Top 6 Useful Apps Like Talkatone You Can Try

Useful Apps Like Talkatone You Can Try will be described in this article. Talkatone is a free messaging app that allows you to send limitless text messages and phone calls to anybody you choose. This is a significant VoIP-based communication program that offers free methods of contact around the world, unlike the conventional phone and messaging apps. Users have, however, expressed frustration over problems they are having with Talkatone. They have complained that they are unable to SMS short numbers and that customer service responses take an eternity. So your quest is done if you’ve been seeking for the greatest Talkatone substitutes. Both free and paid applications that are similar to Talkatone are listed in this article.

Top 6 Useful Apps Like Talkatone You Can Try

In this article, you can know about Apps Like Talkatone here are the details below;

1. TextNow


On our list of the top apps like Talkatone, TextNow takes the top spot. TextNow applications like Talkatone iOS Android. Customers have had access to free phone service technology through TextNow since it was founded in 2009, more than ten years ago.

You can contact your friends and family without any limits on texting and calling. Simply download the app, choose a free phone number with your preferred US/Canada area code, and you can start earning calls & sending texts right away.

Key Features

  • Get unrestricted cell phone coverage on one of the biggest wireless networks in the nation.
  • Take your current number to ensure you never miss a call.
  • Unlimited free voice calls, texts, and video or picture messages can be sent & received to the United States or Canada.
  • Purchase versatile, inexpensive data add-ons, or create the service you desire.
  • You can acquire mobile data and travel anywhere with inexpensive data add-ons.
  • provides affordable international calling to more than 230 countries
  • transcription of voicemails and conference calls
  • Make a phone out of your Wi-Fi-enabled tablets and laptops

Pricing: A completely free ad-supported plan is available from TextNow. However, you can upgrade to the subscription plan starting at $8.99 per month if you don’t like advertisements. Additionally, you can select from 1 to 5 GB of high-speed data, with monthly rates of $8.99 for 1 GB, $15.99 for 2 GB, $19.99 for 3 GB, and $27.99 for 5 GB.

Windows, MacOS, iOS, iPad OS, and Android are all compatible.

2. Google Voice

Google Voice

Similar to Talkatone, Google Voice gives you a phone number for calling, texting, and leaving voicemail in the US, Canada, UK, France, Spain, and a few more nations. It is mostly utilized for voice calls, call forwarding, text messages, and voicemail. All users should configure their phone number in the account web portal so that calls are redirected to that number.

Key Features

  • Voice makes it simpler than ever to remain in touch and save time by storing and backing up calls, texts, and voicemails.
  • Manage your time with customized call, text, and voicemail forwarding options.
  • Provides voicemail transcriptions with advanced features that you may read in the app.
  • Automatically blocks numbers you don’t want to hear from and filters spam
  • Use your mobile carrier’s minutes to make international calls without paying extra.
  • It leverages Google’s AI to stop spam calls, saving you time.

Pricing: Google Voice is totally free for personal use. There are, however, various plans available for businesses.

Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, iPad OS, and Android are all compatible.

3. TextFree


Pinger created the free messaging application TextFree. It enables users to make international calls and send texts for free or a fee over the internet. By selecting your preferred area code, you may create a second phone number that is uniquely yours.

Then, obtain the one-of-a-kind number and communicate it to your loved ones. Create a group using the group chat tool to keep in touch with loved ones. Keep in mind that texting is free in 35 countries but calling is currently only available within the US and Canada. Also check Kast Alternatives 

Key Features

  • From your phone or the internet, transmit SMS, group discussions, images, videos, & emojis.
  • Without a carrier plan, make dependable Wi-Fi calls, and personalize your voicemail message.
  • Get a phone number with the area code of your choice that matches how distinctive you are.
  • Create a unique phone number to use as your main or backup number.
  • Send messages using MMS or SMS from any location where you have Wi-Fi.
  • You can create chats with folks from your contact list using the group chat tool.
  • You may talk and phone privately using private Wi-Fi calling and texting.
  • The capacity to ban obtrusive callers, hide text messages from spam bots, and contact

Pricing: Free and premium plans are also available. The price of the Premium program is $9.99 per month, $39.99 for six months, and $69.99 for a full year. You can access this page for comprehensive details on TextFree Plus’s features and pricing.

iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS are all compatible.

4. Dingtone


Dingtone is an additional Android and iOS software similar to Talkatone that offers registered users a fantastic means of communication. You can call countries abroad, like Canada, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, India, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, Mexico, France, and more. Additionally, the majority of free calls between Digitone customers have superior clarity than calls made using standard phone services thanks to HD voice technology. Anybody can be reached for free by phone over a 3G/4G data network or Wi-Fi. This is another Apps Like Talkatone.

Key Features

  • Get a free phone number with unlimited texts to the US, Australia, and Canada and Wi-Fi calling.
  • Without a SIM card or cellular plans, you can make free web calls to any landline or mobile number.
  • An app can send free online SMS, texts, voicemails, and photos to a genuine number.
  • Provides services for business phones including call forwarding, voicemail, call blocking, etc. to enhance communication for company.
  • Allows you to send cheap SMS and make unlimited international calls.
  • The choice of which of your numbers will be shown when someone calls
  • The premium VoIP network from Digitone is used to transmit voice calls.

Pricing: The monthly cost of a Digitone subscription for a US phone number is $4.99. All US consumers, however, are given a free first US cell number.

On the other side, non-US consumers who purchase 500 Digitone credits will receive a free US mobile number. For additional details about Digitone prices, go here.

Windows, iOS, and Android compatibility

5. Fongo


Fongo offers low-cost, personal, and small-business communication solutions together with VoIP and internet access, making it Canada’s #1 economical communication provider. You may still use an internet connection to view Fongo even if you travel outside of Canada! You can send free reader messages to your pals and share content with them using Fongo. You can also text non-Fingo phone numbers if you add an unlimited SMS service for a monthly cost. This is another Apps Like Talkatone. Also check Zenly Alternatives 

Key Features

  • To use Fongo, you must have an internet connection.
  • Get a local Canadian phone number for yourself.
  • Incoming international calls and SMS text messages are both free of charge.
  • Cheap international rates with global credits
  • Caller ID, call forwarding, voicemail, call waiting, call transfer, receive faxes, and other functions are all available for free calls.
  • Synchronization with your Facebook friends and current contacts
  • Home phone service from Fongo is identical to regular landline service.
  • Supports the languages of Chinese, English, and French.

Price: There are both free and paid versions available. There are premium add-ons available for the free version. The monthly cost for the premium editions is $10. The pro plan adds extra features, more extensions, and greater customizability to your free Fongo working system. And visit this page to learn more about calling prices.

iOS, MacOS, Android, and ChromeOS are all compatible.

6. TextMe


TextMe is a free texting and calling app that you may use to call anyone, domestically or abroad, just like other Talkatone options. The top free texting app also offers free calls and multiple numbers. With a novel communication strategy, TextMe is revolutionizing conventional forms of communication. Through a smartphone, users can effortlessly contact with anyone in the globe. Simply download the app to your device to get started. This is another Apps Like Talkatone.

Key Features

  • Real phone number for free messaging and anonymous calling
  • Group messaging, group chat, and MMS picture messaging
  • To safeguard your privacy, select as many personalized phone numbers as you like.
  • Text and chat with colorful emoticons and stickers, as well as images, videos, and voice messages
  • Text tone, send text tone, background or wallpaper, and voicemail greeting customizability
  • Utilize SMS to send your Dropbox images and videos.
  • For use when communicating with friends abroad or traveling abroad, create a foreign number.

Pricing: Although TextMe is available for free, you can upgrade to its premium program starting at $3.99 per month to have access to its sophisticated features. These features include call and text volume limits, no advertisements, call forwarding, and conversation exporting. Additionally, there is a charge to buy credits.

iOS, MacOS, Android, and ChromeOS are all compatible.

Summing Up

These trustworthy Talkatone substitutes are listed along with their main characteristics, compatibility, and cost. These are all free call-making applications that offer US numbers so users may make free international calls to the US, Canada, and the United Station. We therefore hope that our article on Talkatone-like applications has assisted you in locating the top free calling applications that only use cellular data or Wi-Fi to make or receive domestic and international calls.

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