishing to improve their system security due to its wide range of high-performing features including the password manager, anti-phishing tool, malware detector, ransomware shield, and VPN service. The drawback is that Bitdefender only permits one device per licence to register for their Total Security package; any additional devices necessitate separate licencing.

In the end, it comes as no surprise that Bitdefender constantly ranks among the best companies in the sector. Yes, Bitdefender uses more RAM and processing power than we would like (approximately 35% of active RAM at peak), but the advantages of real-time security outweigh this fact.


Secure VPN and multi-layer ransomware protection are two of Bitdefender Total Security’s top features. Unfortunately, Bitdefender’s ransomware defence had the downside of preventing game saves to our Document Folder. We had to fiddle with the program’s advanced settings or turn off the ransomware defender entirely to get around this barrier. Instead, we were successful by adding the game to the trusted applications whitelist within the programme dashboard.

A specific secure browser for online banking and shopping is available from Bitdefender. Even if it takes longer to load than Chrome or Firefox, the speed disparity wasn’t enough to convince us to switch to another browser.

We were able to purchase and browse freely while using Bitdefender’s safe browser with little interference from the program’s security feature. All cache, history, and cookies within Bitdefender’s browser were unrecorded and untraceable, leaving less openings for hackers and other risks.

There are four primary sections on the left sidebar of the tidy, ultra-minimalist Bitdefender interface. The Utilities tab, which serves as a control panel for different security functions like the OneClick Optimizer, Startup Optimizer, Disk Cleanup, and Anti-Theft data backup, is accessible from this point. Any time one of these utility functions is used, Bitdefender generates a performance report detailing the activities that were taken. Sadly, there is no “undo” button to go back and undo these adjustments. This is another best antivirus.


According to our observations, the Bitdefender Startup Optimizer utility is quite beneficial for speeding up bootup procedures. The Startup Optimizer will remove any unwanted programmes from your device if it has an overabundance of bloatware, preventing them from starting up with the system or running continuously in the background. The end effect is a lot faster gadget; after using the Optimizer programme, we observed a startup speed acceleration of 10%.

Both of the tests we gave Bitdefender Total Security were perfect. Our web-based malware and phishing test had a success rate of nearly 100%. All questionable websites we tried to access were successfully banned by the anti-theft ransomware guard. Overall, Bitdefender passed our testing with flying colours, and we have little reason to worry about the security of our system.

Our Verdict

Both system optimization tools and a sizable selection of web security measures are available from Bitdefender. Bitdefender Total Security may be the solution you’re looking for if you also want a sophisticated PC cleanup suite and a cybersecurity package. Be aware, though, that Total Security’s dedicated VPN has a 200MB monthly cap, rendering it useless for intensive, prolonged use.

Norton AntiVirus Plus


Superior malware detection

URL blocker robot

Google Chrome add-on

Inspection of data using heuristics

Excellent data protection tool against ransomware


No options for multi-licensing

Just 2GB of backup space

The Norton App frequently crashes

One of the top Windows-only antivirus and anti-malware software suites on the market for many years is Norton AntiVirus Plus. Norton, a leading innovator in antivirus technology, uses heuristic and signature-based detection techniques to identify and neutralise security threats before they can be executed on the host system. In other words, security lovers looking for the most cutting-edge security should consider Norton AntiVirus Plus. This is another best antivirus.

Norton AntiVirus Plus has replaced Norton AntiVirus as the company’s primary anti-malware programme since its April 2019 debut. However, the absence of standout applications and features makes it seem superfluous to upgrade from the old Basic version to the new AntiVirus Plus. The addition of a brand-new password manager and an additional 2GB of cloud storage are the software’s two primary improvements for 2019.

The Rundown

The ability of Norton to detect suspect data packets heuristically is possibly its biggest selling point. The Norton antivirus algorithm has undergone decades of development and now has an unequalled capacity to detect harmful websites and downloads. Norton stops the content immediately and marks the server as malicious before the corrupted files have a chance to harm the user’s host system. In turn, this expedites the threat identification and removal procedure moving forward.

Operating Norton AntiVirus Plus doesn’t take much manual labour. Power users can change Norton’s filtering parameters to direct scans to high-priority HDD regions and execute scans on-demand, although the majority of Norton’s features are automated. Deep packet inspection methods are used by Norton’s trademark anti-malware system to quarantine security threats and suspicious packages in real-time, basically doing away with the requirement for direct human input.

Norton AntiVirus Plus provides single-device security for a Windows or macOS device at a reasonable price. AntiVirus Plus is a reliable anti-malware solution supported by Norton’s Virus Protection Promise, a money-back guarantee against infections, while lacking some of its competitors’ online privacy features.


A proprietary password manager, smart firewall, and online filtering are among the many legacy features of the Norton ecosystem included in the most recent version of Norton AntiVirus Plus. The Plus plan also includes new features, such as a webmail filter to lessen server-level spam and potential phishing emails.

Although NortonLifeLock has a long-standing collaboration with Microsoft Outlook, webmail services are only available there. Other personal email clients can only be used with Norton AntiVirus Plus after specific message diversion rules have been installed.

In the 2019 release of AntiVirus Plus from Norton, new Startup Manager and Optimize Disk functions are available. These tools simplify the startup launch processes on your computer and stop extra programmes from booting along with it. Given that a smaller portion of your system’s resources is devoted to pointless background apps, the consequence is a noticeably quicker boot time and a faster online browsing experience.

Parental controls are absent from the Plus bundle, and the 2GB of PC Cloud Backup storage it offers is insufficient compared to the 10GB Norton’s 360 Standard suite offers. AntiVirus Plus also lacks multi-factor authentication, safe password storing and sharing, and capabilities for digital inheritance, which is unusual for a top cybersecurity software suite.


AntiVirus Plus operates as predicted when put to the test, getting a 95 percent on our simulated malware screening tests. It’s interesting to note that Norton received a score of 97 percent after repeating the test and finding two more threats. Given the amount of system resources that Norton uses, it is remarkable that running a normal scan produced no discernible processing performance slowdowns.

The graphical user interface (GUI) for Norton is quite basic and has a dashboard with four panels for Security, Identity, Performance, and a settings tab. Green lettering and information are displayed in the dashboard module when the programme is up to date and hasn’t found any security threats. On the other hand, if a threat is found that necessitates user action, the programme changes to yellow or red colouring.

The downsides of Norton AntiVirus Plus are numerous. For instance, the My Norton app, which allows mobile users to remotely operate the Norton AntiVirus dashboard, is glitchy and prone to crashing on the latest iOS devices. It’s also important to note that a regular AntiVirus Plus subscription only covers one device; any additional devices require the purchase of a new licence.

Our Verdict

In addition to the built-in firewall in your operating system, Norton AntiVirus Plus is a genuine anti-malware and antiphishing service. Norton’s Plus subscription isn’t the best option for households with many computers or businesses with numerous employees because it only works with one device.

Our Winner

The antivirus software range for 2020 is packed with robust protection features that offer outstanding value. Because they pose such a high danger in the face of contemporary threats, there is no good reason to rely on out-of-date antivirus software. The antivirus tools of the past are ineffective against the new malware that is written every day.

After thorough deliberation, we decided that Total AV would be the best antivirus for 2020. Total AV offers powerful real-time security and anti-malware features in a lightweight package that doesn’t slow down systems or interfere with productivity. Additionally, Total AV is the only antivirus tool featuring an anti-rootkit monitor and unique heuristic file reputation system for advanced threat protection.

Total AV stands itself as the best premium antivirus software in a congested market. Count on Total AV to safeguard your home and office computers and to keep you safe from the most recent phishing scams, ransomware attacks, and other types of online crime.

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