Artificial Intelligence and All Its Implementations

Nowadays, when one refers to technology, it is all about artificial intelligence. These two simple words are topic number one in every technology discussion and they are used more often than the term “Metaverse”. AI is the key term in every article, in every presentation, in every podcast and in every video. Businesses from different industry fields are using artificial intelligence in order to improve their flow, in order to reduce friction and in order to modernize their operations. These goals are not only met by updating the digital components of the business ecosystem but also by educating the people that drive the organization forward.

Artificial intelligence is going to be the key component for all modern software and all mobile applications. The computer programs of tomorrow will do most of the thinking by themselves and the human contribution in the process will revolve around the monitoring of the functionality. Educational institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are offering short and fast-paced courses for individuals and for groups of professionals who need to improve their AI knowledge level in order to keep up with all the changes that will come with the implementation of artificial intelligence at the workplace. Those who do not jump on the train now, may be left behind.

Every Modern Digital Service Will Rely on AI

Artificial intelligence is not just about services like ChatGPT. Any service and any provider offering some form of digital service will have to rely on AI for something. The operators that already use AI can be anything from online casinos, logistics companies, and software providers to automobile manufacturers and even businesses that work with the arts.

To use the example of online casinos, let’s consider ‘how’ games become popular. We know that titles like NetEnt’s Dead or Alive video slots – one of the most popular games of the last ten years (it even got a blockbuster sequel) – will have their popularity measured via analytics, including how many plays are accrued on the platform. But there are other metrics, including what players are saying on social media, review forums, streams on YouTube and Twitch, etc. AI can harness all that data, bringing it together to provide a more detailed analysis of what is popular and what isn’t. It allows an industry to better understand its products, and it will allow them to market better to players.

AI software is already capable of so many things. If the users feed the program the information it needs, then it can do the math for them, it can create art and music, it can take care of the planning for the month ahead and it can tell a car how to navigate through traffic without crashing. With every new string of information, artificial intelligence programs will get smarter and more effective and sooner or later, they will be able to replace a big part of the human workforce. Many jobs will become redundant and many people will have to look for new ways in order to survive. However, there will also be new opportunities for those who have invested their time in learning more about artificial intelligence. After all, this is not going to be the first time that people have had to adapt to the innovation technology has brought to the workplace. This happened thirty years and forty years ago, when paper copy documentation was replaced by computerized documentation.

AI Can Potentially Replace Doctors and Teachers

A few years ago, getting a job in education, medicine or construction meant that you were safe for life, as certain jobs would not be replaced by technology. With AI, we may end up seeing things change even in these professions. Artificial intelligence programs may revolutionize modern medicine, they may replace teachers and they may even be able to operate machinery that will deal with plumbing and building. This is not something that is going to happen 100 years from now. In less than ten years, we will start seeing major changes in every industry. These changes will lead to a new industrial revolution; one where technology will be the heart and mind of every operation.

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