4 Major Benefits of Hosting Quickbooks On the Cloud

As digitalization increases and trends move towards e-commerce and global trade, businesses are scaling up their operations more quickly than ever. Moving towards automated practices and investing in software has helped numerous companies to scale up and expand without losing control or visibility in business operations.

QuickBooks hosting on the cloud is such a practice gaining popularity. It enables your business to save your accounting data on QuickBooks and your software on a third-party cloud server. This lets you and your employees access QuickBooks anywhere in this world and frees you from the restrictions of in-house accounting support or mobility concerns of employees. You can sign up for this service through available online options like Swizznet QuickBooks cloud hosting. Here are some significant advantages and benefits of hosting QuickBooks on the cloud:

1. Remote Access

Most companies have started moving their business model into a hybrid where employees get an option of choosing between working from home and in-house work. Around 62% of employees who fall in the age segments of 22 to 65 have stated that they have worked remotely at least on one occasion.

For many small and medium sized business owners, the ability to access your work anywhere is a unique selling point of QuickBooks hosting. Your company will not have to be worried about being bound to a single computer, and your employees will be able to access your QuickBooks software on their smartphones or tablets. This ensures that work does not stop if senior employees have to travel. They can still lead teams and deliver the required work on time, maintaining the credibility and productivity of your business.

2. Improved Collaboration

Companies with several users on their Quickbooks can benefit greatly from mobility granted by QuickBooks cloud hosting. It improves teamwork within the department, and even lets other departments of your company  access your financial data whenever required, improving inter-company collaboration. This ensures that all departments are on the same page and have a similar understanding of the current position of the business.

3. Data Security

Data loss statistics show that almost 49% of the surveyed companies had experienced some sort of data loss or breach during 2020. This can cost a company many finance or goodwill losses, so it is essential to guard your valuable data. Your Quickbooks has a considerable amount of valuable financial data. To ensure that your company does not experience a data loss, you can host your Quickbooks on cloud storage. With QuickBooks cloud hosting, your files become automatically encrypted, and a backup is created. You can also control data access by only allowing it to authorized employees, ensuring improved protection.

4. Reduced IT Expenses

Some companies decide to have separate servers to host their QuickBooks. The overhead cost of setting up new systems and regularly maintaining them can be large. In contrast, opting for remote Quickbooks hosting is less expensive than setting up an onsite server, enabling you to decrease your overhead significantly. Cloud based QuickBooks Hosting on a Cloud PC works on pay as you go model where you only pay for services you use and there are no hidden extra costs.


Hosting Quickbooks on the cloud will benefit your business in the long run as we move towards a world of remote working. It provides easier access and better security, reduces overheads on IT support, and improves the overall collaboration among your employees. Investing in this tool enables your company to gain a competitive advantage in the long run.

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