4 Movies about Heartbreak That Should Be On Your List

One of the biggest reasons people watch romance movies, especially those with happy endings, is because we all long to have a story like that as well. And sometimes, people watch them after a really messy break-up since they help distract you from the emotional pain you are in. After all, there’s nothing like a romance movie with a pint of ice cream to give you a sense of comfort.

But, you know what hits harder than romance movies? The movies about failed relationships or ugly break-ups. These movies really make you feel devastated, but at the same time, it’s understandable because these things are all a part of life. Movies about heartbreak are also fan favorites because there’s always something you get to learn from them that somehow helps you cope. This is why we have put together this list of movies about heartbreaks that are worth watching!

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Joel and Clementine are exes and after their breakup, Clementine has her memories of Joel erased by a firm based in New York, named Lacuna. Heartbroken, Joel decides that he will do the same and goes to get that procedure as well. Before he gets the procedure, however, he records a tape for Lacuna, where he recounts all the horrible memories of his relationship with Clementine.

Once the procedure starts, Joel starts to remember all the good stuff about Clementine and the wonderful moments of their relationship. He realizes halfway through that he does not want to do this anymore, however, the procedure has already run its course. As time passes, it seems fate has a cruel way of bringing the two back together, except it is just like the first time.

Marriage Story

Charlie and Nicole seem to be a happy couple with one son, Henry, however, they soon start experiencing marital troubles. The two of them go to see a mediator, but soon they stop. Nicole is offered a job opportunity, but it would require her to move from New York to Los Angeles. She takes Henry along with her and hires a family lawyer, Nora, for the divorce. Charlie meets with and hires Bert Spitz as his lawyer.

While the couple didn’t want things to get messy, it seems they can’t avoid it either. Since Nora, Nicole’s lawyer was playing dirty, Charlie changes lawyers and hires Jay, who does the same. Things in court seem to get messier, but outside of court, the couple remains friendly and share time with their son. After one emotional argument, the couple decides to relax their demands and soon, the case is closed in a civil manner.

High Fidelity

Rob Gordon is a record-store employee who loves music and has a terrible understanding of women. After his breakup with his girlfriend Laura, he tries to understand why the relationship didn’t work out. He has a lucky break when he comes across two teenagers, Vince and Justin, that have a talent for music and he offers them a record deal.

After work, he tries his best to win Laura back. Soon after, Rob realizes that he’s never once been committed to Laura and this is what caused her to break off the relationship. Later on, he meets a music columnist and develops a crush on her. But when he thinks about the future, he comes to realize that Laura is the only one for him.

Legally Blonde

Elle Woods is a popular sorority girl and her boyfriend has just dumped her because he thinks she isn’t “serious” enough. Seeing as Warner, Elle’s ex, has just gotten into Harvard Law, Elle decides she needs to get into Harvard as well to win him back. This becomes her motivation to study hard for the entrance exam and she manages to get into Harvard, thanks to her good score on the entrance exam and her 4.0 GPA.

However, Elle soon discovers that Warner is engaged to his ex-girlfriend, Vivian Kensington, but she still tries to win him back. When Warner insults her about never being able to make it here, she stops trying to win him back and instead focuses on proving herself as a great law student. And thus begins her journey of discovering her talent and passion as she focuses on herself only!

Which One Do You Plan to Watch First?

So, now that the list of movies is over, which one are you planning to watch first? Whichever one you watch, just make sure you have a good internet connection so that you don’t have to pause and reload every 5 minutes. If you are looking for a reliable connection, check out Xfinity for its services. Xfinity availability is usually not a problem since this provider is available in 36 states in total!

Other than the internet connection, you can watch these movies on Tubi, Apple TV, Prime Video, Vudu, or Netflix. There are plenty of other movies that we weren’t able to cover in this article, but you can find other resources and blogs for those once you have gone through all the ones mentioned here. Happy watching!

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