Best AI Productivity Tools To Enhance Your Efficiency In 2024

Best AI Productivity Tools To Enhance Your Efficiency will be described in this article. If you’re planning to enhance your productivity with the help of artificial intelligence, you’re in luck. A large number of AI desktop apps and websites can level up your productivity game. Numerous AI productivity tools, from natural language processing to predictive analytics, can help you work and let your company gain a competitive advantage. This article will focus on covering the best AI tools available in the market today.

Best AI Productivity Tools To Enhance Your Efficiency In 2024

In this article, you can know about AI Productivity Tools here are the details below;

From handling important documentation to scheduling meetings, these AI productivity tools can finish your work in less time.

So, if you want to improve productivity through automation and artificial intelligence, read my list of the best AI productivity tools.

Ranking best AI Productivity Tools

As this blog post covers multiple AI productivity tools by category, some readers may find it a little confusing.

Ranking these AI productivity tools in a specific order is highly challenging due to their unique features and differences. However, I have tried to create a list of such tools that will cover most of your company’s work.

Let’s discuss these quality AI solutions and choose the best fit for your needs.

1. Jasper– AI writer


Jasper is an AI tool designed to help its users automate tasks. Personally speaking, I have used Jasper to create content, email templates, meta tags, images, and many more.

Jasper is and will always be my top choice because it’s a true AI writer itself than the other tools.

Unlike other AI writing tools, Jasper isn’t dependent only on the simple GPT-3 API. Instead, it uses a Large Language Model, sales data, and training data.

These features make Jasper one of the best sales and marketing content generation platforms in the market. If used properly, Jasper can increase productivity to a great extent.

Let’s see the pros and cons of Jasper.


  • Generates content quickly and efficiently
  • Optimizes content for search engines
  • Easy to navigate and use, even for beginners.


  • May lack originality and creativity
  • May not fully understand complex topics
  • Limited control over the creative style and tone of the output

Jasper has a huge customer base and backing from reputed companies to keep innovation going for years to come.

Let’s take a look at the pricing.

Jasper Pricing Plan

  • Creator: $10/month
  • Pro: $59/month
  • Business: Contact sales

In May 2023, Jasper removed the word limitation from every plan, making it the best-values AI productivity tool on my list.

 Why do I like Jasper AI?

Jasper is the perfect AI productivity tool for marketers and writers to enhance their writing quality. Business owners can use Jasper to streamline their content creation process for more effective productivity.

Overall, Jasper AI offers a comprehensive set of features designed to the help you create high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

2. Writesonic– All-purpose AI


If you’re looking for an all-purpose AI creation tool, choose Writesonic.

It offers a range of products, including ChatGPT-themed writing assistance, world-class AI writing assistance, and AI-generated art.

If you’re looking for a ChatGPT alternative, Writesonic can cater to your unique needs.

While these features are more than enough to convince anyone about Writesonic’s advantages, one thing dropped it to second place. Unlike Jasper, Writesonic has a word limitation, even with paid plans. Also check Keyword Research Tools For SEO


  • Creates content in over 25 languages.
  • Generates original and unique content, avoiding plagiarism concerns. Optimizes content for search engines
  • Offers a free plan and various paid plans to suit different needs.


  • May not be fluent in all languages
  • Requires careful editing to ensure factuality and consistency
  • Higher-quality generations require paid plans.

Writesonic focus on AI-powered content generation and diverse tools make valuable asset for the businesses, marketers, and individuals. Here’s the pricing plan.

Writesonic Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0
  • Small Team: $13/month
  • Freelancer: $16/month
  • Enterprise: $500+/month

While the features of Chatsonic are more similar to Jasper, it also has some unique and eye-catching features that set it apart. Content creators planning to use AI in different ways can leverage the best benefits of Writesonic.

Why do I like Writesonic?

Writesonic is one of the most effective AI productivity tools for AI enthusiasts to create multiple AI outputs. This Y Combinator-backed AI tool can generate endless creative possibilities.

Writesonic AI offers a robust suite of features that can significantly simplify and enhance your content creation process, regardless of your writing experience.

3. Descript– AI video editor


Descript is a text-based video editor. This AI tool can simplify your video editing process by editing text instead of trimming and cutting a video clip manually.

When you upload a video, Descript will process the AI transcription of that video immediately. In addition, users can customize the transcription and remove the fluffy words.

This will edit your original audio or video side by side. It’s the best thing video editors can choose to improve their productivity.

However, Descript AI isn’t without limitations. While offering a free tier, its functionalities and export options are restricted.

Here’s a table to help you know more.


  • Automatic transcription for easier editing
  • Mac, Windows, and iPad compatibility
  • Basic features accessible without payment


  • Requires editing for accuracy
  • Limited cloud storage on free plan
  • Limited functionalities, restricted exports and transcription hours

Descript stands out with its unparalleled audio and video editing capabilities, including AI-powered features like overdubbing, filler word removal, and studio sound enhancement. Here are the pricing plans.

Descript Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0
  • Creator: $12/month
  • Pro: $24/month
  • Custom: Contact sales

Descript’s advanced collaboration tools make it perfect for teams working on audio and video projects. In addition, the pricing is also affordable.

 Why do I like Descript?

Descript will help video editors, content creators, and businesses produce engaging videos. Thanks to easy editing features, you will never face problems creating high-quality videos.

If you’re looking for a user-friendly and powerful video editing tool with AI assistance, Descript AI deserves serious consideration.

However, carefully assess your needs and budget to determine if it offers the features and pricing that best suit your workflow.

4. Surfer SEO – AI SEO

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO should be on top of your life if you’re looking for an AI SEO tool.

Thanks to the advanced AI and ML algorithms, Surfer SEO can optimize your content to achieve better SERP rankings and organic traffic.

Once you create content, Surfer SEO can compare it with the top 10 articles from Google search engine rankings. It will use NLP and give you suggestions to overtake competitors.

Now that you know the features, you may be tempted to use Surfer SEO. But don’t forget that surfer SEO shares its unique pros and cons.


  • Analyzes top-ranking pages to provide actionable SEO recommendations
  • Integrates with WordPress, Google Docs, and other tools
  • Offers suggestions for improving content


  • Relies heavily on data
  • Limited integration options compared to some competitors
  • Suggestions may require adaptation

Despite these limitations, Surfer SEO offers a compelling proposition for anyone seeking to enhance their SEO strategy. Surfer SEO can be a valuable addition to your digital marketing toolbox.

Here’s the pricing structure of Surfer SEO:

Surfer SEO Pricing Plan

  • Essential AI: $119/month
  • Advanced AI: $239/month
  • Max-AI: $419/month
  • Enterprise: Contact sales

Use Surfer SEO to start your SERP process and create content briefs with proper outlines. Surfer SEO can undoubtedly make your SEO optimization much faster and more productive.

Why do I like Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO suits content creators, digital marketers, and SEO specialists who want to SEO-optimize their content and boost SERP rankings. Also check No Code Tools

Overall, Surfer SEO offers comprehensive features that can help you improve your website’s organic search ranking. Its focus on data-driven analysis and actionable suggestions makes it a valuable tool.

5. ChatGPT– AI chat assistant


The AI game took a great leap of faith after the introduction of ChatGPT. This one AI tool powers many other AI tools in this list.

ChatGPT is a conversational AI tool designed to engage with users swiftly. The easy-to-use chat interface helps users receive relevant responses to their questions or prompts.

When you know how to use ChatGPT effectively, it will find appropriate responses from its trained database. It can even write and debug codes.

While ChatGPT may seem beneficial, keep in mind that it has a few disadvantages on its own. This is why ChatGPT is 5th on our list.


  • Holds engaging conversations
  • Generates poems, code, scripts, etc
  • Diverse knowledge and response generation


  • Can be factually inaccurate
  • May be biased or offensive
  • Prone to perpetuating biases

ChatGPT has a free plan and a paid plan. Here’s what you need to know about ChatGPT’s pricing.

ChatGPT Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0
  • ChatGPT Plus: $20/month

While many people use ChatGPT to create and research content, you can also use it for other use cases. In short, it’s a versatile AI solution.

 Why do I like ChatGPT?

ChatGPT can enhance productivity, complete various tasks, and streamline communication. This makes ChatGPT a suitable option for businesses and individuals alike.

ChatGPT is great for chatting and creating text, but it can be inaccurate and biased. Use it carefully, and don’t spread misinformation. As it evolves, let’s ensure it’s used ethically for good.

6. Midjourney– AI image generator


Midjourney is a popular text-to-image generator AI tool that will help you create appealing and creative visuals.

From blog posts to the social media posts, if you want to add an image to capture the attention of your target audience, Midjourney is here to help you.

Create an account on their Discord server and start using Midjourney today.

These features make Midjourney a highly desirable tool for businesses and marketers. But, beginners may feel Midjourney is slightly complicated to use.


  • Creates amazing images in different styles
  • Powerful control over image generation
  • Huge and active community to learn from


  • Requires expertise to get the best results
  • No editing tools after image generation
  • Concerns about plagiarism and ethics

Unlike DALL-E 3, creating stunning visuals is easy on Midjourney. It is known for its unique style, which often blends elements of photorealism, surrealism, and fantasy.

Midjourney Pricing Plan

  • Basic: $10/month
  • Standard: $30/month
  • Pro: $60/month
  • Mega: $120/month

Keep in mind that you cannot purchase Midjourney from their website. You need to visit their Discord server, and the bots will guide you properly.

 Why do I like Midjourney?

Midjourney is the ultimate AI productivity tool for designers and artists aiming to create stunning AI-generated images. Images created by Midjourney can have a long-lasting impression.

While not a replacement for artistic talent and technical expertise, Midjourney can serve as a powerful tool to augment creativity and explore new artistic frontiers.

7. Grammarly – AI grammar checker


Grammarly is an AI-backed grammar checker and writing assistant. Users can paste their content into the Grammarly dashboard, and it will highlight the errors.

Apart from Grammar, Grammarly will also correct punctuation, spelling, and styling errors. However, these features come with the Grammarly Pro version.

Let’s see what makes Grammarly the leading AI grammar checker tool.

Given the sensitivity, a business needs to make sure they are producing error-free content. This is where Grammarly comes into the picture.

Checking your content on Grammarly will make sure it’s free of any grammatical errors. No need to downgrade your image in front of the readers.


  • Catches most errors
  • Explains its suggestions
  • Supports many languages


  • May miss some errors
  • Not perfect at plagiarism detection
  • Can change sentence meaning

Grammarly is the ultimate grammar and spelling checker that you should use. Even though there are a few alternatives available, such as Quillbot, Grammarly is just pure magic.

Grammarly Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0
  • Premium: $12/month
  • Business: $15/member/month

Even though the free version of Grammarly can handle the basic grammar-checking features, you will need the Premium or Business plan for additional features.

For instance, the tone-changing feature and plagiarism detector come only with the paid plans.

 Why do I like Grammarly?

Grammarly is suitable for professionals, students, and writers who want to create error-free content. Make sure you try the free version to determine its effectiveness.

The key to using Grammarly effectively lies in approaching it as a collaborator, not a crutch. Grammarly serves as a valuable partner on the path to polished and impactful communication.

8. Pictory AI – AI video generator

Pictory AI

Pictory AI is an AI-powered video generator tool that can create attractive AI videos from written long-form content.

If you have an already published article, give the URL to Pictory AI. It will then run the URL into its AI model.

From there, you will have the freedom to choose the most appropriate content as per your needs. You can also create voiceovers to make the videos more engaging.

Now that you know the features, all you need to do is create an account and purchase the premium plan. Let’s know the pros and cons of Pictory AI.


  • Fast & easy video creation
  • Multiple video formats
  • AI voiceovers, music, captions


  • Limited editing control
  • AI outputs may be inaccurate
  • Paid plans needed for advanced features & Getty Images

Pictory AI can prove highly beneficial, especially when you need to upload video content. Here’s Pictory AI pricing.

Pictory AI Pricing Plan

  • Starter: $19/month
  • Professional: $39/month
  • Teams: $99/month

The pricing of Pictory AI may feel slightly on the expensive side. This is why I recommend you to go with the Strater plan.

If you like the features, you can always upgrade to any next plan.

 Why do I like Pictory AI?

Businesses, content creators, and designers looking to implement automation in their video generation process should use Pictory AI.

By leveraging its strengths while remaining mindful of its limitations, you can unlock the true potential of Pictory AI and elevate your video communication to new heights.

9. Lovo AI – Text-to-speech

Lovo AI

Love AI is a great innovation in the AI world. This AI-backed text-to-speech generator helps users convert their written text into AI voices.

The voiceovers created by this AI productive tool will sound extremely natural in various languages and voices.

All you need to do is upload the written content, and Lovo AI will use TTS technology to create AI-generated audio.

Even though I haven’t used Lovo AI, I can vouch for this technology. I have used Speechify before, and I was shocked to see how advanced it is. Give my Speechify review article a read.


  • Clone your own voice with effects
  • High-quality and realistic
  • Text-to-speech, voice-to-text, multiple uses


  • May not be completely accurate
  • May miss subtle details
  • Limited text length for voice-to-text

Lovo AI has an extensive voice library, making it a valuable asset for the individuals, businesses, and creative professionals. Take a look at the pricing chart.

Lovo AI Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0
  • Basic: $29/month
  • Pro: $39/month
  • Pro+: $75/monthly

Overall, Lovo AI offers a powerful and versatile tool for creating high-quality audio content. It valuable resource for individuals & the  businesses looking to the improve their audio production.

Why do I like Lovo AI?

Lovo AI can create high-quality audio content. Business owners and employees aiming to create podcasts, audiobooks, and e-learning can use Lovo AI.

Lovo AI can level up your business’s productivity by automating voiceover tasks. You can experiment with this AI tool to learn more.

10. Divi AI – AI WordPress website builder

Divi AI

Divi AI is one of the best AI productivity tools for designing a WordPress website. If you’re a beginner and want to create a WordPress website from scratch, Divi AI should be your go-to tool.

Divi AI is integrated into the Divi page builder plugin, making your user experience seamless. Divi AI can create professional text as well as stunning images when building your WordPress website.

The content element and Divi module you choose to build your website will equip Divi AI. This way, you can generate any type of image or content in real life.

Unlike other WordPress AI tools, Divi AI can learn from your existing website to provide more data-driven contextual content.


  • Improve website images and design with AI
  • Seamless integration with your existing Divi builder
  • Basic features are available without paying.


  • AI may alter your vision without warning
  • Overusing AI can limit your creativity
  • Free plan lacks depth for experienced users

If you don’t have a Divi account, you need to buy a Divi membership before accessing Divi AI. Here’s the pricing structure.

Divi AI Pricing Plan

  • New users: $245/year

Divi + Divi AI

  • Existing users: $18/month

Divi AI

Divi AI is a versatile solution that can provide a superb website-building experience. As this AI assistant is engineered for website design, you can build a WP website easily.

 Why do I like Divi AI?

People who want to use AI tools to develop a WordPress website can find Divi AI helpful. Divi page builder will create a website, and Divi AI will handle the rest.

Divi AI offers a powerful and comprehensive solution for enhancing website creation with AI. Whether you’re a seasoned Divi user or just starting out, Divi AI can help you build better websites faster and with less effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are AI productivity tools?

AI productivity tools use power of the AI and machine learning to streamline workflows and boost productivity. These tools are powered by advanced generative AI algorithms to simplify tasks.

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