12 Airtable Alternatives In 2022

This post will explain airtable alternatives. But it isn’t ideal; different businesses and individuals will profit from different project management options. If you’re not satisfied with Airtable and all the graphic features it offers, you might be interested in one of the eleven Airtable alternatives I’ve listed below.

12 Airtable Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about airtable alternatives here are the details below;

Airtable Overview

To select the best Airtable alternative, you must be able to compare them to Airtable. Here is a quick overview of the advantages & features of Airtable.

Airtable is a robust visual project management tool. You can use it to develop projects in a variety of perspectives depending on the type of project and user preferences. These consist of grids, kanban boards, calendars, and Gantt charts.

One of its characteristic features that gives its workflows life is blocks. Blocks from Airtable and other third-party programmes like Typeform, Pexels, Loom, etc. are already included.

Additionally, it connects to a variety of other third-party applications, such as Mailchimp, LinkedIn, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Airtable makes it simple to start new projects and manage ones that already exist with the aid of its templates. It also has desktop (Mac and Windows) and mobile apps that allow for in-team communication in real-time.

Best suited for:

Large organisations and corporations.


Prices start at nothing and can be customised. $10/month and $20/month subscription plans are in the middle.

Is Airtable available for a free trial? Yes, there is a cost-free choice.

The best alternatives to Airtable in project management

1. Agiled


A white-label platform that streamlines and unifies all of your business’s procedures under one roof.

$69.00 | $540.00

Agiled is a comprehensive management tool. You can use it to manage your workforce, clients, and leads.

You can create a white-labeled gateway for each client.

Employee management includes all aspects of project and task formulation, time management, and employee attendance tracking. It has boards in the kanban style, which makes it easy for your team to communicate and visualise a project.

Agiled can be used to draught contracts and proposals for your clients as well as to manage your finances.

It also has a fantastic insights option that enables you to keep track of your team’s productivity.

Best suited for:

Large client agencies are the best candidates.


Depending on the service, monthly costs might range from $0 to $79 per month. Instead, you can purchase it for life on Appsumo for a single payment of just $69!

Does Agiled provide a free plan? Yes, there is a cost-free choice.

2. Stackby


The closest thing you’ll ever find to an Airtable replacement is Stackby.

It functions much like a database and is just as straightforward as a spreadsheet. Additionally, it is frequently referred to as Airtable’s “missing half” because to its heavy use of APIs and automations.

For non-technical teams, Stackby is a full-featured collaboration platform that enables you to customise your own work tools. With over 25 distinct sorts of unique columns and 30+ native column connectable API connections with well-known services like Google Analytics, YouTube, MailChimp, and Facebook Ads, the platform is powerful yet user-friendly. Also check scrum software

Planning, managing, and even automating your data enrichment and reporting projects may all be done in one place. Stackby has you covered whether you’re a project management team allocating work, a sales team dealing with prospects, or a marketing team handling content, campaigns, and reporting.

You can effectively see your data with customisable forms, Kanban & gallery views, and embeddable views to share it with the world.

Additionally, Stackby offers a Chrome extension (Web Clipper), mobile apps, and a web app (Web Clipper).

Best suited for:

SMBs, agencies, and large organisations.


Prices range from $5 per user per month for a personal solo plan to $9 per user per month for the Economy plan and $18 per user per month for the Business plan. Normally, the cost of the Economy package for six users would be $648 per year.

Do they offer a free trial for Stackby? Yes, a free trial period of 7 days (+7 additional days) is offered.

3. Nifty


Through automatic reporting and scalable insights, Nifty is a remote collaboration hub that supports your remote team’s regular project, task, and communication activities. Nifty is well-liked by the product, marketing, development, and customer-facing teams. It was named the #1 Workflow Tool of 2020 by Software Advice as well as the  #1 Easiest to Manipulate Project Management Solution by G2.

With its one-click Zoom integration, comprehensive Slack interface, and immersive GSuite integration that incorporates new and pre-existing Google Docs, Sheets, and Presentations into your projects, Nifty bridges the gap between communication and action. This is another Airtable alternative.

Best suited for:

Groups of all sizes.

Pricing: Annual payments for paid plans begin at $39 per month.

Nifty offers a free trial, right? Yes, there is a 14-day free test period.

4. Asana


Check out Asana if you’re looking for a straightforward kanban project management tool. It’s easy to set up jobs and projects on it because you usually use kanban boards to build up the various stages before creating cards to monitor activity.

Additionally, Asana has a calendar. It can be used to organise schedules and keep track of time. Both the desktop and mobile apps allow your team to view the project and respond.

It should be quite simple for your personnel to learn how to use. Even certain automation features that may make things even simpler are available. There is also a fairly tolerant free version of Asana. It ought to be adequate for the majority of businesses.

The only drawback to Asana is how simplistic it is. Other chart kinds, such the Gantt charts that Airtable offers, are absent from it.

Best suited for:

The price range is $0 up to enterprise. A $10.99/month plan and a $24.99/month option are also available.

Is there a free trial period for Asana? Yes, there is a cost-free choice.

5. Basecamp


This is another Airtable alternative. One of the most useful project managing tools is Basecamp. You can use it to interact with the entire firm, manage teams, and projects.

You first create projects, after which you allocate teams to each project. After that, you may create to-do lists and assign certain team members to different tasks. Multiple schedules can be created for the project. It contains a message board and a campfire chat area for communication.

The project’s files are gathered together in one location. It facilitates access to them.

The company has a central board where all the employees can communicate with one another.

Overall, it’s a great tool that’s quite simple to use. It also offers a free plan, however it is quite basic. You must enrol in the premium plan in order to benefit the most from it. Monthly fees are $99 for it. When compared to the other instruments on the list, it is a bit pricey. Also check antivirus software

Searching for a Basecamp substitute? View our list right here.

Best suited for:

Large businesses.


There are two options: the $0 monthly plan and the $99 monthly plan.

Do they offer a free trial of Basecamp? There is a free version, indeed.

6. Plutio


The majority of project management software platforms, including Airtable, frequently have a problem. They typically produce their goods for large companies that employ dozens of employees.

Few of them produce them for private persons and small businesses.

Plutio is one of the few that I have encountered. You can create projects and tasks using this straightforward project management tool and assign them to your team. Real-time communication is possible with your team.

You may even keep tabs on how much time your staff is devoting to a project.

Project management software is simply one aspect of Plutio. Additionally, you may use it to create expert invoices, proposals, forms, and surveys, among many other activities. It is an all-inclusive solution that you may use to manage a freelance or small agency.

Plutio has a lot of potential features, but its project management tools aren’t as strong as those of Airtable. You must be looking for something easy and simple for it to work for you.

Best suited for:

Independent contractors and small businesses.


A Solo plan is available for $15 per month, and a Team plan is available for $30 per month. You will pay $360 annually for the Team plan.

Do they offer a free trial for Plutio? Yes, there is a 14-day free trial period.

7. Zenkit


The project management solution that works for almost every firm is called Zenkit.

For creating and managing straightforward projects, it has a kanban view, and for more complex ones, it has a Gantt chart view. A wiki view is also available.

You can even track projects, events, and employees using the calendar view. Additionally, it provides an inbox where you can view all of your tasks and projects, making it simple to manage and complete your work.

Zenkit has mobile apps for Android and iOS as well as desktop tools for Windows, Mac, and Linux that make connecting simple.

And since it has a board importer that lets you to move items, switching from another well-known tool like Trello or Asana should be simple. This is another Airtable alternative.

The storage is Zenkit’s only drawback. With the free plan and the basic plan, storage is restricted to 1GB and 6GB, respectively. You must enrol in the more expensive plans in order to receive more.

Best suited for:

Small to large businesses.

Prices range from $0 up to enterprise. Two medium alternatives are available for €6 and €9 a month.

Do they offer a free trial for Zenkit? Yes, there is a cost-free choice.

8. Wrike


With more than 20,000 users, Wrike is a fantastic project management tool. It offers a variety of pre-made templates, making it simple to develop projects with it. Agile teamwork, project planning, marketing campaign management, product launches, etc. are a few of them.

All you have to do, counting on the project(s) you are developing, is choose one or a few of these templates. Then assign team members to each task and break the project down into smaller components (team members). You can then specify the start and due dates.

Your staff members can begin working on the project and contact you immediately if they have any questions.

It is that simple. It provides views for both Kanban and Gantt charts to help you visualise your projects and complete tasks on time.

Best suited for:

Large businesses.

The cost of the free plan is nothing. The plans range from $9.80 per user per month to $24.80 per user per month. Additionally, it has a business plan.

Is there a free trial period for Wrike? There is a free version, indeed.

9. Zoho


A simple cloud-based project management tool is Zoho. You may create projects and tasks, assign them to people, and specify start and finish dates, just like with other project management software. Zoho also allows for time tracking.

Additionally, you can link jobs together so that when one finishes, the next one begins immediately.

And it provides four different viewpoints. These are traditional, basic Gantt and Kanban charts. Depending on the project you are constructing, you can choose the view. Also check  payroll software

This is another Airtable alternative. To make project management even simpler, Zoho integrates with a number of third-party programmes including Zapier, Dropbox, GitHub, and Slack.

Additionally, it connects to other Zoho apps like Zoho Books, Zoho CRM, Zoho Docs, etc.

Even though it has all these connectors, compared to Airtable, it is a basic tool. If you intend to utilise other Zoho tools as well, it will work best for you.

Best suited for:

Small and medium-sized businesses.

Cost: $0 to $6 per user per month.

Do they have a free trial for Zoho? Yes, there is a cost-free choice.

10. Podio


A management tool from Citrix is called Podio. It can be used to manage both clients and employees.

It offers a variety of views to manage various projects and operations. Additionally, you can choose them based on the preferences of the individuals working on the project.

It can be utilised similarly to other task management programmes. The method is the same.

Various third-party products, including Citrix’s own GotoMeeting, are interfaced with by Podio.

Although the software is easy to use, the user interface could be better.

Project managers and small to large organisations are the best candidates.

With $9 and $14 plans in between, prices range from $0 to $24 per month.

Does Podio offer a free trial period? Yes, there is a cost-free choice.

11. Quip


Salesforce task management is made easier with Quip. It allows you to upload and use documents, spreadsheets, slides, and charts in Salesforce.

Not only can the team access documents and presentations, but it can also edit them collectively. Slides can be used to present data from Salesforce as well as spreadsheets. They can also be used to gather feedback and determine level of interest. This is another Airtable alternative.

Chat can also be used for communication, of course. It offers both group chat and one-on-one texting.

Additionally, it has a tonne of templates that could aid in your quick start.

Best suited for:

Enterprises are the best candidates.


$10 per user/month to be determined.

Does Quip offer a free trial period? Yes, a risk-free trial is offered.

12. Trello


My preferred project management tool is Trello. It helps me maintain track of all of my projects.

Over 50 million people use this simple project management programme on both desktop and mobile devices. There is a web version as well. This is another Airtable alternative.

It and Asana are very similar. You begin by creating distinct stages for your projects using the kanban board view. The project can then be broken down into tasks using cards, assigned to team members, and given a deadline.

It is incredibly simple to use and clear. Trello would be a great choice for you if you’re looking for something simple. In a few days, you and your team can become proficient at using it. You can look through the knowledge base or get in touch with customer service if you have any questions.

However, if you’re looking for more sophisticated capabilities, you should look in a different direction. Trello lacks all the sophisticated features that Airtable provides.

Searching for a Trello substitute? View our list right here.

Best suited for:

Singletons and small groups.

Price ranges from $0 to $17.50 per user per month. The middle option costs $9.99 per user per month.

Is there a trial period for Trello? Yes, there is a cost-free choice.

Have you chosen a replacement for Airtable?

There are so many fantastic Airtable alternatives, as you can see above. While some are less complicated and less expensive than Airtable, others are more complex and more expensive. Your needs and budget should determine which one you choose. So, before choosing a tool, be sure to carefully analyse them.

All of the aforementioned offer free trials or other introductory offers. Before picking one as your favourite, you can try them all out.

For more project management tools, you might also want to look in the Appsumo store. The better ones are continually being added.

For a one-time fee, you can buy the majority of them for life. You might also find some additional tools that can assist you in managing your business.

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