8 Apex Legends Tips to Help You Become a Better Player

Apex Legends, one of the most popular Battle Royale games of recent times, attracts players because it is free to play and has a different gameplay structure. EA’s successful project, Apex Legends, is a tactical and combat game based on looting and shooting. But you may need more than that to be good at this game.

Most Apex Legends players are competitive and ambitious. So you might need some practical Apex Legends tips and tricks to power up against them. You can play the game in an atmosphere that you have never known by using the unique 8 tactics that we will present to you. Let’s look at how you can improve your Apex Legends adventure together.

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1. Pay Attention to Teamwork

Apex Legends is a 3-player game where teamwork is highly important. Most players start the match with their team to loot and do not leave their team until the end, with some exceptions. So if you encounter a group of 3 when you go to loot a building, you may not have a chance against them.

So, follow the team captain, designated as Jumpmaster at the beginning of the match, and land somewhere close on the map. Try not to loot the same building but stick together as a team. When you see a lone enemy, you can quickly take them down with your team. And when starting the game, take care to play characters that have synergy with each other.

2. Communication and Pings Are the Keys

Other important Apex Legends tips and tricks include attention to communication and pings. Apex Legends is a fast and instant Battle Royale, so you may encounter an opponent at any moment. That’s why you need to give the necessary info to your teammates using voice chat all the time. Both in and out of battle, you should maintain a continuous stream of information by looking at the map.

One of the other tips for Apex Legends is the ping system. You can ping loot, enemies, supply bins, portals, and more. You can also ping inside your inventory. When you find an item or gear that doesn’t work for you or that you already have, share it with your teammates because they might need it.

3. Increase Your Falling Speed

As you know, it is of great importance to land quickly and be armed in Battle Royale games. The same goes for Apex Legends. When you start falling to the ground, your speed should be 140, and you should do this at a 45-degree angle. You can see your speed in the middle of your screen.

You must make a wave movement with a sharp fall to maintain your speed of 140 until you land. Because the faster you land on the ground, the faster you will be armed. Every second you have is important to you and your team. If you manage to find weapons by the time your opponents have landed, you will have a definite advantage.

4. Be Careful When Reviving

It’s always very important to revive your fallen teammates. But more important than that is that it’s done the right way. If there are one or more enemies around you that endanger you, your friend should wait a while before being revived, or it will be the end of you both.

Reviving your friend after cleaning the area is an important Apex Legends trick. Also, it’s best if your friend can crawl to a safe location. But if they can’t do that and they die, it’s fine; better bring them back to life than have both of you dead.

5. Play Meta Weapons

There are loads of different types of melee and ranged weapons to choose from in Apex Legends. But not all of them are suitable for the meta, and the meta is constantly changing. So be sure to find the best weapons in the meta and play them. Playing the meta weapon, being the most important of Apex Legends tips, will strengthen your Legend.

6. Don’t Worry About the Ring at First

The Ring, which is the playable area in Battle Royale games, gets smaller and smaller, forcing players to play in that area of the map. This sounds important, but it’s wrong to worry too much about it in the early game. When the timer reaches zero on each round, a new timer starts, indicating when the Ring will shrink. So you can easily reach the Ring. Instead, looting early in the game is one of the more important Apex tips and tricks. Also, you can always use balloons and cars on the map to reach the Ring.

7. Find a Character to Master

Apex Legends has 20 Legends to choose from, along with the upcoming Mad Maggie. This means there are many characters with different and unique abilities. Since each Legend has its own passive, tactical and ultimate ability, it is critical to find the character with the most suitable ability for you by analyzing its characters. We recommend focusing on that, as the only thing differentiating the characters is their abilities.

If you’re a slick player who pays attention to where and what moves you make, Bloodhound and Gibraltar might be for you. If you’re into firearms and assassination, then Wraith and Bangalore are for you. If you like to play calmly and value teamwork, choose Lifeline. Also, an Apex Legends character guide would be very helpful, along with these tips for Apex.

8. Don’t Fight Unless Your Shields and Health Are Full

And these are the final tips and tricks for Apex Legends. Shields and full health are very important in Apex Legends. If an enemy suddenly appears and breaks your shields, retreat to safety and renew them. You will have a greater chance against them when you have everything full. Also, always have a spare shield and syringe.


In this article, we give you the best Apex Legends tricks that will increase your game quality. By using these Apex Legends tips, you can quickly become successful.

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