Top 7 Best AI Tweet Generator Tools In 2023

Best ai tweet generator tools will be discussed in this article. I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. I clearly spend too much time consuming Twitter content. But then again, tweeting hot takes is good for business. So I take the Faustian bargain. I like to automate as much of my Twitter activity as possible so I can post and ghost. Luckily, we’ve got AI tweet generators. Using generative AI technology, we can now repurpose long-form content into social media posts, generate ideas for Twitter, and rewrite and iterate on content that has worked well. Editor’s note: going to use some affiliate links. Also, instead of automating all the content you create, try writing some of it yourself with your own ideas. It’s rewarding. Carry on.

Top 7 Best AI Tweet Generator Tools In 2023

In this article, you can know about Top 7 Best AI Tweet Generator Tools In 2023 here are the details below;

1. Jasper


Look, if you’ve followed me for a bit, you know I love Jasper.Jasper is an all-purpose AI text generator and AI image generator that is straight up powerful.I’ve been using it since they started out (and my agency actually worked with them to drive over $4M in ARR through their blog). I personally use it to help me write these blog posts (hello!). To create Tweets, they have a few nice templates. First, they have this Tweet Machine template that lets you describe your premise, pick a tone of voice (note: you can train Jasper on your own brand voice, which I have done), and then generate a TON of tweets.

Then, they have Jasper chat, which is just like ChatGPT but also includes Google search results. Here I ask it to create a Tweet in the style of Chuck Palahniuk about the dangers of soy:

Finally, they have a great Chrome extension that lets you generate Tweets within Twitter (or whatever platform you use to schedule Tweets – I use Hypefury): Jasper is one of my favorite generative AI platforms and just continues to improve. It’s got great pricing, and I love the outputs.

Price: $49 / mo billed monthly for unlimited words

G2 Score: 4.7/5

2. Copy AI

Copy AI

Copy AI is another early player in the AI copywriting space. Like Jasper, they were built on top of OpenAI’s models and generate high quality writing. This tool is primarily built with templates, though they also have an open-form AI chatbot that allows for more creativity.

They don’t have an explicit Twitter template, but they have a few that help you construct Tweets including their hook generator:

  • Personally, I like the chatbot. I think their AI technology on this is top tier and produces some perfect Tweets.
  • Copy AI is also a super affordable platform for those looking to get started with AI generated tweets.

(Side note: I’m well aware that it doesn’t sound anything like Tom Robbins. Novelists may still have a job after all).

Price: Starts free and then $36 / mo for unlimited words

G2 Score: 4.8/5

3. Writesonic


Writsonic is a very similar platform to Jasper with a few exceptions. Namely, they have Botsonic, a tool that lets you build chatbots based on your own data. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. We’re here to talk about tools that can create personalized tweets with relevant content that snags your audience’s attention. Writesonic has a variety of ways you can use the tool including an open form document editor, a chatbot (called Chatsonic), and a bunch of useful templates including regular tweet content as well as Twitter threads:

As for the quality, it’s pretty similar to the others on this list, perhaps a little bit higher quality if you’re on a higher tier plan. The underlying models are all from OpenAI. You either get Premium: GPT-3.5 or Superior: GPT-4 & GPT-4 32K. Good tool that can write a great tweet as well as create images and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Price: Starts free then $12.67 / month

G2 Score: 4.7/5



Writer is one of the underdogs in this space. It’s one of my favorite tools for long form content because of a few reasons:

  • They use their own custom LLMs (large language models), not those from OpenAI
  • You can train your own data and brand voice
  • Their API is great
  • They have a ton of editorial features, not just Grammarly-like copy editing.
  • They have multi-media inputs, allowing you to upload video, image, and audio

All said, it’s a differentiated tool in a highly commoditized space.

For writing Tweets, I really like their chat tool. It can read pages you give it, so I like to repurpose blog posts. Check it out:

They don’t have a Twitter specific template, but it’s easily the best tool for capturing the tone of voice that will resonate with a target audience and get maximum reach.

Price: Free to start

G2 Score: 4.6/5

5. ChatGPT


If you haven’t heard about ChatGPT at this point, you’ve probably been living under a rock.

There was even a South Park episode about it:

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot built by OpenAI (the makers of GPT-3, GPT-4, all the stuff you hear about nowadays basically).

It’s a powerful tool with an open, conversational interface. So basically, the outputs are only as good as your prompts, but it’s also got unlimited use cases.

I like to use it to repurpose content into generated tweets and creative captivating tweets from my podcast transcripts.

It doesn’t really know your brand voice or target audience unless you prompt it very well; so that’s a limitation. But it is free to use (and the paid version is only $20 a month). And the tool is as easy as having a conversation. As an AI tweet generator, it’s okay. But as an all-purpose AI writer, it’s awesome.

Price: Free (and then $20/mo)

G2 Score: NA


TweetHunter is an AI tweet generator that got famous because it lets you generate tweets at scale and do so in the voice and style of different famous people. Really, it’s a full social media management platform with tweet generator functionality. In addition to the tweet generator, it’s also got a million features like analytics, tweet scheduling, auto DMs and retweets, yadda yadda. Everything you need to be a think boi spammer on Twitter! Snark aside, it seems like a powerful tool.

Price: $49 / mo

G2 Score: NA

7. TweetyAI


TweetyAI is, from what I can tell, not a great AI tweet generator. I’m putting it on this list because it’s ranks when you search “best AI tweet generator.”

But, really, I tried it out. Look at this garbled word salad:

I don’t know, I’m sure it works well when you let ChatGPT do it. But you have to pay to do that, so I didn’t do it. I just tried the standard. You can also generate tweets based on trending topics, too. Maybe this is just bad product marketing. If it were me, I’d just require a card to sign up for the ChatGPT one. But I’m just a blogger writing an listicle with affiliate links – why would you ever want my actual opinion?

Listen: if you want a good AI writing tool, go with Jasper, Copy AI, Writesonic, or Writer. Or just use ChatGPT for free. Or write your own tweets. I’m not going to tell you it’s easy. It requires that you think for yourself before you launch a bunch of content out into the world for other real people to spend their very real time reading. Or…just use social media platforms as leverage for your social media presence building and generate thousands of robot-written tweets. Do whatever you want, you’re an adult. An engaging tweet that goes viral is all that matters.

Price: $9.99 per month for the ChatGPT driven tweets

G2 Score: NA


Looking for a good AI writer assistant to flood Twitter with your captivating tweets? Tons of options out there. Jasper and Writer are my favorite platforms overall (they don’t just focus on social media platforms like twitter). I probably use Jasper the most for an AI tweet generator that does it from scratch. I use Writer as my AI tweet generator for repurposing from other formats like from a blog post.

Copy AI and Writesonic are great too, I just don’t use them as much. ChatGPT is solid, but somewhat generic so it takes good prompting to create content. All of these will save you time. Just don’t save time at the expense of your target audience. Create content that actually works.

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