DirecTV Error Codes Acquiring Guide Data 772 message Full Details

This post will explain acquiring guide data 772 message. There might be occasions when you see an on-screen error message related to the one on the power. The top line of the message provides a short description of the error, while the 2nd line supplies a mistake code in parentheses. In this case, you would be attempting to see a channel that you have not acquired or that is not in your programming bundle.

DirecTV Error Codes Acquiring Guide Data 772 message Full Details

In this article, you can know about acquiring guide data 772 message here are the details below;

Error Codes Solutions
203 Your account is unpaid and services have been lowered to a minimum level.
611, 612, 613  You’ll see these mistakes when your DIRECTV equipment isn’t interacting with the primary Genie receiver.
614, 615, 616  You’ll see these mistakes take place when your DIRECTV devices isn’t communicating with the main Genie receiver.
711  Your receiver has actually not been activated for DIRECTV service, or your receiver has actually received only part of the information it needs to decipher our satellite signal.
721  The channel you’re trying to view is not included in your programs package, or your receiver is not processing the programs details on this channel.
722  Your DIRECTV receiver might not have the shows info for the channel you’re attempting to view.
724, 725, 726  Your receiver’s ID does not match the ID DIRECTV has noted in their system, or your receiver’s ID doesn’t match your receiver’s access card info.
727  The sports program you’re trying to watch is blacked out in your area.
731, 732, 733, 736  You are having problem buying Pay Per View motion pictures and events with your push-button control.
734, 741, 742, 743  Your receiver does not have the programming details for the Pay Per View title you’re attempting to order.
744, 745, 746, 752  There might be an issue with your receiver’s access card.
761, 762  This mistake message appears when you’re attempting to watch a live or taped program.
763  Your receiver’s access card has expired.
764  The wrong gain access to card has been placed in your receiver.
771  Your receiver is having trouble interacting with your dish antenna.
772  New DIRECTV shows was simply added or updated, or your receiver was just installed or triggered.
773  Your receiver has discovered a mistake and initiated an automatic reformat of the hard disk.
774  A mistake has been discovered on your receiver’s hard disk drive.
775  Your receiver is having problem communicating with your dish antenna.
776  This shows that you may have too many receivers connected to a SWiM (single wire multi-switch).
792  Your receiver is looking for an Off-Air Tuner signal.
920  This mistake occurred since your receiver wasn’t able to download the guide details from the satellite for more than 3 hours.
921  You are trying to view 4K Ultra HD programming without the appropriate equipment.
927  An error took place when downloading As needed motion pictures or shows.
928  Your Wireless Video Bridge has lost power, has a bad signal, or is restarting, or you have changed the Genie receiver and require to reset the wireless connection.

DirecTV Troubleshooting

Trouble Possible Causes
m: Progress bar freezes while Acquiring Guide Data / Data From Satellite While Obtaining Guide Data/ Acquiring Data From Satellite message is on the screen, development freezes throughout download. If Satellite Data Acquisition still does stagnate forward, click the RESET button behind the entrance panel door on the exterior of the DIRECTV ® Receiver & wait for program guide details to be acquired.
Wrong picture, blue screen, snow or black/blank picture  Your TV displays incorrect photo, or you have a blue, black, snowy or blank screen. If you do not see the signal you believe you must be seeing, try using these buttons to toggle between the signals: – Press the TV/VCR button on the VCR remote or on the VCR’s front panel. – Press the INPUT button on the TELEVISION push-button control to change video source.
Caller ID not working  Caller ID info isn’t showing on your TELEVISION screen when telephone call come in. – Contact your local phone company to subscribe to Caller ID service. – Select Caller ID & Messages from the Main Menu to switch on your Caller ID notices. – Verify that your wireless phone jack sends Caller ID information. If not, link a basic phone cable television to your receiver or change your wireless phone jack.
DIRECTV® Receiver will not turn on  Your receiver will not switch on with either the remote or from the front panel. – Ensure the remote control mode switch remains in the left-most position (DIRECTV mode), and press PWR (power secret) or press POWER button on the front panel of the receiver – Validate that the control cable is secured into the DIRECTV ® Receiver and the wall outlet. – Examine the outlet or power strip to make certain it is “live” by plugging in something else. – Change batteries in remote control.
DIRECTV® Receiver Turns off while playing  Your receiver shuts off suddenly. – Guarantee that your receiver has plenty of ventilation which absolutely nothing is on top of the receiver. – Wait 30 seconds for internal circuits to reset, then turn receiver back on. – Inspect the circuit breakers in your house. – Consider utilizing a line conditioner or surge protector. – Consult an electrician if the issue is frequent or extreme, specifically if other home appliances or electronic devices are affected. – If parental limits are active, turn your DIRECTV ® Receiver back on and enter your adult lock code at the timely.
DIRECTV® Receiver turns on or changes channels unexpectedly  Your receiver modifications to a different channel without a push-button control command. – Inspect your To Do List to see if there are other scheduled autotunes (press MENU, choose Manage Autotunes, then To Do list). – Examine your TV owner’s manual to switch off the TV’s timer.
Blank screen  There is absolutely nothing on your TV screen. – Examine that DIRECTV ® Receiver and TV are both powered on. – Inspect the Installation and Connections (Chapter 3) section of this manual for instructions about linking your receiver. – Press the INPUT button on the TELEVISION remote control to alter video source. – Try different channel & see if you have live video. – click the POWER button on the front panel of the DIRECTV ® Receiver. – click the red RESET button behind the door on the front panel of the receiver.
Temporary loss of the satellite signal, Searching for Satellite Signal, “frozen” picture, or picture breaks into blocks / pixels  The image on your screen is chilled, blocky, or you see a message that says Searching for Satellite Signal (x 771). – Weather condition issues are generally short-term. Wait on the weather condition to clear and your signal ought to go back to normal. – If there are no weather condition problems in your area, reset your DIRECTV ® Receiver using the red RESET button following the door on the exterior of the receiver or by unplugging the subject for 15 seconds and then plugging it back in. – You can likewise examine all the cable connections in between your DIRECTV ® Receiver and the dish antenna for loose or damaged connections. – If the issue is coming from the program source, wait for the broadcasting channel to solve the issue. – Buy the PPV film to continue viewing the program. – If there are blockages obstructing the dish’s clear view of the satellite, you ought to call an expert to eliminate them or a DIRECTV installer at 1-800-531-5000 to move your dish. – If your signal force is weaker than 70 (60 or lower on HD objects) on the majority of transponders in excellent weather condition, call an expert installer to realign your dish or call us at 1-800-531-5000.
Partial programming loss/channels missing from the Guide/Channel is in the Guide but I can’t tune to it.  You have lost channels in your Curriculum Guide, or are unable to utilize the guide to tune to a channel. – To alter your Preferences List, press GUIDE on the remote, then click the YELLOW button and select Change Preferences List, then All Channels. Or you can go into the channel number manually. – To check the dish variety set in your receiver’s choices, press the MENU key on the remote control, then choose Parental, Fav’s & Settings, then System Setup. In the next table, choose Sat & Ant, then Repeat Dish Antenna Setup. Follow the actions. From the Dish antenna Type screen, ensure the appropriate dish type is picked (round, oval with a dual-LNB or oval with a 5-LNB). – To revitalize your receiver info, go to, click on Client service, Troubleshooting, On-Screen Messages, Please Call Customer support, ext. 721. You will require to be logged into your account on to complete this process.
My video and audio are out of sync.  The audio track seems not match the lip motions on the screen. – Modification the channel on your DIRECTV ® Receiver. This may re-synch the audio. – Try changing the cable televisions from your surround stereo to your receiver. Describe your surround stereo’s handbook for help. – If the concern stays, reset your DIRECTV ® Receiver. click the RESET button behind the access panel door on the front of the DIRECTV ® Receiver. You can also push MENU, press SELECT on Parental, Fav’s & Settings, then select System Setup. Choose the Reset item from the left menu & follow the on-screen instructions.
No Audio with Picture  You can see a photo from your DIRECTV ® Receiver, however there is no noise. – Verify “MUTE” button not activated. – Raise or lower the volume. Did volume meter display on TELEVISION? – Test sound on TELEVISION by altering the input to another source, such as a DVD gamer, game box, or antenna. – If connected to stereo, ensure stereo is on and set to the appropriate mode. – Verify audio cable televisions are secure and linked properly. – If the problem continues, reset your DIRECTV ® Receiver. click the RESET button behind the access panel door on the front of the DIRECTV ® Receiver. You can likewise push MENU, select Adult, Fav’s & Settings, then choose System Setup. Select the Reset product from the left menu and follow the on-screen guidelines.

DirecTV Remote Control Solutions

– Inspect that nothing is in between the remote control and the remote sensor.

– Ensure the push-button control remains in DIRECTV mode. Launch the MODE switch on the old to the DIRECTV position so the remote will manage the DIRECTV ® Receiver. Also check ps4 ce-35485-5.

– Check the batteries in the push-button control. They may be weak, dead or installed improperly. Attempt changing batteries.

– If you’re getting in a channel number that is less than 4 digits long, the receiver may wait two seconds before tuning to the channel. Press ENTER after getting in a channel number to tune instantly.

– If you are trying to run a device aside from the DIRECTV ® Receiver that you have configured the remote to manage, make certain you first slide the MODE switch to the mode that is programmed for that gadget (AV1 or AV2). The indicator light for the element you’re trying to control ought to light up when you press a valid secret for that part. If it doesn’t, make certain the MODE switch remains in the correct position. Also check netflix error f7020.

– Make certain the gadget you are attempting to manage has been configured to your DIRECTV push-button control. See Chapter 3 of this manual for guidelines on how to program your remote to manage other gadgets.

– If the indication lights on the push-button control begin flashing, the batteries in the push-button control are running low & should be replaced soon. You might likewise see an on-screen message that the batteries are low. Note that when you replace the batteries, you ought to not have to reprogram your remote to manage other gadgets unless the batteries have been entirely dead for a month or more.

 Resetting-Reauthorizing Your Receiver

DirectTV Resetting-Reauthorizing Your Receiver.

Lots of issues can be corrected by carrying out an easy reset of the DIRECTV ® Receiver. If you experience frozen audio or video, blank screen, or the system won’t react to front panel button or remote control, try one of these:

— Press the RED RESET button behind the access card panel door on the front of the DIRECTV ® Receiver, then wait for program guide details to be acquired.

— If the issues persist, attempt unplugging the power cord of the DIRECTV ® Receiver for 15 seconds, then plug it in once again. Also check samsung tv error codes list.

— Try reauthorizing your receiver. From, click on Customer care, Troubleshooting, On-Screen Messages, Please Call Customer care, ext. 721. You will require to be logged into your account on to finish this process.

— Running the System Test (later in this section) can likewise help you identify and solve numerous common issues.

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