Top 12 Best Budgeting Apps Like Mint

Best Budgeting Apps Like Mint will be discussed in this article. In this article, I’m going to give you a significant thing about your life. If you have ever used the Mint app, then that’s great. We will provide you with a great collection of Alternative apps like Mint. So, compare all the best money saving apps with their unique features, select the most suitable one for you. People want their finances to be managed properly. If you are serious about good budget money or making a budget plan, getting some digital help is a solid move.

Top 12 Best Budgeting Apps Like Mint

In this article, you can know about Top 12 Best Budgeting Apps Like Mint here are the details below;

1. Wallet: Personal Finance, Budget & Expense Tracker


Wallet is one of the best alternatives that have significant features when it can track your expenses overtime each month, compared to your monthly income. Users can track and cancel subscriptions, automatically add to savings, and track their credit score regularly through their Wallet Money account.

Even though it comes with web and mobile versions, it has outstanding features in the mobile version. The mobile version has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. This finance tracker provides a facility to allow and track your subscriptions. Users can conveniently track their budgetary expenses at major merchant locations.

2. Monefy – Budget Manager And Expense Tracker App


Monefy is another free budget planner that uncomplicates personal money management. This monthly and weekly budget app is a budget, economic and personal finance, and the best money tracking app for saving money. Budget ideas can be complicated and hard to deal with. With Monefy’s simple but useful features, users have experienced it so easily and flexibly.

Aimbity AS has come up with a budgeting feature in Google Play Store where Android users can set up a maximum amount on how much they want to spend on digital content for a particular month. This appeals to premium applications, movies, games, TV shows, eBooks, music, you name it. As you reach the budgets online limit of each month, you will receive an alert that you are about to exceed the limit or have exceeded it already.

It will never stop purchases. To access this feature, you need to see the Play Store from your Android device and select the left-side menu. In the “Account” section, choose the “Purchase History” tab. Then you can select the “Set budget” option for setting up a budget by entering the amount you wish to spend each month.

The set amount can be adjusted or removed entirely after saving. There you will be able to see all your purchasing records too. The monthly budget history is tracked in users’ accounts and is automatically removed each year.

3. Earnin


Earnin is the best savings app that allows users to borrow money against their paychecks. So, this home budget app is best for users who occasionally require a little amount of extra cash before their next paycheck. There is a balance shield in the Earnin app that helps prevent overdrafts from users’ bank accounts. Then you can link your bank accounts and credit cards by entering your login information.

To use the Earnin app, users have to direct deposits to a checking account built up through their income source, most probably their employer, and there should be consistent pay. This best budget app for android is also available for iOS users. There are no interests or fees in this app. To use Earnin, you will have to meet their eligibility requirements.

4. QuickBooks


QuickBooks can be used effectively as a personal expense tracker instead of the Mint budgeting app. There are many reasons why household budgeting apps are not always people’s best choice. The Best Budgeting software or personal budget apps free each has one thing or another that users find inconvenient. Some do not connect to the users’ banks easily. Some are only mobile apps. Some cost a monthly fee that many users do not want to pay.

Many daily budget apps do not track the expenses in the way the customers want them to. So, in such instances, QuickBooks can assist you in creating a customizable expenses tracker. The old-fashioned budget spreadsheets will do precisely what you need them to. You can create as many categories as you want like an excel budget template.

5. Money Manager Expense & Budget

Money Manager Expense & Budget

Banknotes Manager Expense & Budget is one of the best allotment apps to have if you are concerned about financial management. If you are looking for any daily budgeting apps like Mint free that will help you make a budget, you have to be worried about their security. This free app allows you to sign up for an account. After that process, you can use these budget programs to track your expenses, create saving goals, and get alerts and updates on your costs.

Users can create an individual budget, monthly, weekly, or daily. Anyone is free to create a budget around how they spend their money. It also allows you to track money and budget for specific purposes, such as buying a new car or going on a trip. Money Manager Expense and Budget is free to download.

6. Every Dollar

Every Dollar

Every Dollar is another free budget management software that has similar features to Mint. It is one of the best budget software free in the market as well. Every Dollar is the best free budget app, while another paid version is named “Every Dollar Plus.” Moreover, this budget program free is among the best iPhone apps like Mint but better.

Is EveryDollar A Good App?

Yes, it is. With Every Dollar, you can easily add your monthly income, setup a budget, and plan your expenses. It is one of the best expense tracking apps you will ever use. Every Dollar has attractive features like multi-transaction drop, bank syncing, split transactions, and debt reduction tools.

7. Money Lover: Money Manager & Budget Tracker

Money Lover

You always want your money to be invested and spent productively. But it does not happen ever. That is why you need a financial advisor or a manager to manage all your finances in one place. Money Lover: Money Manager & Budget Tracker is one of the old-timers in financial apps.

Above mentioned Mint alternative has developed with advanced features that make them perform even better than Mint. It is better to try out this different app. This budget website will help you understand where your money is going, set savings goals, and track your progress.

8. Bluecoins Finance

Bluecoins Finance

To manage personal finances effectively, you have to manage your income and expenses properly. For that budgeting tracking, all your expenses are a must. Suppose all your expenses are managed and tracked well. In that case, you will work within your budget, which ultimately allows you to live within your means. Also check Alternatives

Bluecoins Finance is a money budget app free that can successfully track and categorize all your credit and debit card expenses. In its free financial dashboard, you are given a cash flow and a budgeting analyzer. Besides, in the paid wealth management option, an investment management option is provided.

It is better to set up a separate email address to sign up for this best personal finance app android. Do not forget to update your bank and credit card passwords. Whether or not you are using a finance app, it is better to change your passwords regularly.

9. Albert – Is Albert App Legit?


Albert is a full-featured finance monitoring app like Mint. Users are allowed to link all their accounts and track their account balances and net worth. Albert’s smart saving calculation considers users’ upcoming bills, income, recent expenses, and checking account balances. Moreover, this alternative to Mint can analyze users’ income and current spending daily and allocate small amounts of money they can safely save.

This saving tool is free, and users’ money is secure with this app. Albert Savings’ money is kept in an FDIC-insured savings account, which means users do not have to be worried about losing their money. They have their premium version, Albert Genius, which acts as a personal financial advisor.

10. Truebill – Is Truebill Better Than Mint?


Although both are the best free budgeting apps in the market, there are slight differences between them. Truebill has better performance. The main difference between Truebill when compared to Mint is that Truebill reveals all your spending habits while actively helping you make changes. You can track your expenses and trim unnecessary subscriptions, negotiate better rates, and find refunds for fees with Truebill.

Mint vs Truebill: Truebill allows a wide range of services and a better experience, while Mint mainly focuses on budget tracking expenses and budgeting for beginners. Apart from budgeting, Truebill can show all the subscriptions users pay for and allow you to cancel unnecessary ones simply by using the app. Truebill also provides a bill negotiation service.

11. Emma


When you search for personal budgeting apps free, you will find there are many apps in the market. Different apps focus on different features. So, it is better to take time and prioritize what you seek in such an app. As a free financial management software, Emma does a great job. It mainly focuses on online money managing your expenditure.

Is Emma A Safe App?

Even though these best budget planner apps seem safe, there are things you should consider keeping your personal information and accounts as safe as possible. Always keep in touch with the relevant security updates that each online budget software provides. If the developers find a loophole in their product and modify them, having an updated version is the best option. Also check Godaddy Alternatives 

12. Goodbudget


Goodbudget is based on the traditional envelope system. You have to allocate your monthly income against a particular expense category. After allocating the money for each category, the customer can easily see how much income is left. So, they can control their spending. The free version of this simple budget app allows ten envelopes, while the robust paid version allows more envelopes.

It also provides accounts history and several different financial tools. Unlike most of the free budget software, including Mint, Goodbudget does not allow syncing your bank account. Therefore, you have to add account balances, debts, and cash amounts manually.

Which App Is Best For Daily Expenses?

In this article, we brought you the best expense tracker apps for personal financial budgets based on their features and tools. We also discussed what their objectives are and what advantages the users get when using these apps. If you are looking to start budgeting your money and need assistance getting the process moving, YNAB (You Need A Budget) would be a good option for your requirements.

What Are The Best Apps For Budgeting Like Mint In India?

There are some best financial apps like Mint in India. Walnut Expense Tracking App, Qykly Daily Expense Manager, mTracker, ET Money, Money View, and Chillr are some of the best finance apps that work like mint in India. Suppose you are struggling with creating a budget and tracking your expenses. In that case, these are the best options similar to the Mint budget planning app. These top budget apps assist you in budgeting, tracking expenses, monitoring credit and invoices.

What Are The Best Mint Alternative Canada Apps?

According to  2019 Canadian Financial Capability Survey (CFCS), Canadians who regularly manage their financial accounts can keep up with their financial obligations and expand within their monthly income. If you’re unsure about creating an easy budget, there are several free budget apps out there to make it easier.

Mint has been on the top list, but now there are many best personal finance apps like Mint which are better in performance. All the apps mentioned above work as well as money manager apps. There are finance management apps like mint Canada, including Wallet, Wally, Spendee, Smart Receipt, and PocketSmith.


Many customers are fed up with the Mint app and some of its dissatisfaction features, including synchronization problems, no reconciliation, lack of investing features, lack of report generation, and poor customer services. There are plenty of the best spending tracker apps, budget makers, and online budgeting tools available in the market.

In this article, we have listed out other apps like Mint. Each money management app or financial software has a different set of features. Some best budget tools are similar to each other. There has never been a better time to check out mint com alternatives to it. We have put together this list of the best budgeting apps you should try out now. Following the free personal budget software has advanced features that make them perform better than the Mint app. Check out these alternatives to Mint on this list to find the best app for budgeting that works best for you.

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