Beginner’s Guides – How To Get Better at Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical game that demands learning skills and creating strategies. The first-person shooter promises to give an overwhelming experience. Siege has some complex mechanics that do not provide newcomers with a welcome feeling. The game’s unique nature makes it challenging for the players to play.

You can buy the best rainbow six siege cheats that will help you to take all the enemies out of the game. It will improve your gameplay and make the match enjoyable for you. You should know the mechanics of offense and defensive mode.

If you are a beginner and struggled through the first few matches of the Rainbow Six Siege, here is the beginner’s guide. The article includes tips to help you get better at the game.

Understand your team

A round in Rainbow Six Siege will be decided as you pick operators. The game is a little bit asymmetrical where your gadgets are the economy. So, consider having the correct utility in your line-up.

You can take a line-up that is a default attacking like Thermite, Thatcher, Hibana, and Buck. Understanding the role of each operator makes the game’s flow much more accessible. You need to follow the simple 2-2-1 rule of two hard and soft breachers, and one disabler will help you significantly.

Use drone

Droning is one of the best things in Six Siege. But it is not always comfortable to do droning the first time. The game allows two drones to the players. So, it would help if you used the drones wisely. Going in blind in the game will not do any good to the team.

Droning is a sure way for keeping the defending team on their toes and disturbing their setup. It gives more information to the team to work and adjust accordingly. So, taking a moment to drone out an entry point will protect your squad from hazards.

Keep an eye on default cams

It will take time to learn the default cams because of the number of maps present in rotation. But keeping an eye on default cams in Siege is critical. It will ensure a smoother approach in the game, fewer deaths to brood peeks, and comfort during the attack.

Even if you have good knowledge of camera placements on a map, there will be no guarantee that your teammates will care for you. Newcomers should not hesitate to disable the default cameras with Twitch or EMPs. It will help deny the defenders critical intel.

Focus on sound

Sound is both an advantage or disadvantage in the Rainbow Six Siege. It can be challenging to understand sound in the game as sound flows and moves as in real life. It is easier to hear the sounds above you while impossible to listen to those below you.

Try to break the glass on windows to hear the attackers outside as they approach. Be aware of the changes in audio on breaking a new wall. It is almost similar but has a unique sound in Six Siege. Keep an eye out for holes blasted into walls and broken windows as enemies could be listening to your approach.

Communication is critical

It can be challenging for you to communicate with the team in Siege, but it is one of the critical aspects of the game. Beginners often overlook communication and intel in the Rainbow Siege. There is a chance to be the lone ranger at times, but victory comes by working together.

Communicating with the team ensures that each team member is on the same page. Bouncing on the mic to inform the team what you have seen on the drone and where a dead team member can turn the match. Indeed, there will be some negative voices, but the match will run smoothly on effective communication.

Utilize clock

Siege lets you use the clock as a gadget. Almost everything on defense runs with time in the game. If your roamer survives and can run when attackers are shooting, you can change the scenario for them. You can force them to focus on more than the site.

If the attackers have not dealt with Maestro by the time they come to plant, it is easier to win for the defense.


That is all! Rainbow Six Siege is a game with twists and turns with many aspects to learn for beginners. The guide will enhance your knowledge of various game’s features and how to deal with them carefully. The above tips will help you to get better at the match and, outright the competitors.

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